7-Branched Menorah

The 7-branched menorah is not your typical menorah used over Hanukkah, rather these are a symbol of the Jewish people, replicas of the menorah that was once used in the Mishkan and the First and Second Temple. While these are not used and are more of a decoration, so many artists have come up with beautiful renditions of this holy seven branched menorah that was once lit at all times featuring the 12 tribes, the Star of David, or just with colorful branches. Some of these miniatures resemble the one that stands outside the Knesset building or are similar to the menorah made by the Temple Institute, made of solid gold, intended to be used when Mashiach comes. The 7-branched menorah is and will always be a symbol of the Jewish people.

 Star of David

Star of David Menorahs

Star of David menorahs have the star sitting proudly at the bottom of the menorah stem. Many come from the illustrious Jerusalem Judaica company, which creates Star of David menorahs with rounded branches and a hexagon base, but is available in a number of different colors like brass and pewter for a more muted look or shining silver and gold for when you want your Star of David menorah to really stand out. There is also Yair Emanuel's brass menorah which keeps things simple compared to this detailed silver plated menorah with gold highlights, featuring the Star of David and Jerusalem. A menorah with the Star of David combines two of the most well-known Jewish symbols out there, so when you want something to represent your pride and love of Judaism, these will for sure do the job.

❤︎ We love this copper menorah.

Twelve Tribes

12 Tribes

The Arch of Titus features a menorah that features hexagon base with images on it and it has served as inspiration for 12 Tribe seven branched menorahs. These can be found in silver, copper, and gold but another source of inspiration is the giant menorah found outside the Knesset building. These have flat rectangular branches with the 12 Tribes lining each branch but isn't just available in classic metals like silver, copper, and pewter but also with color.  This one also features the Hoshen, another representation of the 12 Tribes, but there are those with enamel in light blue, beige, and dark blue for when you want to add a little color in your home or match it with your decor.

❤︎ We love this classic menorah and this golden menorah.

ART Judaica

ART Judaica

ART Judaica has some of the more modern and creative 7-branched menorahs. Many of their menorahs have a silver hammered look, which is simple but elegant and has the option of having colorful candleholders in both a straight stem or tapered one. Their Jerusalem themed seven branched menorahs are absolutely stunning, with their traditional menorah featuring the skyline on the base and the candleholders, and this twisted branch menorah that is rather unique. Enjoy something different with ART Judaica's seven branched menorahs which will bring a whole new style into your home.

❤︎ We love this hammer finish menorah and this multicolored menorah.

Menorahs on a Budget

Menorahs on a Budget

If you want a menorah as a piece of meaningful home decor but are on a budget, there are plenty of great seven branched menorahs, all under $50. There are incredible options made with enamel, colorful menorahs for a modern look, those featuring the 12 Tribes, and more. Some are made by top designers like Yair Emanuel and ART Judaica but all are equally beautiful. Enjoy a classic like this blue Knesset menorah and this Arch of Titus inspired one, or something a bit more modern with a shades of blue menorah. With so many inspiring and stunning 7-branched menorahs for under $50, why bother choosing something else?

❤︎ We love this golden Temple menorah and the black Yair Emanuel menorah.