Passover 2024 is fast approaching, starting at sundown on Monday, April 22, and lasting seven days in Israel and eight in the diaspora. So if you're looking for a last-minute holiday gift, or something fun to wear the rest of the year to remember the Passover spirit by, check out our exclusive collection of meaningful Passover shirts designed right in Jerusalem by the local artists of Modern Shtetl studio!

See our top 10 list below for unforgettable designs to make your Passover more joyful and special. All our shirts are made of high-quality materials and are available in a choice of colors and a wide range of sizes for the perfect fit for men and women.

These shirts make for great Jewish gifts for loved ones, and they're a fun way to wear one's Jewish pride and identity on Passover and the rest of the year!

1. "Let My People Go" Passover T-Shirt

Whether you're wearing it during the holiday, or as a show of Jewish pride year-round, this iconic "Let My People Go" shirt is perfect for Passover 2024 and beyond. With its bright, bold letters, and an image of Moses splitting the seas inside the letter O, this shirt captures one of the most famous lines from the Passover story and exemplifies the Jewish people's desire for freedom.

This design is also available as a long-sleeve shirt and a hoodie.

2. "Moses: First Man To Download From The Cloud" Passover T-Shirt

Wear this hilarious Passover t-shirt to your holiday get-togethers, work, or school to spread some classic Jewish humor! Suitable for any gender, this fun shirt displays the text “Moses: First Man With A Tablet Who Downloaded Data From The Cloud" beside an animated depiction of Moses himself. Now this is Biblical humor anyone can appreciate!

This design is also available as a long-sleeve shirt and a hoodie.

3. "Matzah: Original Fast Food" Passover T-Shirt

Love it or hate it, matzah is an integral part of Passover and one of the most famous of Jewish foods - and you can now wear a unique nod to the iconic cracker with this fun tee featuring the words "Matzah: The Original Fast Food." Choose from a range of vibrant colors, and you'll have a comfortable and stylish Jewish shirt with a fun holiday message!

This design is also available as a long-sleeve shirt and a hoodie.

4. "We Survived, Let's Eat" Jewish Holiday T-Shirt

Show off your sense of humor and appreciation for Jewish longevity with this holiday t-shirt with a fun yet powerful message. The text reads "Every Jewish Holiday: They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, Let's Eat!" You'll love wearing it on Passover, Hanukkah, Purim, and the rest of the year, bringing both levity and pride to your Jewish celebrations.

This design is also available as a hoodie.

5. "Afikoman Search Team" Passover T-Shirt

There's a tradition to give a gift to the person who finds the afikoman at the end of the Passover Seder, or to everyone who participates in the search - and your family and guests are bound to love this cute "Afikoman Search Team" t-shirt! Find the perfect color and size and give your loved ones the shirt as a fun memento that they'll be able to wear all year to remember the fun holiday celebration.

6. "Straight Outta Egypt" Cool Passover T-Shirt

This unique Passover-themed tee brings chic style and Biblical meaning together for an unforgettable holiday memento, featuring the words "Straight Outta Egypt" in a cool hip-hop design surrounded by Egyptian hieroglyphics. Anyone proud of their Jewish history will appreciate this shirt, available in a range of colors to satisfy even the most discernible and fashionable of Jewish adults and teens.

This design is also available as a hoodie.

7. "The Wise One" Passover T-Shirt

Are you "the wise child" in your family? Have a child, grandchild, or sibling who'll appreciate being told they're "the wise one"? This adorable t-shirt is the one you need, referencing the wise child of the Passover haggadah with an image of an owl and the words "The Wise One." You or your lucky gift recipient will be proud to wear this nod to Passover and Jewish tradition any time of year!

8. "Macho Matzo Man" Cool Passover T-Shirt

Surprise a special man in your life with a Passover shirt like no other, with this fun tee showing an image of a buff piece of matzah wearing sunglasses, along with the words "Macho Matzo Man." Your husband, boyfriend, dad, or brother will love the Jewish humor and funny design, and will appreciate the comfy fit and soft cotton, too.

9. "I Found the Afikoman" Passover T-Shirt

Give a laugh and a surprise gift to your afikoman finder with this humorous t-shirt featuring the words, "I found the Afikoman and all I got was this T-Shirt" with a matzah representing the letter O. This designer tee makes for a fun and funny holiday gift for anyone who loves Passover and Jewish humor.

10. "Keep Calm and Sing Dayenu" Passover T-Shirt

Take inspiration from the Passover Seder for the rest of the holiday and beyond, and express your Jewish pride and resilience with this lovely shirt adorned with the words "Keep Calm and Sing Dayenu." Part of a classic song sung on Passover, the Hebrew word dayenu means "it would have been enough," and it reminds us to appreciate all of life's miracles and that God is on our side. A meaningful reminder for Passover 2024 and the rest of the year!

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