More popular than dreidels, latkes and sufganiot, the Hanukkah menorah is the centerpiece of our Hanukkah celebrations. The nine-branched candelabra (or hanukkiah in Hebrew) is lit with a growing number of candles on each of the holiday's eight nights, creating a literal, glowing Festival of Lights. This tradition represents the miracle of finding a small jug of olive oil in the almost destroyed Temple that miraculously lasted for eight days  The menorah is one of the most iconic pieces of Judaica and is a symbol of Judaism and the State of Israel.  Such a prominent piece should be a work of art that you can be proud of and excited to use year after year.

Traditional Menorahs

If you love a classic look, start your menorah search in our delightful traditional menorah section. In addition to Israel Museum replicas and iconic Chabad menorahs, you'll find a stunning arrangement of clean and timeless looks in silver, gold and bronze, even some with colorful candle holders if you want something a little different. Available in multiple sizes, you'll quickly find the traditional menorah you have been looking for!

Olive oil cups are perfect for this menorah if you want to complete the traditional look

Modern Menorahs

As we live in an ever changing society, our tastes in style also begin to change. A modern menorah is perfect for someone who loves a bold look and wants to stand out! Rainbows, flowers and trees, Biblical scenes, menorahs for kids and almost any motif you can imagine can be found in this section. Some of these modern menorahs are a twist on the classic look while others are original and might even defy gravity. With nearly 100 options, its impossible to just choose one.

The light of Hanukkah will wash over you like a wave

 Israel Museum Menorahs

Menorahs from the Israel Museum are incredibly unique and special. One of the largest museums in Israel, the museum constantly produces replicas of their artifacts for you to bring home to your family.  Their menorah collection features menorahs from ancient Jewish communities around the world. If you feel a close connection to your family's heritage, the Israel Museum probably has a replica from that area. Don't miss out on checking out these incredible menorahs!

19th Century Moroccan Menorah from Larache

Kassam Rocket Menorahs

Yup. You read that right. These special menorahs are made from Kassam Rockets shot into Israel from Gaza. The holiday of Hanukkah has the underlying theme of turning darkness into light, which is exactly what Yaron Bob, the artist behind these menorahs, does by turning rockets into artwork. Southern Israel has dealt with dark times but always makes the best out of any situation as the Jewish people have done for thousands of years. By purchasing anything from 'Kassam Rockets into Art', you are not only receiving a beautiful piece of art, but also donating towards building more bomb shelters in the south.

An olive tree menorah made from rockets as a symbol of peace

Menorahs on a Budget

The cost of Judaica tends to add up as something specific is needed for almost every Jewish holiday. This is why the Judaica Web Store has such a large selection of Menorahs under $50! You'll be amazed at all the magnificent options to choose from. Traditional and modern styles available in glass, metal and even wood, you will love what you can choose from- we even carry menorahs for travel.  Worry no more if you are on a budget, we have you covered with your new favorite menorah!

A fantastic menorah with an even better price


Oil or Hanukkah Candles?

You can't have a menorah without candles! In modern times, long thin multicolored Hanukkah candles have become popular, allowing everyone to create colorful patterns to light up the night with, while offering a safe way for kids to join in the candle-lighting ceremony. However the even older tradition is to light the menorah with olive oil, just like they did in Temple times. The miracle of Hanukkah is that a small jug pure, virgin olive oil was found in the Temple after it had been ransacked, and that it lasted for 8 full days. We offer colorful candles and pure olive oil cups so no matter how you choose to light your candle, you'll always be set!

One box of rainbow candles will have you set for 8 nights

Have a very happy Hanukka and enjoy making the night shine bright!