Hanukkah 2023 will soon be upon us! The Festival of Lights will begin at sundown on Thursday, December 7, so now is the perfect time to get your Hanukkah gifts from Israel for everyone on your list.

To give you some shopping inspo, we've rounded up the Top 10 gifts for the 2023 holiday season that are sure to brighten up anyone's Hanukkah:


1. Modern Hanukkah Menorah

This elegant Hanukkah menorah is made of metal and adorned with colorful enamel, and comes to you from the Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio. It seamlessly blends a traditional arched shape with modern design influences for a contemporary yet festive holiday look that'll fit beautifully in any home! Choose from several color options including blues, pinks, rainbow shades, or classy neutrals, and add our handcrafted Israeli-made candles for a full Hanukkah gift set that your family and friends are sure to love.






2. Hanukkah Miracle Humor T-Shirt

"Imagine if your cellphone was at 10% but lasted 8 days - now you understand Hanukkah"! There's no better way to explain the miracle of the Festival of Lights for the modern crowd, and you'll spread holiday cheer in a unique and humorous way with this fun holiday t-shirt designed right in Israel. It's made from high-quality cotton in a range of colors and sizes, and will make you the life of any holiday party or put a smile on a lucky gift recipient's face.






3. 14K Gold Classic Star of David Pendant Necklace

Hanukkah is all about Jewish pride, and there's no better way to show off one's Jewish identity and heritage than with a classic Star of David necklace! This beautiful piece is made in Israel from your choice of yellow or white 14K gold and is suitable for any gender, age, or style - making it an unforgettable and meaningful holiday present for that special someone!







4. Happy Hanukkah Mug

One of the most classic and versatile holiday gifts is a cute coffee mug with a message, and we've got your go-to right here with this adorable Happy Hanukkah mug. It features vibrant colors and a detailed menorah design, and will be perfect for your friends, family, colleagues, the office holiday party, or your own kitchen or work desk - with a lovely reminder of the holiday season the rest of the year as well.






5. Hammered Bar Hanukkah Menorah Gift Set

Everyone loves Judaica by famous Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, but you won't find this exclusive gift set anywhere else! We're including Yair Emanuel's popular hammered bar Hanukkah menorah, made from elegant anodized aluminum in a choice of color options, together with all the other essentials you'll need for a festive holiday: a colorful painted wooden dreidel, a set of Israeli-made Hanukkah candles to last all eight nights, and a laminated holiday blessing pamphlet with all the classic Hanukkah blessings and songs in both Hebrew and English. This set makes a particularly great gift for a young adult's first Hanukkah on their own, or as a housewarming or Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift.





6. Latkes Funny Hanukkah T-Shirt

Anyone who enjoys the holiday season and Jewish humor will love this cute Hanukkah t-shirt! Made from comfy 100% cotton in vibrant colors and a variety of unisex sizes, it features a menorah design along with the words "Keep Calm and Eat Latkes." Wear it to show off your Jewish pride and spread holiday cheer, or give it as a fun and unique Hanukkah gift for anyone on your list with a sense of humor!






7. White Luxury Hanukkah Candles

Everyone who lights a Hanukkah menorah needs Hanukkah candles, and we've got the most special and elegant option around with this set of luxurious handmade candles. They are beautifully handcrafted according to traditional techniques in the Galilee in northern Israel, and are accented with crystallized drops and lines for a unique look that'll really make your menorah shine. You'll receive enough candles for all eight nights, and can be proud to support local Israeli artisans.






8. Israel Museum Brass Replica Menorah

This beautiful polished brass Hanukkah menorah from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem is a replica of a classic Central European design from the 20th century. Connect with your heritage while making a poignant nod to Jewish history this holiday season with this timeless piece of Judaica! It comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Museum and a description of its historical background in both English and Hebrew. Several candle options are also available, and you'll love it as an unbeatable gift for Hanukkah 2023!






9. Israeli Flag Dreidel DIY Kit

Give the gift of hands-on fun this Hanukkah season for the kid or kid-at-heart in your life, with this special DIY Israel flag dreidel from Israeli socially conscious company Touch Wood Design. It's made from recyclable laser-cut wood pieces that easily come together to form a traditional dreidel, which is adorned with the Israeli flag and the Hebrew letters Nun, Gimel, Hey, and Peh to represent the classic holiday phrase Nes Gadol Haya Po - "a great miracle happened here."

And what's more, you can personalize bulk orders with your own logo - perfect for schools, companies, and synagogues! (Just contact our Customer Service team!)




10. Star of David Jerusalem Stone Hanukkah Menorah

Take home a piece of the Holy City of Jerusalem this Hanukkah with this magnificent menorah crafted from Jerusalem stone! It features a Star of David and a Western Wall motif, and is made from authentic Jerusalem stone in a natural rosy shade that has been quarried in the Judean hills. You can add our handmade Hanukkah candles from the Galilee at a discounted price, and you'll have a meaningful holiday gift straight from the Land of Israel as well as a stunning mantlepiece for the rest of the year.






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