Hanukkah menorahHanukkah has everything: deep-fried deliciousness, larger-than-life heroes, and beautiful traditions that bring the whole family together. All of that pales in comparison to a truth parents everywhere know: Hanukkah is synonymous with presents.

 Originally, Hanukkah gelt (Yiddish for coins) were gifted to children to mark the holiday. With the commercialization of Christmas in the last century, the focus switched from coins to gifts - and the narrative extended past children to include adults as well.

Whether you go in for practical gifts like tableware or prefer treating the people you love to beautiful surprises, our extraordinary selection of Hanukkah gifts includes something for everyone!

Not sure what to give as a Hanukkah gift? Check out our guide below:

Hanukkah Menorah

Hanukkah menorahAn iconic piece of Judaica and a holiday essential, a Hanukkah menorah (or hanukkiah in Hebrew) is the perfect seasonal gift! Browse our amazing selection of menorahs and choose from an outstanding selection of unique Judaica art: we offer a choice of hand-painted wood menorahs, anodized aluminum designs, handmade ceramic pieces, Jerusalem stone Hanukkah menorahs and so much more. If the person you love is spending Hanukkah on the go, don't miss our exclusive range of travel menorahs.
♥️ We love this spectacular, bold aluminum menorah with ibex cutouts by Shraga Landesman, and this delicately colored brass blossom menorah by Orit Grader. Plus, don't forget to order your Hanukkah candles (or oil cups) ahead of the holiday!


Hanukkah dreidelChildren play with plastic dreidels; adults display designer versions as part of their Judaica collections. The iconic spinning top (known as a sevivon in Hebrew) is an intrinsic part of the Hanukkah story, as it provided cover for rabbis who wanted to teach Torah even though it was prohibited. Check out these stunning, lacy dreidel designs from Orit Grader and these beautiful Iris Design dreidels - they'll make stunning Hanukkah gifts and look gorgeous on your shelf all year round. Or, for a truly luxurious and keep-out-of-reach-of-children twist on the classic spinner, browse our exclusive array of sterling silver dreidels.
♥️ We love this stunning brass wind dreidel in a choice of divine colors by Orit Grader, and this gorgeous 24K gold-plated filigree dreidel by sensational Israeli design house, Yealat Chen.

Jewish Jewelry

gold star of david jewish jewelryA beautiful piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to tell someone special that you're thinking of them - and our amazing range of Jewish jewelry means that no matter your style or budget, you'll find the perfect gift, every time. If you want to keep it seasonal, check out this fantastic selection of menorah jewelry, which features an extraordinary selection of gold and silver menorahs and is perfect for Hanukkah. If your special man is on your mind, don't miss the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and cufflinks in our Jewish men's jewelry collection. If you're shopping for someone you love, you'll love this selection of Jewish love jewelry - especially our heart-shaped pieces which are inscribed with gorgeous verses of love and devotion. Finally, if you're looking for the ultimate in customized gifts, check out our personalized name jewelry: with a gorgeous selection of Hebrew and English styles to pick from, you'll be spoiled for choice!
♥️ We love this gold Hamsa pendant filled with a three-dimensional relief of Jerusalem from Ben Jewelry, and this sterling silver Star of David on a leather bracelet from super-stylish Marina Jewelry.

Israeli Sweatshirts

Hanukkah is a winter festival, and the best part of winter is snuggling up with the people you love! New clothes always make a great gift, and our cuddly Israeli sweatshirts are available in a range of sizes and colors, so you can get extra cozy this winter. Show the world where your heart lies with these proudly patriotic Jerusalem sweatshirts, or stand with our soldiers by wearing one of our amazing IDF sweaters. Many of these fantastic designs are exclusive to Judaica WebStore, making them unique gifts for special people.
♥️ We love this funny "Just Jew It" sweatshirt and this stained-glass sweatshirt - its colorful shalom-dove design will look great with your favorite jeans and winter boots!

Kosher Gifts Baskets and Israeli Food

kosher gift basketWhen it comes to farming, Israel has the best of two worlds: the Mediterranean's temperate climate and winter rainfall, and the Middle East's sun and heat. The unique conditions mean that Israel grows some of the most delicious produce in the world - and in turn, produces some truly extraordinary delicacies we think you'll love. Check out our great range of kosher gift baskets: they're filled with cold-pressed olive oil made from homegrown Israeli olives, award-winning kosher wines from the country's finest vineyards, and amazing, all-natural spreads, dips, and marinades from Lin's Farm. Plus, keep warm all winter with a fantastic choice of kosher tea infusions - the best place to be on a cold winter night is settled on the sofa with a perfectly brewed cup of tea!
♥️ We love this gift set of natural tea infusions from Galilee's, and this great value all-in-one Lin's Farm kosher gift box which comes complete with wine, vinaigrette, honey, spreads, tea and more.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

Dead Sea cosmetics dead sea productsBeautifully packaged and sensuously fragranced, high-end skincare products are always a welcome gift, and decadent Dead Sea products are even more amazing! The ancient salt lake contains a completely unique combination of mineral salts with legendary healing properties, making Dead Sea skincare the perfect solution for the dry, chapped skin that winter's cold weather brings. If you're shopping for someone with very dry or sensitive skin, don't miss the AHAVA Dermud range - it's been specially formulated with real Dead Sea mud for intense healing. For a luxury gift for someone special, check out our Dead Sea kits: these amazing gift sets are packed with a fantastic range of products designed to leave you looking and feeling better than ever!
♥️ We love this sea-kissed gift set from AHAVA - it's delicately fragranced and will leave your skin soft and smelling like summer - and all the Dead Sea bath salts, because nothing beats a hot bath on a cold night.