Jewish tradition strongly reveres mothers, and we all know the connection between a mother and child is unbreakable even in adulthood. If you're looking for a special way to honor the strong woman who raised you, a Jewishly inspired gift such as a beautiful piece of Judaica or home décor is the perfect way to show your appreciation for your mom and the traditions and heritage she has passed on to you. And of course, the only thing better than a thoughtful Jewish gift is a thoughtful Jewish gift that's designed and crafted in Israel!
We have selection of beautiful Judaica gifts for moms and other Mother's Day gifts from Israel - and to make your shopping even easier, we've put together our top suggestions below of incredible pieces from some of Israel’s best designers!

1. Jordana Klein Large Glass Challah Tray

If you're looking for a piece of Judaica that will double as a work of art when not in use, this colorful glass challah tray is the perfect gift for mom! Designed by renowned Jerusalem-based contemporary artist Jordana Klein, the tray is adorned with Shabbat candles and a challah among a gorgeous scene of vibrant, flowing colors. With its artistic blend of color, contemporary design, and traditional Jewish motifs, this challah board is sure to impress both your mom and her guests whenever she hosts Shabbat dinner.

2. Handmade Glass and Sterling Silver-Plated Shabbat Candlesticks

One of the most beloved women's Jewish traditions is lighting shabbat and holiday candles, reserved for the female matriarch of the home, which makes this handmade glass candleholder set a meaningful and fitting gift for any Jewish mother. Made from glass and plated with sterling silver along the top and bottom, each candlestick is decorated with a magnificent multicolored design. This exquisite set from the Land of Israel is sure to impress your mom and will make her every shabbat special and beautiful!

3. Dorit Judaica Home Blessing Wall Hanging

This striking, minimalist wall hanging is made out of stainless steel and features a short but poignant Hebrew home blessing: "BaBayit Zeh Tishreh Ahava Bracha Shefa Parnassa Simcha Shalom" ("In this house shall dwell love, blessing, plenty, livelihood, joy, and peace"). Made by prominent Israeli artist Dorit Judaica, this piece is sure to stand out in any room and bring a touch of both traditional faith and stylish contemporary design.

4. Bamboo Wood Hamotzi Challah Board and Knife Set

Give your mom the key essentials she needs for a festive shabbat meal with this chic challah cutting set! The set includes a wooden challah board, a matching challah knife that slots in, and a removable tray to catch the crumbs. The challah board is inscribed with the Hebrew words of the traditional Jewish blessing over bread, all made out of layered bamboo. Stylish and meaningful, this set is an unbeatable gift for your Jewish mom!

5. Handmade Blue Glass and Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

This vibrant, handcrafted Kiddush cup is the perfect fusion of Jewish tradition and modern style! It's made from variegated blue glass and elegantly accented with sterling silver plating, utilizing beautiful Israeli craftsmanship and a classic silhouette with a unique look. It will be a thoughtful and gorgeous addition to your mom's Judaica collection, and will help her usher in every shabbat and holiday in style.

6. Handcrafted Glass and Sterling Silver Havdalah Set

Round out your mom's Judaica collection with another stunning glass-and-silver set: this wonderful handcrafted Havdalah set from the Land of Israel, that'll help her start each new week in style! Set upon an elegant dish are a Kiddush cup, candlestick, and spice box, each hand-crafted from variegated multi-hued glass and sterling silver. This meaningful gift will add a piece of modern style to your mom's home and make her think fondly of you every time she uses it.

7. Chic Netilat Yadayim Handwashing Cup (Choice of Colors)

Your mom will love adding a touch of elegance to her shabbat and holiday meals, with this sleek and classy handwashing cup from Jerusalem, to be used for the ritual washing of hands known as netilat yadayim. The conveniently double-handed cup is adorned with the Hebrew words netilat yadayim as well as a marbled design in a choice of elegant colors. This beautiful and practical piece of Judaica is sure to be cherished and lovingly used for years to come!

8. Handmade Kiddush Cup with Ancient Hebrew "Jerusalem" (Choice of Colors)

If you're looking to gift your mom a luxurious piece of Judaica that's sure to become a family heirloom, look no further than this handmade glass and sterling silver Kiddush cup! This multicolor design, available in a number of color options, features a sterling silver base and the word "Jerusalem" in the ancient Hebrew script in gold letters. Get this unbeatable gift from the Land of Israel for the most important woman in your life!

9. Modern Hanukkah Menorah with Colorful Enamel (Choice of Colors)

Surprise your mom with a beautiful Hanukkah menorah that'll double as a stylish and meaningful piece of home décor year-round, with this modern nickel menorah from the Land of Israel. Seamlessly blending a traditional arched shape with modern design influences, the elegant metal menorah is decorated along its eight curved branches with a vibrantly colored enamel finish, in an array of colors for you to choose from to suit your gift recipient's personal style.

10. Hebrew/English Koren Jerusalem Bible with Thumb Tabs

Every Jewish home needs a Tanach or Hebrew Bible, and whether your mom takes part in regular Torah study or is simply connecting with her Jewish heritage, she will surely treasure this magnificent Bible from renowned Israeli religious publisher Koren Jerusalem. One of the most highly acclaimed Hebrew-English Bibles ever published, it features a modern translation by leading Biblical scholars, an easy-to-read Hebrew font, and an array of helpful annotations, maps, charts, and illustrations. It makes the perfect Jewish gift for your Jewish mom!

11. Danon Pomegranate Travel Candlesticks (Choice of Stone Color)

If your mom travels often and likes to light shabbat candles wherever she is, she'll need this convenient, foldable shabbat candlestick set! Crafted from silver-plated pewter by renowned Israeli design studio Danon, this pomegranate-shaped set is decorated with an elegant floral design and accented with genuine Swarovski stones in your choice of red or blue. The foldable pomegranate opens up into two candleholders and comes with two tealight candles. Beautiful, convenient, and practical, this set will lighten up your mom's shabbats wherever she goes!

12. Yair Emanuel Textured Nickel Tzedakah Box (Choice of Colors)

Another must-have piece is this beautiful hammered nickel tzedakah box from prominent Jerusalem-based artist Yair Emanuel. Help your mom conveniently set aside money for charity (tzedakah) while connecting to Jewish values, with a stylish and meaningful piece! The box features an elegant hammered finish along with contrasting rings that come in a variety of color options. Choose your mom's style, for a beautiful blend of tradition and modern design that is sure to be loved for years to come.

13. In Her Voice: An Illuminated Book of Prayers for Jewish Women

This siddur or book of traditional Jewish prayers will offer your mother a beautiful way to connect with her spiritual side, not only in the prayer itself but in the ornate visuals of Israeli artist Enya Tamar Keshet. With both English and Hebrew text, this is book captures the uniquely feminine beauty in prayer, containing many passages traditionally only recited by women. A wonderful companion for every shabbat and Jewish holiday, your mom is sure to fall in love with this exceptional prayer book!

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