A Haggadah is the book used at the Passover Seder to tell the story of Exodus, and without it, we wouldn't be able to have the Seder! The Haggadah not only includes the text, but it includes the different parts of the Seder, of which there are 14, and traditionally, the very first thing done at the Seder is singing them in order with the help of the Haggadah. The Haggadah is not a modern book, but has rather been around for thousands of years, guiding Jewish families throughout time through their long Passover table. We are proud of our Haggadah selection which includes those that are anything but ordinary. Take a look at just a few of our favorites.

The Pop-Up Haggadah

pop-up Haggadah will bring a new level of fun to the table, no matter how old you are. This Haggadah is perfect for children and adults alike, with fun pop up scenes on almost every page. The illustrations are nothing new, in fact, they were inspired by a 13th century German Haggadah called the "Bird's Head Haggadah". While the Bird Heads are simply fantasy, the pointy hats worn by the male birds give insight to Jewish life during this period in time, as the Church forced all Jewish men to wear such hats.  This extraordinary Haggadah has the Passover story written in both Hebrew and English, and would make a fantastic gift to bring to your Passover guests.

The Erna Michael Haggadah

This illustrated Haggadah shows a rich part of Jewish history, as it features artwork from Erna Michael's Haggadah. Michael was a Jew living in Germany during the 1400s, and you have a chance to have this piece of history in your home. Some pages feature full artwork from the original Haggadah, and it is absolutely beautiful. Understandably, this meaningful Haggadah might just become your favorite, and there is English translations the whole way through. The Israel Museum has allowed for Jewish history to come alive with their many publications of ancient Haggadahs for the modern Passover Seder.

The Ethiopian Haggadah

One of the more modern stories of a Jewish exodus is the one of the Ethiopian Jews during the 1980s and 1990s. The Ethiopian Haggadah not only tells the story of the Jewish people leaving Egypt but beautifully portrays the story of the Ethiopian Jews and their difficult journey to Israel. The Ethiopian Haggadah features historical photos and stunning colorful paintings, as well as moving essays and poems. Koren, one of Israel's largest publishers has published this stunning and meaningful Haggadah just for you.

The Round Haggadah

You can tell what is unique about the Round Haggadah just by looking at it. One view of this special round Haggadah is that it represents a full cycle, just as Passover does, but the original meaning behind it was to represent the round handmade matzah often used at the Seder. With colorful illustrations that bring the Passover story to life, this special Haggadah is not only available in Hebrew/English but also Hebrew/Spanish, giving even more people the chance to read the story in their native tongue.

The Book of Blessings

Aside for the Siddur, have you ever wished for a book that had all the relevant blessings for all times of the year? Well, look no further because this Book of Blessings is the answer! Including the special blessings for Shabbat and holidays for both Ashkenazi and Sephardi heritage, the Book of Blessings includes the entire Haggadah as well. Inside you will find beautiful pictures, illustrations, and artwork that accompany the text and make the book into a piece of art as well. A book like this would make an incredibly meaningful gift for any occasion.