The Bible, or in Hebrew Tanach, is our most foundational Jewish text and has therefore always inspired the Jewish imagination, including our artists and designers. And as "People of the Book," Jews have always loved to adorn our homes with meaningful items that reference Biblical stories, themes, and verses. For today's modern Jew, this can be a very special way of connecting to and showing pride in one's heritage.

From wall art to mezuzahs to shabbat candlesticks, our store features over 200 pieces of Israeli-made home décor featuring beautiful Biblical themes. Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one or to express your own faith, there's nothing more special than Biblical décor straight from the Land of Israel! And to help you explore these amazing pieces, we've put together our top 10 most inspiring favorites.

1. "My Soul Loves" Wall Hanging (Choice of Colors, in English or Hebrew)

This romantic papercut art from Jerusalemite graphic designer David Fisher features two deer in the middle of a beautiful pomegranate tree design. At the bottom, in your choice of either Hebrew or English, are the words Matsati Et Sheahava Nafshi - "I have found the one whom my soul loves"- from the Song of Songs. This intricate piece of Jewish art will be a beautiful addition to any home, and is available in blue, green, or bordeaux colors, with the option to add a gold or silver frame.

2. Marc Chagall Ten Commandments Mezuzah Case

Grab this limited-edition piece of art in the form of a 24k gold-plated mezuzah case before it's too late! It features a lithograph print adaptation of a painting by the famous 20th-century artist Marc Chagall, titled "I am the Lord thy God" and featuring the Children of Israel receiving the Ten Commandments. It's also a piece of Israeli history - 5748 copies were produced in the Hebrew year 5748 (1988) in honor of the 40th anniversary of Israel's independence. Each mezuzah case comes with an official certificate of authenticity, and a mezuzah parchment scroll is also available.

3. Jerusalem Stone Ten Commandments Tablet

Give a Biblical gift and an actual piece of the Land of Israel with this Ten Commandments sculpture made out of naturally pinkish, authentic Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Judean hills. The statuette features a smoothed front panel and an outline of the iconic Biblical Ten Commandments tablets, with the first two words of each Commandment etched in golden Hebrew letters. It comes with a stone back allowing it to stand with ease, so it can be prominently displayed anywhere in the home or office.

Learn more about Jerusalem Stone here!

4. Jerusalem Stone Ten Commandments Shabbat Candlesticks (Choice of Color)

Choose from either white or red Jerusalem Stone options, and bring home a piece of the Land of Israel with Biblical motifs with these unique shabbat candlesticksThe two candleholders sit atop stone wings reminiscent of the metaphorical kanfei nesharim – eagles’ wings – that are said to protect and carry the Jewish nation, with a stone base and a replica of the Ten Commandments tablets in the middle. This stunning piece of Judaica is sure to be treasured for years to come!

5. Handmade Ceramic Tree of Life Plaque Wall Hanging

This limited-edition, colorful ceramic plaque has been handcrafted by the artists at Tel Aviv family-run studio Art in Clay, and features a beautiful Tree of Life design. Bring this poignant Biblical symbol of life and creation into your home, while supporting artists from the Land of Israel! The plaque comes with its own stand, or can be hung on a wall.

Learn more about the Tree of Life here!

6. Ten Commandments Olive Wood Desk Ornament (Hebrew/English)

Display your faith with this stunning Biblical standing desk ornament which has been crafted from the Holy Land's native olive wood by Israeli artisans, featuring the Ten Commandments engraved in both Hebrew and English. You'll love this daily reminder of your values and heritage, which can be placed anywhere in your home or office!

7. Dorit Judaica "Ata Shalom" Wall Hanging

Bless your home or that of a loved one with this stylish stainless steel wall hanging from Israeli religious designer Dorit Judaica, featuring a pomegranate design and the Hebrew words of a Biblical blessing of peace from the Book of Samuel: "Ata Shalom UVeitcha Shalom VeKol Asher Lecha Shalom." ("May you have peace, may your house have peace, and may all that is yours have peace"). Both beautiful and meaningful, you will love displaying this wall hanging in your home for many years to come.

8. Limited Edition Jerusalem Serigraph Print

This beautiful serigraph silk print is a reproduction of the colorful painting "Jerusalem" by renowned Israeli artist Zina Roitman, showing the Western Wall and the glistening stones of the plaza in front of it, with an Old City landscape and the Judean Hills in the background. Catch this limited-edition work before it's too late, and have a vibrant piece of Jerusalem in your home wherever you are!

9. Handmade Ceramic Shema Yisrael Wall Hanging

Brought to you by Tel Aviv-based ceramic studio Art in Clay is this stunning handmade plaque adorned with 24K gold detailing and featuring the Shema Yisrael prayer. Taken from the Biblical Book of Deuteronomy, this central declaration of faith and God's Oneness has been recited by Jews for centuries and is believed to have protective qualities. Adorn your home with the words of this poignant prayer, with this beautiful piece that can be hung on a wall or placed it in its accompanying stand.

Learn more about the Shema Yisrael prayer here!

10. Yair Emanuel 12 Tribes Embroidered Wall Hanging

This gorgeous embroidered tapestry comes from famous Jerusalem designer Yair Emanuel and features the 12 tribes of Israel, with colorful artistic representations and the names for each in English, against a rich blue background. Bring home this timeless piece of Biblical tradition, for a vibrant and inspiring wall hanging in any room!

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