The 7-branched menorah is not your typical menorah used during Hanukkah, but rather a millennia-old symbol of the Jewish people, replicating the iconic candelabra that was once used in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Today's 7-branched menorahs are more of a decoration - adorning Jewish homes and synagogues around the world as well as Israeli institutions and state emblems. 

For more on the history and significance of this special and timeless Jewish candleholder, see our 7-branched menorah blog post, and don’t forget to check out our overview of the Second Temple and its iconic symbols and ritual items - including the menorah itself - that are still used and admired today.

We carry beautiful and majestic 7-branch menorahs in our store - all featuring Temple-inspired curved branches, and designed right in the Land of Israel by local artisans. Check out our top 10 favorites below!

Note: These are not for Hanukkah use, as Hanukkah menorahs have 9 branches and can be found here.

1. Seven-Branched Menorah With Jerusalem Motif (Choice of Finish)

This refined, metal menorah comes in a variety of five different colored finishes: gold, pewter, silver, bronze, and copper. On the base are different molded motifs of the Old City of Jerusalem, and the branches have inspiration from the real menorah used in the Holy Temple. Represent your pride and love of Judaism with the oldest Jewish symbol, the 7-branched menorah, and a message of the Holy Land! This timeless piece of Judaica is sure to be beloved and proudly displayed by your family for generations to come.

2. Seven-Branched Jerusalem Temple Menorah (Choice of Finish)

One of our most popular 7-branched menorahs is this majestic piece inspired by the menorah that stood in the Holy Temple, with decorative representations of the city of Jerusalem added to the base. Whether you prefer the gold- or silver-plated options, you'll love honoring Jewish history and ancient ritual in style. It will be a poignant and meaningful Jewish symbol in your home, straight from the Land of Israel!

3. Silver and Gold Seven-Branched Menorah with Hoshen Design

Add a unique piece of Jewish décor to your home with this artistic silver-plated menorah featuring an engraved tree-like finish, gold accents, a Hoshen symbol (the Temple High Priest's multicolored breastplate that represents the 12 Tribes of Israel), and an elegant black display stand. Masterfully crafted in the Land of Israel, it effortlessly blends traditional symbolism and contemporary design for a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching piece.

4. Yair Emanuel Aluminum 7-Branched Menorah

Another magnificent piece of Jewish décor for your home comes from famous Jerusalemite artist Yair Emanuel: this sleek, stylish aluminum menorah with black colored branches and a silver base and candleholders. Combine ancient Jewish symbolism with flawless modern style for a truly special way of displaying your Jewish pride and heritage!

5. Seven-Branched Menorah with Ornate Design (Choice of Finish)

Skillfully crafted to resemble the seven-branched candelabra that once stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, this elegant menorah from Lion of Judah Studio is enhanced by ornate designs that decorate both its tiered base as well as its curved branches. Available in a choice of splendid finishes, this gorgeous piece of Judaica straight from Israel will make a wonderful addition to any room in your home.

6. Star of David 7-Branch Menorah with Hoshen Design (Choice of Colors)

This stunning, symbolism-filled menorah evokes the curved branches of the Temple menorah, which are elegantly decorated with ornate designs, with Star of David and Hoshen designs in the central stem - the latter resembling the colorful breastplate that was worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple. Choose from a selection of vibrant colors, and fill your home with Jewish pride and meaning with this gorgeous piece crafted by Israeli artisans.

7. Traditional 7-Branched Menorah (Choice of Finish)

Add a touch of luxury to your space with this traditional, polished seven-branch candelabra evoking the ancient menorah in the Holy Temple. It features rounded elements on its stem and branches along with an intricate portrayal of the Holy City of Jerusalem adorning the base, and is available in gold, silver, pewter, bronze, and copper-colored finishes. Coming straight from the Land of Israel, it will be a beautiful gift of Jewish pride and symbolism for any occasion.

8. Do-It-Yourself 3-D Menorah Puzzle Kit

A slightly different take on the classic Jewish symbol, this 7-branched menorah is actually a puzzle based on the majestic menorah that stands in front of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) building in Jerusalem today. Fun for kids and adults alike, once the laser-cut wooden pieces are assembled this menorah will stand tall and proud as a beautiful piece of decoration for the home or workplace. Keep your kids' minds active while getting them in touch with their Jewish history in an exciting way. This unique menorah also makes a great holiday gift!

9. Twelve Tribes of Israel Seven-Branch Menorah (Choice of Finish)

Adorn your home with elegant style and tons of Jewish symbolism with this incredible, Israeli-made seven-branched candelabra. Inspired by the giant menorah that stands outside the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) building in Jerusalem, it boasts an elegant representation of the Holy City of Jerusalem along its branches along with symbols of the 12 Tribes of Israel and a colorful representation of the Hoshen (Temple High Priest's breastplate) on the stem. The rounded base is engraved with the words "Jerusalem" and "Holy Land," and the piece is available in a choice of bronze, silver, or copper colors.

10. Jerusalem & Star of David 7-Branched Menorah (Choice of Finish)

This magnificent, traditional menorah from the Land of Israel features a Star of David in its central stem and is decorated with an artistic depiction of the Holy City of Jerusalem along its tiered base and oil cup holders. Choose from silver-plated, pewter, or bronze finishes, and take home a stunning  piece of Judaica and timeless reminder of Jewish tradition and heritage.

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