Jewish tradition strongly reveres mothers, and we all know the connection between a mother and child is something truly especial even in adulthood. Mother's Day in the United States will be celebrated on Sunday, May 12, 2024, so now is the perfect time to find a meaningful gift for the woman who raised you! A Jewishly inspired gift from the Land of Israel is a great way to show your appreciation for your mom and the traditions and heritage she has passed on to you. (And to learn more about what Jewish tradition has to say about mothers, check out our 7 Strong Mothers in the Tanakh blog post here.)

Our exclusive Mother's Day shop has hundreds of amazing gifts made by talented Israeli artists with moms in mind. And to make your hunt for the perfect gift easier, we have selected our Top 15 Gifts for Mother's Day 2024, all sent straight to you from the Land of Israel!

1.Personalized Birthstone Star of David & Tree of Life Necklace (Hebrew or English)

This elegant personalized necklace is full of Jewish symbolism and family meaning - a perfect gift for any Jewish mom! Crafted from sterling silver in the shape of a Star of David, it features a Tree of Life design and can be personalized with up to 4 engraved names - in stylish Hebrew or English script - and sparkling birthstones. Your mom will love showing off her kids as well as her Jewish pride with this gorgeous piece made right in Jerusalem!






2.Silver and Gold Woman of Valor Hebrew Pearl Necklace

Handmade from sterling silver and 9K gold, this gorgeous and delicate spiral necklace features a blooming pearl and an engraved line from King Solomon's famous tribute to strong Jewish women from Proverbs 31:10, known as Eshet Chayil (The Woman of Valor). The inscription reads Eishet hayil mi yimtza, verahok mipninim michra ("Who can find a woman of valor? Her value is far beyond pearls.") Express your admiration for your mom and her strength and valor this Mother's Day with this meaningful piece!

Learn more about this special hymn praising strong Jewish women here!






3.Handmade Woman of Valor Ceramic Plaque Wall Hanging

Handcrafted by the Tel Aviv-based family-run studio Art in Clay, this ceramic plaque wall hanging features the phrase Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) in 24K gold detailing, set inside a vibrant red pomegranate. Surrounding the pomegranate is a unique floral motif, with the opening line of the Woman of Valor hymn engraved at the bottom in Hebrew - a beautiful way of honoring the strongest woman of valor who raised you. This beautiful work of art can be hung on a wall or set inside its own display stand, so your mom can easily show off your thoughtful gift to anyone who comes through the door.






4. Jordana Klein Large Glass Challah Tray

If you're looking for a piece of Judaica that will double as a work of art when not in use, this colorful glass challah board is the perfect gift for mom! Designed by renowned Jerusalem-based contemporary artist Jordana Klein, this challah tray is adorned with Shabbat candles and a challah among a gorgeous scene of vibrant, flowing colors. With its artistic blend of color, contemporary design, and traditional Jewish motifs, this challah tray is sure to impress both your mom and her guests whenever she hosts Shabbat dinner.






5. Heart-Shaped Name Necklace with Family Tree & Birthstones (Hebrew or English)

Thiselegant custom-made necklace is the perfect personalized gift for Mother's Day, full of special family meaning. Crafted from sterling silver in a lovely heart shape, it features a family tree design that also doubles as the Biblical Tree of Life, and it can be personalized with up to 6 engraved names (in either English or Hebrew) and sparkling birthstones - a beautiful way for your mom to carry her kids or grandkids close to her heart, on a special piece sent straight from the Holy City of Jerusalem!

Learn more about the meaning of the Tree of Life here!






6. 14K Gold Outline Map of Israel Pendant with Star of David

This gorgeous piece of jewelery is an amazing choice for Mother's Day, with an outline of Israel. Inside the boarder is a Star of David design. This beautiful traditional look will suit any sort of outfit, and is available in yellow gold or white gold: whatever her preferred palette. Get a gift that will be used and loved for years and years to come.






