DreidelsA dreidel, sivivon or a Jewish spinning top, are a main part of Chanukah celebrations aside from the brightly lit hannukah menorah, scrumptious latkes and delicious sufganiot (jelly donuts). The story of the dreidel dates back to the times when Antiochus, the King of Babylonia, would not allow the Jewish people to practice their religion.  Taking learning and religious practices underground, children were taught about Judaism and the laws in secret.  With someone on the look out, whenever they would see one of the soldiers from the Babylonian army, the children would quickly hide their books and take out a dreidel, so that when the soldiers passed, they would just see a group of kids playing a game.

The whole Chanukah story has to do with the miracle of finding the tiny jug of oil, that happened during the times of Antiochus, which is why we still play dreidel today, to remember the miracle.  Every dreidel has four sides, with each side corresponding to a different letter. While three of the letters are the same universal, one letter is different in Israel than the rest of the world. The letters are "nun", "gimmel", "hay" and "shin" representing the sentence, "A great miracle happened there".  In Israel though, the letter "shin" is replaced with "pey"  and the sentence becomes "A great miracle happened here". The rules of the game stay the same no matter where you are, and is always fun to play.

Adi Sidler Dreidels

Adi SidlerAdi Sidler's anodized aluminum dreidels come in all sorts of geometric shapes and bold colors. What is great about Sidler's dreidels is that besides for their amazing look while spinning, each style of dreidel comes in a variety of colors so that you can choose your favorite dreidel in the color you love. These minimalistic dreidels are nothing but ordinary, mainly featuring some kind of spiraled design such as a classic circle, a more modern square and even a dove or Star of David! Adi Sidler's dreidels feature a whole new level of fun to the dreidel game.

❤︎  We love the spiral dreidel and the Star of David dreidel.

Yair Emanuel Dreidels

Yair Emanuel Done in his classic style, Yair Emanuel's dreidels are either made of hand-painted wood or laser-cut metal with gorgeous colorful patterns. Emanuel's wooden dreidels come in small and large sizes sizes and come with a matching box or stand to display your dreidel on when not in use.  These dreidels feature classic Jewish stories and concepts from our vast history that come in a variety of styles. The laser-cut metal dreidels are also hand-painted to perfection, some featuring fun Moroccan themes, but all incredibly colorful.  Not just for kids, Emanuel's dreidels are enjoyed by everyone of any age.

❤︎  We love the Hanukkah themed dreidel and the Jerusalem metal dreidel.

Orit Grader Dreidels

Orit Grader For something really special, Orit Grader's dreidels feature a lace-like work to them as well as stunning colors inspired by nature. The shadows from the metal lace of each dreidel allow the the light to shine through and the shadows to delightfully dance below the spinning dreidel, putting on quite the show. While it might look delicate, Grader's dreidels are actually very sturdy and make a great Chanukah gift for all ages.  Available in all shapes and colors, these dreidels will brighten up a room and be enjoyed together by family or friends.

❤︎  We love the Spike dreidel and the Square Knight dreidel.

Danon Dreidels

Danon Danon's dreidels follow in the artist's iconic look of silver and pewter, blackened in just the right places, providing depth and a unique look. Each of Danon's dreidels are elegant in their own way with their own simplistic style and really do stand out as much as a dreidel can. Featuring Chanukah themes like dreidels or Jewish themes such as the Star of David and the Jerusalem skyline, these dreidels come with a fantastic price for such a gorgeous piece of Chanukah tradition. Bring back of spirit of a game of dreidel with any of Danon's amazing spinning tops.

❤︎  We love the floral Star of David dreidel and the Star of David dreidel with multi-colored Swarovski Crystals.

Iris Designs Dreidels

Iris Design DreidelsFor really bright and bold dreidels, Iris Designs' dreidels are an assemblage of color made with Swarovski crystals and comes with a gorgeous matching stand. A delight to admire at and even more fun to spin, Iris Designs dreidels are the perfect pop of color and excitement for all your Chanukah celebrations. These dreidels come in the classic circle style, painted with a modern symmetrical pattern for the perfect combination of old and new. With a layer of enamel protecting the magnificent artwork, these dreidels will be loved by kids and adults alike- after all, Chanukah is incomplete without a fantastic game of dreidel.

❤︎  We love the Blue Stars dreidel with Swarovski crystal and the Autumn Leaves dreidel.