The premium Judaica selection at the Judaica WebStore offers you not only a piece of quality Judaica, but also is a piece of extraordinary Jewish art when not in use. Israel's top designers have created these incredible pieces out of sterling silver, anodized aluminum, crystal, glass and more for Shabbat and the holidays. These are great as a special wedding gift, anniversary present, or something for a celebratory occasion that will continue to shine on for all the years to come. Premium Judaica is exclusive and unique, and is nothing like what you have seen before.



Shabbat candlesticks are a must in every Jewish home. According to Jewish tradition before a wedding, the mother of the groom buys the bride a pair of candlesticks to be used every Friday night and the eve of holidays. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from like these bold gravity defying candlesticks and these antique looking ones with gemstones. There are also traditional sets and plenty of contemporary candlesticks that are sure to look beautiful with elegant tapered candles from the Safed Candle Factory.

❤︎ We love these Nadav Art candlesticks with blue enamel.

Hanukkah Menorahs

While a Hanukkah Menorah might be used for only eight days of the year, the other 357 days it sits as a symbol of Jewish faith and perseverance. Here you will find the best Hanukkah Menorahs from top artists and designers, such as a beautiful replica of a menorah found in Ein Gedi and a colorful cone menorah for a pop of color when you want to stand out among the classic silver. Aside for these contemporary options, there are also plenty of classic styles that have been beloved for many years and will never go out of style.

❤︎ We love this adorable Klezmer menorah and this olive branch menorah made of Kassam rockets.

Kiddush Cups

Every Shabbat and holiday, before we sit to eat, everyone gathers around for Kiddush, which uses a Kiddush cup instead of a regular cup. Beautiful designs from the Israel Museum for those who love history, and incredibly decorative designs like this one with a gothic stem and this one with dazzling amethysts. For a more traditional look, check out this Kiddush cup with a matching plate and this elegant Kiddush cup with a beautiful stem design. If you have a lot of children or love having visitors, consider getting a wine fountain for easy dispersing of Kiddush wine.

❤︎ We love this nickel and crystal Kiddush cup and this elegantly minimalistic Kiddush cup.


Mezuzahs are essentially the Jewish welcome mat, everyone passes by it and sees it hanging proudly on the doorpost. The most popular options in this selection are the Marc Chagall mezuzahs, featuring the stain-glass windows of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. When you love a simple look, there are plenty of mezuzahs made with glass, leaving the focus on the scroll. There are beautiful solid sterling silver options like this amethyst mezuzah and those that feature a rainbow enamel, like this stunning Shiran mezuzah.

❤︎ We love this limited edition Marc Chagall mezuzah and this Nadav Art mezuzah.


Passover is a time where we switch over everything we have to something special, from replacing our Kiddush cups just for Passover to eating matzah instead of bread. During the Seder, we bring out a Judaica centerpiece being the Seder plate and also a cup for Elijah the Prophet. Add some color to your table this spring time holiday with Agayof's bold Seder plate. If you like sticking with sterling silver so everything shines, there are plenty of styles, from this minimal Seder plate to this incredibly decorative Seder plate. Don't forget about a sparking cup for Elijah the Prophet!

❤︎ We love this Seder plate with space to keep the three matzahs.