Home Blessings are artwork pieces featuring traditional Jewish house blessing texts, and are commonly hung up and displayed in Jewish homes in a desire to invoke Divine protection or wish good fortune on the household. They are also meaningful and traditional gifts for weddings, housewarmings, or holidays - and make for a perfect Judaica item to adorn one's home with blessings and good wishes!

There are several different texts that are commonly used as traditional home blessings, with variations in both Hebrew and English. Most call for positive attributes to be placed on the home and its inhabitants, such as happiness, success, peace, love, luck, and abundance. Home blessings come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are often elaborately artistic.

We carry over a hundred pieces of artwork and home décor with these traditional house blessings, all made in the Land of Israel by local artists. And since 13 is considered one of Judaism's luckiest numbers (due to being the age of bar mitzvah and a recurring theme in religious texts and kabbalah), we've picked our favorite 13 artistic home blessings to bring luck into your home:

1. Dorit Judaica Home Blessing Wall Hanging

This striking, minimalist wall hanging is made out of stainless steel and features a short but poignant Hebrew home blessing: "BaBayit Zeh Tishreh Ahava Bracha Shefa Parnassa Simcha Shalom" ("In this house shall dwell love, blessing, plenty, livelihood, joy, and peace"). Made by prominent Israeli artist Dorit Judaica, this piece is sure to stand out in any room and bring a touch of both traditional faith and stylish contemporary design.

2. Pomegranate Wall Hanging House Blessing

Add a beautiful and vibrant Jewish-themed decoration to your home with this designer wall hanging from Dorit Judaica. Made from stainless steel, this work of art is decorated with an intricate pomegranate-based mandala pattern inscribed with a Blessing for the Home in Hebrew and English: "Yevurach HaBayit Hazeh Tishreh Bo Simcha, Beracha, Revacha VeHatzlacha / May this home be blessed with happiness, fortune and success." Skillfully designed and made by one of Israel's top designers, this wall hanging is a magnificent blend of contemporary art and Jewish tradition.

3. Yael Elkayam Framed Blessing for the Home

Beautifully enrich the décor of any room in your home with this exquisite, floral framed home blessing from Israeli artist Yael Elkayam. It features the traditional Blessing for the Home in a Hebrew script resembling the one in the Torah, with the English translation underneath. The text is framed with dainty purple lines that are intersected with subtly sparkling Swarovski crystals, and surrounded by layers of beautiful pressed flowers, creating a light, ethereal effect. The piece comes in an elegant frame, which is Perspex-fronted for long-lasting shine and durability.

4. Dorit Judaica Colored 11 Blessings Wall Hanging

Another remarkable, eye-catching piece from religious Israeli designer Dorit Judaica is this colorful wall hanging made up of 11 different expressions of blessing in Hebrew. They are: bracha, simcha, shefa, mazal, nachat, shalom, parnassah, briyut, osher, hatzlacha and ahava - blessing, happiness, abundance, luck, pride, peace, livelihood, health, wealth, success and love. Sleek and modern yet meaningful, it's sure to brighten any room!

5. Jordana Klein Multicolored Glass Cube with Home Blessing

Coming from Jerusalemite artist Jordana Klein, famous for combining traditional Jewish themes with bold colors and modern designs, is this home blessing ornamental glass cube. Designed so that its dimensions seem to change depending on which angle it is viewed from, this work features circular English and Hebrew home blessings surrounding the words "Blessing for the Home" and set against a multicolored background. It's available in a choice of three different sizes, and can be displayed as both a work of art and a meaningful religious item anywhere in the home.

6. Gold-Plated Floating Letters Home Blessing Wall Hanging

Adorn your home with a stylish and meaningful piece of designer wall art, with this floating gold-plated home blessing wall hanging! Made by acclaimed artist Dorit Judaica and set against a stone-like background, this marvelous piece features six traditional expressions for the home, in elegant Hebrew type and plated in gleaming gold: Ahava, Beracha, Shefa, Parnassah, Simcha, and Shalom (Love, Blessing, Plenty, Livelihood, Joy, and Peace).

7. Handmade Home Blessing Ceramic Plaque Wall Hanging

Help turn your house into a home with this beautifully painted, handmade home blessing ceramic plaque from Tel Aviv-based studio Art in Clay! Its vibrant colors and 24K gold accents highlight an English-language version of the traditional home blessing, written in a script modeled on ancient Hebrew, along with elegant illustrations of Jerusalem's Western Wall, the Tree of Life, and common symbols of abundance and prosperity: pomegranates, olive branches, and a date palm. This beautiful piece can be hung on a wall or placed in its accompanying stand, and comes with an information booklet about its artists.

8. Personalized Priestly Blessing & "Welcome" Laser-Cut Art

This stunningly intricate papercut wall art by Israeli graphic designer David Fisher combines the traditional Jewish art form of paper cutting, which goes back to at least the Middle Ages, with modern laser cut technology. Its elegant and detailed floral motif surrounds multiple elements from Jewish tradition: an outline of the Old City of Jerusalem, the entire Hebrew Biblical verses of the Priestly Blessing, and the Hebrew words Bruchim Haba'im ("Welcome"). Choose from blue or green backgrounds, add a classic gold or silver frame, and customize it with your own initials at the bottom in either English or Hebrew!

9. Hand Painted Star of David Hamsa with House Blessing

Beautifully made from pewter, colored and studded with gems, this hamsa-shaped hanging features a Hebrew or English language blessing for the home that calls for all sorts of good things, set around a gorgeous, intricate hamsa design. The piece features intricate floral designs as well as a Star of David at the top, and a blue stone hangs from the bottom. Whether you get the blessing in Hebrew or English, it will look great in any home.

10. Armenian Ceramic Hamsa Wall Hanging with Home Blessing

An iconic craft that's found all over Israel on religious items and home décor is Armenian ceramics, handmade and intricately painted by the artisans of Jerusalem's Armenian community for generations. Made in this tradition is this decorative ceramic hamsa plaque, gracefully decorated with a colorful floral motif inside the iconic blue perimeter that surrounds a blessing for the home in English. Both a beautiful work of art and a meaningful item of Judaica, displaying it in your home is a perfect way to connect to your faith and the Land the Israel.

11. Floral Home Blessing on Canvas - Hebrew/English

This gorgeous, colorful canvas combines stunning artwork with beautiful text for the ultimate Jewish home decor item! The text of Bircat Habayit (blessing for the home) is written out in a lovely Hebrew font, bounded by the text in English. Around the whole piece is a stunning and subtle, watercolor style floral border. All of this is on a canvas that looks excellent in a frame, or as it is. This special adornment for your own home or that of a loved one will surely be a hit!

12. Yair Emanuel Jerusalem Hamsa Home Blessing

Enhance your home in a unique and beautiful way with this laser-cut wall hanging from acclaimed Jerusalem-based designer Yair Emanuel. The design features a hand-painted depiction of the city of Jerusalem inside a hamsa, along with a traditional Hebrew home blessing text. This piece will be a wonderful and unique addition to any home décor, and makes for a perfect housewarming or holiday gift.

13. Dorit Judaica "Ata Shalom" Wall Hanging

Rounding out our list is another sleek, stainless steel wall hanging from Israeli favorite Dorit Judaica - this one featuring a pomegranate design and the Hebrew words of a Biblical blessing of peace from the Book of Samuel: "Ata Shalom UVeitcha Shalom VeKol Asher Lecha Shalom." ("May you have peace, may your house have peace, and may all that is yours have peace"). Both beautiful and meaningful, you will love displaying this wall hanging in your home for many years to come.

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