Judaica WebStore is the perfect place for finding just the right item to add to your personal Judaica collection and deepen your connection to Judaism and the Land of Israel - or help a loved one do the same through a meaningful gift!

Whether you’re just starting out and getting your first Jewish ritual items, or simply need an upgrade to your already existing traditions, we have a large array of Judaica for every ritual need and tailored to every style and budget, as well as all the Hebrew Bibles and prayer books you need. All of our items come from local Israeli artisans and small businesses, which means you’ll have a special connection to the Land of Israel every time you use them!

To aid you in your shopping, we’ve compiled our top 10 favorite Jewish items, handpicked by our staff in Jerusalem, to help you or your loved ones engage with your Judaism on a deeper level:

1. Silver and Gold Jerusalem Kiddush Cup Set

Honor every shabbat and holiday in style with this stunning silver and gold kiddush cup set! The sterling silver-plated cup and matching saucer are each adorned with gold-accented depictions of Jerusalem buildings, while the inside of the cup is lined with enamel to protect the taste of the wine. This unique Israeli design comes from the Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio. You'll love connecting to the Land of Israel and the Holy City at every shabbat and holiday!

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2. Traditional Blue with Gold Stripes Pure Wool Tallit

One of the most beloved and traditional Jewish ritual items is the prayer shawl or tallit, and this designer tallit from the Land of Israel makes for a truly special gift for yourself or a loved one. It's made from pure wool and adorned with traditional blue and gold stripes, along with an intricate gold Jerusalem design along its four corners. It's even certified kosher by religious authorities and available in a variety of sizes, and it comes from the famous Israeli masters at Talitnia who have making tallitot since the 19th century so you know you're getting the most reliable quality.

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3. Hebrew/English Koren Jerusalem Bible with Thumb Tabs

Every Jewish home needs a Tanach or Hebrew Bible, and this magnificent Bible from renowned Israeli religious publisher Koren Jerusalem is sure to be a treasured item whether you already partake in regular Torah study or are simply connecting with your Jewish heritage. One of the most highly acclaimed Hebrew-English Bibles ever published, the volume features a modern translation by leading Biblical scholars, an easy-to-read Hebrew font, and an array of helpful annotations, maps, charts, and illustrations.

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4. Kosher Classical Ram's Horn Shofar

This classic ram's horn shofar from famous Israeli shofar makers Barsheshet-Ribak will be a meaningful part of your Judaica collection, and at the same time add a beautiful touch of faith to your home décor when not in use. Direct from the Land of Israel, it’s produced from a ram's horn according to traditional techniques and boasts a polished finish near the mouthpiece. It’s also certified kosher by the Tel Aviv Rabbinate, so it’s suitable for use during the High Holidays.

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5. Yair Emanuel Textured Nickel Candlesticks

Add an element of contemporary art and sleek modernity to your shabbat rituals with these stunning nickel candlesticks from famous Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel! They boast a chic hammered finish and elegant tapered shape, and are adorned with colorful rings in your choice of an array of bright colors. Sure to become treasured pieces of Judaica, these candlesticks will be an eye-catching piece of home décor in addition to illuminating your sabbath.

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6. Pair of Kosher Ashkenazi Tefillin

Enrich your morning prayers and connect with a powerful Jewish tradition with this top-of-the-line set of kosher tefillin from the Land of Israel. A pair of tefillin is among the most meaningful, beautiful, and potentially longest-lasting of Jewish ritual investments a person will ever make. This outstanding pair is both perfectly kosher and beautifully crafted, while the Torah passages inside the boxes are handwritten by an expert scribe and thoroughly checked and proofread.

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7. Dorit Judaica Floral Mandala with Pomegranates Slim Mezuzah Case with Mezuzah Scroll

The mezuzah is not only a commandment for every Jewish home, but it brings blessing for the Land of Israel, which is why so many people gained renewed interest recently. Adorn home with this beautiful decorated mezuzah case along with a kosher parchment scroll. The case is made by renowned Israeli designer Dorit Judaica and features an elaborate arabesque mandala pattern with a rich variety of colors. You’ll love connecting to your Judaism and the Land of Israel every time you pass it in your home!

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8. Hebrew/English Koren Shalem Siddur

A siddur is a traditional Jewish prayer book, and Koren Jerusalem's masterful "Shalem" siddur is one of the most trusted and easiest-to-use versions around. This masterful edition has all the standard prayers and Torah readings for weekdays, shabbat, and festivals, and is appropriate for any level of familiarity with Jewish prayer and the Hebrew language. You'll love Koren's signature easy-to-read font and layout, as well as the modern English translations and helpful instructions.

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9. Dorit Judaica Home Blessing Wall Hanging

This striking, minimalist wall hanging is made out of stainless steel and features a short but poignant message in the style of a traditional Hebrew home blessing: "BaBayit Zeh Tishreh Ahava Bracha Shefa Parnassa Simcha Shalom" ("In this house shall dwell love, blessing, plenty, livelihood, joy, and peace"). Made by prominent Israeli artist Dorit Judaica, this piece is sure to stand out in any room and bring a touch of both traditional faith and stylish contemporary design!

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10. Yair Emanuel Textured Nickel Tzedakah Box

Another must-have from prominent Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel is this beautiful textured nickel tzedakah box. Use it to conveniently set aside money for charity (tzedakah) while connecting to Jewish values, and adorn your home with its stylish hammered finish and colorful decorative rings. This chic blend of tradition with modern design is sure to be loved for years to come!

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