Everyone who cooks and hosts needs tableware, and it makes for a perfect Jewish gift - great for holidays, housewarmings, wedding gifts, and any other occasion. We have hundreds of different pieces of Jewish-themed tableware featuring the best in Israeli artistry - from beautiful ritual articles such as kiddush cups and challah boards, to festive holiday and shabbat table décor including tablecloths and table runners, to items for any day of the week like coffee mugs and salt and pepper shakers.

To help you choose the perfect Jewish tableware gifts for your loved ones or upgrade your own dining table in style, we've handpicked our top ten favorite pieces from Israeli artists below!

1. Jordana Klein Large Glass Challah Tray

This elegant glass challah tray from Jerusalemite artist Jordana Klein will add warmth to every shabbat in your home, and makes for a festive housewarming or holiday gift. It features a candlestick and challah design set against an array of beautiful, vibrant colors. You can even add a special stand at an extra cost, to display it as a gorgeous, contemporary work of art when not being used to cut and serve challah.

2. Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Laser Cut Bowl - Birds and Pomegranates

Coming from the Jerusalem studio of Israeli designer Yair Emanuel is this colorful, hand-painted serving bowl featuring a laser-cut nature motif made up of birds and pomegranates. Perfect for both holiday and everyday use and great as a housewarming or hostess gift, it will be a stylish and meaningful addition to anyone's dining table!

3. Silver-Plated Jerusalem Kiddush Cup Set

Honor every shabbat and holiday in style with this stunning silver and gold kiddush cup set. The silver-plated cup and matching saucer are each adorned with a gold-accented depictions of Jerusalem buildings. The base of the cup and saucer are decorated in the same way, giving this a cohesive decorative charm. What better way to add holiness and ritual into your life, than with a piece of Jerusalem sent straight from Israel to your home?

Learn more about kiddush and other Friday night shabbat traditions here!

4. White Shabbat and Holiday Tablecloth (Choice of Sizes)

Bring an element of traditional elegance to your table with this classic, Israel-designed white embroidered tablecloth. It features a timeless floral and Star of David motif, along with the Hebrew words "Shabbat Kodesh" (Holy Sabbath) and "Moadim Lesimcha" (A Happy Festival) - making it ideal for any shabbat or holiday. It comes in a range of sizes, and is also kid-proof: it's machine washable, stain resistant, and made to last!

5. Bamboo Wood Hamotzi Challah Board and Knife Set

This wooden challah board by the Jerusalem-based Lion of Judah Studio is a stylish and special way to serve challah at your next family gathering. It features a removable slated insert and is engraved with the words of the Hebrew blessing on bread, "Hamotzi Lechem Min Ha’aretz" ("who brings forth bread from the Earth"). It also comes with a matching knife for a complete gift set for yourself or that special someone. This piece of Israeli designer tableware is one you don't want to miss!

6. "I Can't Keep Calm, I'm a Jewish Mom" Mug (Choice of Colors)

This fun, ceramic coffee mug from Israeli contemporary design studio Modern Shtetl is the perfect gift for any Jewish mother! Parodying the classic "Keep Calm and Carry On" slogan, it features a crown with a Star of David and the words "I Can't Keep Calm, I'm a Jewish Mom." Give your mom, grandma, aunt, or friend a laugh and a sense of Jewish pride in the form of a stylish, functional gift they'll treasure for years to come.

7. Anodized Aluminum Rainbow Kiddush Fountain

Kiddush fountains are perfect for large holiday and shabbat gatherings, and this fabulous metal kiddush cup fountain by Israeli Judaica artist Yair Emanuel will dazzle everyone at your table! The main kiddush cup sits prominently at the top of the fountain, surrounded by eight smaller matching cups to pass out to your guests, all in different vibrant colors featuring a brushed metal finish and silver band. The futuristic color scheme and sleek silhouettes will add a touch of refined, contemporary design to your family traditions.

Read more about different types of kiddush cups here!

8. Embroidered Pomegranate Silk Table Runner (Choice of Colors)

This embroidered silk table runner comes from Israel's most popular designer, Yair Emanuel, and will be a unique and sophisticated addition to your dining room table! Choose from rich red, vibrant blue, or elegant gold pomegranate motifs set against a creamy silk backdrop, for a special reminder of the Land of Israel at every meal. An instant festive decoration for any holiday, shabbat, or special occasion!

9. Yair Emanuel Colorful Bamboo Serving Set

Adorn your home with another gorgeous piece of Yair Emanuel tableware, incorporating a richly colored pomegranate design - with this bamboo serving set! The bowl and matching utensils are made from bamboo and decorated with the famous red fruit that's indigenous to Israel and one of the Biblical Seven Species, for a beautiful and practical set that will be lovingly used for many meals to come.

10. Colorful Rings Challah Knife & Mini Salt Shaker (Choice of Colors)

Don't forget to add a festive touch to your holiday and shabbat meals with a beautiful, decorated challah knife! Our favorite choice is another piece from famous Jerusalem-based designer Yair Emanuel, and it boasts a polished, serrated stainless steel blade with a multi-colored nickel handle in a variety of fun and elegant color combinations. What's more, the knife's base is a removable, usable salt shaker - making it a unique and convenient serving set that'll add both style and ease to your hosting.

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