Passover Haggadahs

Passover Haggadahs

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One of the all time classic Jewish texts, the Passover Haggadah is an indespensible part of any Jewish home. Our wonderful selection includes versions with beautiful illustrations for adults and children, as well as meaningful commentaries by a range of Jewish thinkers. Make your Passover Seder as beautiful and deeply significant as possiblw with one of these perfect Haggadahs!

Your Reference Book for Your Next Seder

Your Haggadah is always an integral part of your Passover Seder, especially if you are raising children or hosting guests. The Seder meal is replete with symbolism and encourages a dialog between the host and the newcomers about the significance of Passover. Choose from our collection of Haggadahs to lend new insight to your Seder meal.

"You Shall tell your child on that day"

For the children, there are number of fun and educational options, from the Pop-up Bird's Head Haggadah to a Windows-compatible Interactive Haggadah that lets kids travel to Egypt, solve Passover puzzles and prepare an animated Seder plate.

Traditional Haggadahs are of course also appropriate for children's imaginations since they are accompanied by such a wonderful variety of illustrations. We offer a number of beautifully designed and illustrated volumes, including Haggadahs that present artifacts, photographs, and design motifs from Jewish communities around the world. The Babylonian Haggadah shares art and history that date all the way back to the destruction of the First Temple. The Floersheim Haggadah is a facsimile edition of 16th century German Haggadah, with illuminations on each page. The Shushan Haggadah contains pictures and artwork that tell the tale of the Persian Jews.

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