The majestic Second Temple that stood in Jerusalem from 516 BCE to 70 CE was the focal point of Jewish worship and the most magnificent Jewish building in our history - and it is therefore an integral part of Jewish heritage and the Jewish imagination till this day. And now, you can connect to that rich history in a unique and meaningful way, with our Israeli-made Temple-themed gifts!

Israeli artists and designers take inspiration from ancient Jewish history to bring you beautiful pieces inspired by the Temple and its famed ritual items, such as the menorah, Ark of the Covenant, incense, and Priestly Breastplate. See our top favorites below, and be sure to add a piece of Temple history to your home so you and your loved ones can connect with the Holy City and our ancient heritage wherever you are.

And if you want to know more about Second Temple history, what it looked like, and some of its key ritual components, check out our Second Temple blog post!


1. Seven-Branched Jerusalem Temple Menorah (Choice of Colors)

This majestic seven-branched menorah was inspired by the one that stood in the Holy Temple, with decorative representations of Jerusalem added to the base. Choose from gold, silver, or a combination of gold and silver plating, and honor Jewish history and ancient ritual in style. It will be a poignant and meaningful Jewish symbol in your home, straight from the Land of Israel!







2. Jerusalem Second Temple DIY Building Kit

What better way to learn about the Holy Temple than to build a model of it yourself? Dazzle the history buffs, puzzle fans, and Temple aficionados in your life with this detailed, DIY model of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Made from 267 laser-cut wooden pieces that easily fit together, this kit allows you to build and display a historically accurate 3D Temple model, and comes with building instructions and an explanation of the Temple's historical and religious background.






3. Ark of the Covenant Laser Cut DIY Kit

Connect with your Jewish faith by building a model of an integral part of the Temple and our people's connection to the Divine: the Ark of the Covenant itself, with this laser cut do-it-yourself kit! It's composed of 36 beautifully painted pieces and comes with illustrated assembly instructions and an information booklet on the Ark of the Covenant. Great for kids, and a fun family activity with a finished piece that you'll be proud to display in your home!






4. 14K Gold Hoshen Pendant Necklace

This stunning gold pendant necklace from Israeli design studio Anbinder Jewelry is made to represent the Hoshen, the breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Temple. Masterfully crafted and full of meaning, it's set with an array of colorful, genuine gemstones to represent the 12 Tribes of Israel, along with the Hebrew word Hoshen on top. A selection of chain lengths is available, as well as our luxurious gift box. A beautiful gift for a kohen or anyone who takes inspiration from the Priestly tradition!





5. Temple Incense Components - Set of 11 Jars

This collection of spices contains the aromatic ingredients that made up the daily incense offering in the Holy Temple, in 11 separate, labeled jars: cinnamon, muscat nut bark, costus, saffron, spikenard, cassia, myrrh, frankincense, galbanum, clove, and balsam. Hailing from the Land of Israel, they make for a meaningful gift and work great as fragrant havdalah spices!




6. Biblical Tabernacle Laser Cut DIY Kit

For the DIY model buffs, we have another puzzle building kit: a model of the original Tabernacle described the Torah! According to the Biblical account, the Tabernacle (also known as the Tent of Congregation or Tent of Meeting) was the portable earthly dwelling place of the Divine Presence and was where the Israelites offered their sacrifices. This fun and educational kit comes with detailed assembly instructions, and will provide a special connection to the Bible for the lucky recipient!




7. Sterling Silver Temple Menorah Necklace

Did you know that the seven-branched menorah was a symbol of Judaism since the times of the Temple, and long before the Star of David? It’s also had a modern resurgence, particularly as part of Israeli state emblems. Connect with our ancient roots and show your Jewish pride with this beautiful sterling silver necklace featuring a replica of the original seven-branched menorah in the Temple! Masterfully crafted by renowned Israeli artisan jeweler Rafael, it comes with a choice of chain lengths and is appropriate for any age and gender.






8. Temple Incense Components - Aromatic Blend

This blend of Temple incense spices combines the 11 ingredients that were used for incense offerings in the days of the Temple - though the quantities are purposely not exact, to avoid any religious issues with using them today. Connect with Jewish history on a deep level by adorning your home with this fragrant reminder of the Temple, made right in the Land of Israel!






9. Temple Vessels Do-It-Yourself Kit

Bring the times of the Bible to life for your entire family with this Temple-themed wood puzzle kit! Recyclable, sustainable, and fun for all ages, this 3D laser-cut do-it-yourself kit allows you to easily build the main vessels used in the Holy Temple: the Ark of Covenant (which housed the 10 Commandments), the iconic golden Menorah (candelabra), the golden Incense Altar, and the Table of Showbread. The set comes with easy-to-follow assembly directions, and will provide you with meaningful display pieces to enrich your faith and your home.





10. Book on Second Temple Jerusalem Model

This beautifully illustrated book by the Israel Museum details the construction of the famous replica model of ancient Jerusalem and the Second Temple that stands outside the museum today. Whether you've had the opportunity to see the model in person or not, you can now transport yourself to the Second Temple era anywhere you are, and support the Museum at the same time!