Judaica Webstore is proud to carry 100% authentic Israeli products created by the most talented artists and designers our country has to offer! Their imaginations are fired by the land around us, and inspired by the thousands of years of culture, heritage and tradition that has created some of the most unique Jewish art in the world.  This very special collection of products does even more than that - it draws on the land itself to bring you extraordinary items from the Holy Land. Any of these items would make a truly unique gift, ideal for someone who can truly appreciate how special they are:

Jerusalem's David's Harp Bridge is one of the most unique sculptures in the world

The City of David Collection

The story begins over 3,000 years ago after King David was anointed in Hebron. He travelled to a small hilltop village in Jerusalem, made his home there, and turned it into the capital city of Israel. Today, the City of David, located in the valley between the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives, is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. Invaluable artifacts and structures have been recovered from the ancient city. The unique City of David collection includes several home decor items and jewelry, featuring artifacts  recovered from the site, such as a bronze harp believed to have belonged to King David himself, ancient coins, and jewelry. The collection also includes several necklaces made from Jerusalem stone excavated from the Temple Mount. The City of David Collection features some of the most unique and unusual pieces of Jewish jewelry, which are characterized by their exquisite craftsmanship and historical significance and would make a treasured gift for someone truly special.

This necklace is based off a pair of earrings thought to have belonged to the Assyrian Queen Helena who converted to Judaism

Kassam Rockets into Art

Since 2001, Hamas and other militant Islamist groups in Gaza have launched more than 25,000 rockets and mortars into Israel. In some Southern Israeli communities like Sderot, children have spent their entire lives within reach of a bomb shelter, and playgrounds have been built with climb-on apparatus that doubles as protective shelter. However, Israelis are resilient and innovative, and believe in turning times of extreme sorrow and pain into happiness and joy. Yaron Bob, an Israeli artist who lives in the shadow of Gaza's rockets, turns the remains of Kassam rockets into art, creating beauty from Israel's suffering. These rare and stunning pieces are a physical expression of Israel's ability to overcome, and as such make meaningful, georgeous gifts which are completely unique to the Holy Land.

The blue stone represents the city of Sderot- the city that continues to live on!

The Israel Museum

Home to the most extensive collections of biblical and Holy Land archaeology in the world, the Israel Museum is Israel's biggest cultural institution and one of the world's best encyclopedic museums. Our extensive range of the Israel Museum's replicas, adaptation, prints and books is a consistent best-seller, and is filled with products that are unique to Israel and its rich history and culture. For example, the Dead Sea Scrolls collection features a replica of one of the infamous scrolls discovered in Qumran, which includes a copy of the clay jar in which it was found. This collection also includes copies of white and red iridescent glass jars made using similar techniques to those employed by the original artists. The Israel Museum also has an extensive jewelry collection featuring replicas and adaptations of ancient amulets, and a range of stunning Judaica pieces based on relics and artifacts. All Israel Museum gifts are supplied with a certificate of authentication and an explanation of the piece's origin in Hebrew and English. These pieces are truly unique to Israel, and would make meaningful gifts for someone who has a deep connection to the land of Israel and its history.

One of the most incredible finds in history, the Dead Sea Scrolls have changed the way the world studies religion

Dead Sea Cosmetics

The Dead Sea is probably the most unusual body of water in existence. Sitting at the lowest point on the planet surrounded by a dramatic mountainous landscape, it receives hundreds of thousands of gallons of water from the River Jordan and its tributaries every day. The region's intense heat rapidly evaporates the water, and leaves behind thick salt and mineral-rich silt. This silt - the infamous Dead Sea Mud - contains dozens of different mineral salts with legendary healing and therapeutic powers. In ancient times, Cleopatra used the Dead Sea as her personal spa; today, the Sea's salts are used to produce some of the most coveted skin care products in the world. Dead Sea cosmetics include everything from soaps and facial cleansers to bath salts and sun-protective moisturizers, You can even buy special kits, which contain all the products needed for a targeted treatment! There's nothing quite like the Dead Sea anywhere else in the world, making these luxurious and replenishing skin care products unique to Israel, and all the more spectacular because of it!

Get a little dirty and let the mud refresh your skin

These products are truly unique to the Holy Land, and they all have the potential to be wonderful, meaningful gifts for someone who knows exactly how special Israel is!