Hanukkah 2023 will begin at sundown on Thursday, December 7, when Jews all around the world will be lighting their Hanukkah menorahs (also known as hanukkiahs or hanukkiot) in commemoration of the Festival of Lights. We have nearly 200 Hanukkah menorahs in every style, shape, and color for your holiday needs. To help you choose the perfect one for your home or as a gift for a loved one, we picked our top 10 favorites below, spanning every style and budget.

All of our Hanukkah menorahs come from Israel and are kosher and suitable for the holiday. We'll even include a free Hanukkah blessing pamphlet in Hebrew and English, so you'll be perfectly prepared for the Festival of Lights! 

(Confused about oil vs. candles, what makes a menorah kosher, or how to light it? Check out our detailed Hanukkah menorah 101 blog post and buying guide explainer for everything you need to know!)

1. Multicolored Star of David Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors) 

This distinctive, modern take on the Hanukkah menorah from Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studios is a visually exciting, colorful display, that still has the classic charm of a traditional Hanukkah menorah. Choose from several color options, to add a unique, personal touch to your Festival of Lights. Its criss-crossing branches surround a Star of David at its center just over the base.

2. Israel Museum Brass Replica Menorah

This beautiful polished brass Hanukkah menorah from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem is a replica of a classic Central European design from the 20th century. Connect with your heritage while making a poignant nod to Jewish history this holiday season with this timeless piece of Judaica! It comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Museum and a description of its historical background in both English and Hebrew, and several candle options are also available.

3. Modern Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors)

This elegant nickel menorah with colorful enamel from Lion of Judah Studio seamlessly blends a traditional arched shape with modern design influences for a contemporary yet festive holiday look. Coming straight from the Land of Israel, it's available in several color options featuring blues, pinks, rainbow shades, and classy neutrals. Add our traditional, handcrafted Israeli-made candles, and you'll have a stunning Hanukkah menorah for your table or windowsill!

4. Klezmer Figurines Hand-Crafted Sterling Silver Menorah

Masterfully hand-crafted from sterling silver by Jerusalem-area artisan Shoham Simchi, this stunning filigree design menorah combines traditional Yemenite craftsmanship with an Eastern European Hasidic design in a musical klezmer motif. This gorgeous piece is available in multiple sizes and will be a treasured family keepsake for years to come!

5. Jerusalem Stone Hanukkah Menorah

Take home a piece of the Holy City of Jerusalem this Hanukkah with our magnificent menorah crafted from Jerusalem stone! The design is reminiscent of the Western Wall, and is made from natural stone that has been quarried in Jerusalem and can be found in ancient and modern buildings all over the city. This menorah works with either oil cups or candles, and will be a meaningful holiday gift as well as a stunning mantlepiece all year round!

6. Yair Emanuel Painted Hanukkah Menorah Gift Set

Combining a classic silhouette with a fun, contemporary design, this nature-themed menorah by Yair Emanuel features an intricately crafted metal base with a bird and pomegranate motif. The design will be loved by children and adults alike, sure to brighten up your windowsill or holiday table! And what's more, it comes with a set of Hanukkah candles, a festive wooden dreidel, and a Hanukkah blessings pamphlet added for free - for a full holiday gift set to get Hanukkah 2023 started right.

7. Modern Tree Motif Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors)

Coming from the Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio is this stunning (yet affordable!), sleek Hanukkah menorah. Choose from gold or silver plating, and enjoy its elegant shape and tree-like motif, which will be a beautiful addition to your Hanukkah 2023 holiday table or windowsill. It fits standard Hanukkah candles, and we have several options of colorful or elegantly monochromatic hand-made candles that can be added.

8. Laura Cowan "Building Bridges" Menorah

Another unique, interactive piece from Israeli artist Laura Cowan is this beautiful, polished metal menorah. Titled "Building Bridges," it symbolizes the bridging of beliefs and understanding to create tolerance and connection - a beautiful message for the holiday season! The colorful candleholders can be arranged any way you like along the curved metal base, and our classic, hand-crafted Israeli candles are also available at an additional cost.

9. Yair Emanuel Children's Train Hanukkah Menorah

This gorgeous, colorful anodized aluminum menorah from Israeli artist Yair Emanuel is a great menorah for any little kids being introduced to lighting candles. It's creative and not like any other menorah they will have seen, perfect to excite the little ones, and those young at heart, around the holiday. Beautify your Hanukkah and add a timeless piece of Judaica to your family collection with this stunning menorah from the Holy Land!

10. Classic Arched Hanukkah Menorah (Choice of Colors)

Ring in Hanukkah 2023 in style with this chic, arched metal menorah! The curved silhouette seamlessly blends tradition with modern design, and it's available in your choice of silver or gold plating. It makes a great gift for a new Jewish home or a young adult celebrating Hanukkah on their own for the first time, and is sure to be a beloved Judaica item for years to come.

Make sure to get all your other menorah lighting essentials:

Hanukkah candles

Pre-filled oil cups

✡ Matchbox holders & Lighters