Now that winter is approaching fast, it looks like everyone’s favorite holiday is just around the corner! That’s right, it’s almost Hanukkah, so you know what that means - it’s time to shop for Hanukkah gifts, dig out your dreidels, and polish your Menorah! If you don’t have a Menorah for Hanukkah or you’re simply not happy with the one you have, no worries! You'll soon be reading a special guide on the different Menorah options we offer as well as a few other holiday fun facts, but before we get into that, let's first quickly address how the nine-branched candelabra (called a Hannukiah in Hebrew) became such a powerful symbol in Judaism as this information links to how and why we still use Menorahs today.

The story goes back over two thousand years ago when the Jews originally lit only one Menorah - a magnificent, seven-branched Menorah made from gold that was used exclusively for religious purposes. It was in those days when the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem still stood, that lighting this seven-branched Menorah every day was one of the main religious obligations of the priests serving in the Temple. Thus, when the villainous Syrian-Greek king Antiochus IV outlawed Judaism and robbed the Temple, the Jews felt stripped of their most important symbol, which they mourned along with the loss of their religious freedom.


Thankfully, many years later, the Temple would be restored and a new Menorah with seven branches would be made, which they lit for the first time with oil from a small sealed jug that they had found left behind in the rubble. Although the small amount of oil used to light the new Menorah was only enough to last a day and they would have to wait for new oil to be made before they could refill each lamp, the Jews celebrated the sight of the Menorah's lamp lights burning brightly once again, even if it was just temporarily. However, a miracle happened over the next few days, and the tiny quantity of oil they had used when they lit the Menorah continued burning for eight days instead of one, so to commemorate this, they established a new holiday called Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah) that would be celebrated with the lighting of a nine-branched Menorah.


This brings us to how Hanukkah is traditionally observed, however, we'll only briefly explain the order of lighting the Menorah for each night of Hanukkah as a lot of people get confused about whether they should light the candles from right to left or left to right. Customarily, the correct way to light the Hanukkiah is to take the helper candle, known as the Shamash, and use it to light the other candles from left to right so that the newest candle is always the first to be lit. With an extra candle each night, by the eighth night, nine candles will be lit.



So now that we've covered pretty much everything, let's get on with our recommendations on finding the perfect Hanukkah Menorah for you!

Traditional Menorahs

It goes without saying, but you can never go wrong with a classy, traditional Menorah! Whether tall and stemmed with conventionally curved branches or low and rectangular with a line of candleholders set into its base, Traditional Menorahs will always be timeless, attractive, and perfect for your holidays. If this is the kind of Menorah that appeals to you, then go ahead and check out our fabulous selection of wonderful Traditional Menorahs because we have plenty for you to choose from made by Israel’s greatest artists! Personally, we’re huge fans of this stunning Star of David Menorah. It has clean lines and a simple design that’s so iconically Jewish, we can’t help but love it! However, if that’s not quite your style, then maybe this majestic, Antique-Style Hanukkah Menorah will be better for you as it has that nice, sophisticated silhouette that most people associated with traditional Menorahs! 


Modern Menorahs

If the traditional route is something you thoroughly want to steer clear of, then perhaps one of our trendy, modern Menorahs will appeal more to your fashion-forward style! These exciting and cutting-edge designs are perfect for anyone who loves a bold look and want to stand out as they light their Hanukkiah each night, and thankfully, we’ve got quite a few for you to explore! From vibrant, rainbow-hued Menorahs such as this Yair Emanuel Multicolored Tree of Life Menorah to more exotic and unique ones like this Kinetic Anodized Aluminium Menorah by Nadav Art, we have many spectacular Menorahs in every size, color, and design you can think of, so feel free to take a peek at our amazing selection of products to find the right one for you!  


Israel Museum Menorahs

Somewhere in between modern and traditional, Hanukkah Menorahs from the Israel Museum are more special than most because they bridge the past with the present in a way that uses art to celebrate the Jewish heritage! All of these stunning Menorahs are high-quality replicas of genuine historic artifacts recovered from ancient Jewish communities around the world, so you can be sure that these gorgeous pieces will light up your Hanukkah with their rare and traditional beauty, as well as give you a taste of what Jewish art looked like in different centuries and countries! If the idea of connecting to your family’s heritage by using a Menorah adapted from an ancient artifact is something that speaks to you, then go ahead and check out our amazing selection of Israel Museum Menorahs to find something incredible you’ll use with pride! And as a bonus, anytime you buy something from the Israel Museum, part of the proceeds from your purchase goes to funding the Museum, so by opting to get an Israel Museum Menorah, you’ll be supporting a world-renown institution dedicated to preserving and educating the public about Jewish and Israeli culture, history, and folklore!         


Designer Menorahs

While all of our products are made by famous Israeli artists and designers, Designer Menorahs fall into their own separate category because these Menorahs either have a luxurious element to their design or they are so artistically creative and unique that they stand out from the rest! An excellent example of what a Premium Hanukkah Menorah looks like would be this exquisite, handcrafted Klezmers Sterling Silver Filigree Menorah by Shoham Yemenite Art! It features a row of traditional Klezmer musicians made from intricate, delicate Yemenite-style silver filigree as the Menorah’s candle holders, making this superb piece of Judaica one of the most impressive in our store! Another great Designer Menorah is this remarkable and striking Sderot Hanukkah Menorah. Made from Kassam Rockets that were fired into Israel by terrorists in Gaza, this extraordinary Menorah embodies what Jews do best: turning darkness into light - a theme that is particularly relevant during the holiday of Hanukkah!   

Kid’s Menorahs

Most of the Judaica pieces you’ll find on the market were designed with adults in mind, however, some forms of Judaica, such as these adorable Children’s Menorahs, were specially created so the littlest members of the family can feel included and involved in the Hanukkah traditions! These beautiful Menorahs are designed to be brightly colored and fun to appeal to a child’s sense of wonder and imagination so if you want to surprise your young rascal with something special for Hanukkah, one of these Menorahs is sure to be perfect! Our top pick would be this charming Noah's Ark Menorah that'll work great for either a boy or girl!



Oil or Hanukkah Candles?

Now that we’ve sorted things out with Menorahs, it's time to start talking about candles Obviously, you can’t light your Menorah without candles, so don’t forget to stock up on as many candles as you’ll need to get through the 8-night holiday! Just keep in mind that the type of candles you’ll buy will depend on the kind of Menorah you have, so take care and make sure to choose candles that will be compatible with your Hanukkah Menorah! Menorahs with small, narrow candle holders spaced closely together will require thin, wax Hanukkah candles, whereas Menorahs with wider cups spaced further apart are typically compatible with oil cups. In our store, you’ll find a beautiful variety of all the best wax and oil Hanukkah Candles from Israel in sets that’ll last all 8 nights. If you’re someone who prefers using multicolored wax Hanukkah candles that can be arranged into colorful patterns, we offer some truly stunning ones such as these gorgeous Marbled Purple and Peach Hanukkah Candles, or these classic Multicolored Hanukkah Candles that will not only add an extra element of fun but will also be a little safer for children participating in the candle lighting ceremony. Alternatively, if your custom is to light your Menorah using only oil, we carry sets of Gelled Olive Oil Hanukkah Candles so you can light up Hanukkah nights according to ancient tradition!

Well guys, that about covers everything! Like always, we hope you had a fun time reading this and we can’t wait to see you again next time! Have a very happy Hanukkah and may all 8 of your holiday night shine bright!

Wishing you all the best,

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