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Hanukkah Gifts

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Hanukkah: the Festival of Lights! So many Jews are all about Hanukkah, as it is one of the most recognizable and fun Jewish holidays. Now you can make it as beautiful as it can be for you and your loved ones with the great gifts you'll find here! Whether you're looking for Hanukkah candles, a dreidel, chocolate gelt or any other Hanukkah gift idea, we've got them all! And if you want a menorah, we have the biggest selection around: sterling silver, ceramic, glass, and unique artistic menorahs.

Hanukkah is a very important holiday that bids us to reflect on the history of the Jewish people and the holy city of Jerusalem. This yearly observance encourages not only reflection on the past - it commemorates the Maccabean victory over the Seleucid Greeks and the rededication of the temple - but also a reflection of the present and future. Our traditional Hanukkah gifts provide us with an opportunity to both commemorate and reinterpret.

This carefully curated collection of Hanukkah gifts includes all the essential ritual objects, as well as books of blessing and educational materials. While the games and activities can help enrich the time you spend with your loved ones this coming Hanukkah 2023, our artisan items are not only beautiful but also rich in significance. Our extensive selection of Hanukkah menorahs, dreidels, and other Hanukkah gifts constitute a wide range of materials and styles, each of which highlights a different aspect of Jewish History.

Some families commemorate these events with eight days of gifts, or others give just on the first day of Hanukkah and have other traditions like giving tzedakah (charity) on the others. Whatever the custom, make all the days of Hanukkah special with your own Hanukkah traditions!

Many of the items reference the ancient history of the Maccabees, but some of the best Hanukkah gifts showcase the Jewish Diaspora and their unique aesthetic qualities. The vast array of styles and materials explore for example the Jewish presence in Greece as early as 100 BCE, the medieval Jewish experience in Holland, as well as the 18th century lives of Jews in Germany. All the items are designed in Israel, with many being crafted in the Holy Land as well, strengthening your connection to all the great Hanukkah miracles that happened here.

In this way, a carefully selected Hanukkah gift can both elevate the tradition of Hanukkah gift giving on this vital celebration but also provide an occasion for reflecting on the reemergence and evolution of Jewish identity over time from over 3000 years ago right up until Hanukkah 2023 and beyond.

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