7. Handmade Ceramic Shabbat Candleholder Tray

One of the most beloved of women's Jewish traditions is lighting shabbat and holiday candles, reserved for the female matriarch of the home, which makes this handmade ceramic candleholder a meaningful and fitting gift for any Jewish mother. Complete with metal places for two candles, this tray resembles an ancient mosaic and is decorated with a pomegranate and olive motif along with the traditional blessing said over candles. This will truly be a one-of-a-kind gift, carefully hand-painted just for your mom by the talented artists at Art in Clay studio in Tel Aviv.






8. Yair Emanuel Challah Gift Set 

Israel's most famous Judaica artist, Yair Emanuel, creates exceptional pieces combining Jewish tradition with modern style. While one piece designed by Yair Emanuel would be enough to impress any Jewish mother, this special shabbat Judaica gift set features three stunning items: a wooden challah board, a beautifully embroidered challah cover, and a sleek, matching challah knife. So why not help your mom engage with her Jewish traditions in style, with one of the most meaningful Mother's Day gift sets around!






9. Pomegranates Home Blessing Wall Art

Designed in Israel and ships fast from the USA, this floral home blessing will let your mom know how much you appreciate the warmth of her home, while giving her a wish for happiness, health, and peace. It's beautifully made on canvas in your choice of sizes, with a traditional Jewish house blessing written in both Hebrew at the center and English around the border and adorned with a delicate floral design that'll complement any home decor.

Learn more about Jewish home blessings here!






10. "Woman of Valor" Fashion Fit T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

Show your mom just how much you cherish her with this beautiful "Woman of Valor" t-shirt! Available in range of vibrant colors, it features an eye-catching floral and pomegranate design with the words from King Solomon's wisdom, Eshet Chayil Mi Yimtza ("Who can find a woman of valor?") (Proverbs 31:10). Comfy and stylish and designed in the Land of Israel, it makes a great gift for any mom with a sense of style and Jewish pride.






11. Handmade 18K Gold-Plated Eshet Chayil Adjustable Ring

Express your appreciation for your mom with a gift she'll cherish forever, with this exquisite adjustable designer ring from Israeli studio Hallel Jewelry. 18K gold-plated, the ring is engraved on the inside with the Hebrew words of King Solomon's ode to the woman of valor from the Book of Proverbs, while the outside is embossed with the phrase Eshet Chayil ("Woman of Valor") and the verse "Rabot Banot Asu Chayil" ("Many daughters have performed valiantly"). With its refined appearance and deep spiritual meaning, this outstanding piece of Jewish jewelry will be a treasured part of your mom's collection for many years to come!






12. I Can't Keep Calm, I'm a Jewish Mom Mug

This fun mug is a true story for many mothers. Get a Mother's Day gift that will make her chuckle and grin. All Jewish might be known for worrying over their kids a lot, but remind her how it paid off with a clever mug. This item is available in multiple color options, so you can customize it for her tastes.






13. Dorit Judaica Colored 11 Blessings Wall Hanging

Help your mom adorn her home with both style and Jewish meaning this Mother's Day, with this eye-catching wall hanging from religious Israeli designer Dorit Judaica. It's made up of 11 different expressions of blessing in colorful Hebrew text:bracha, simcha, shefa, mazal, nachat, shalom, parnassah, briyut, osher, hatzlacha and ahava - blessing, happiness, abundance, luck, pride, peace, livelihood, health, wealth, success and love. Sleek and modern yet meaningful, it's sure to brighten any room and bring joy to the most important woman in your life.






14. Hebrew/English Koren Jerusalem Bible with Thumb Tabs

Every Jewish home needs a Tanakh or Hebrew Bible, and whether your mom takes part in regular Torah study or is simply connecting with her Jewish heritage, she will surely treasure this magnificent Bible from renowned Jerusalem-based publisher Koren. One of the most highly acclaimed Hebrew-English Bibles ever published, it features a modern translation by leading Biblical scholars, an easy-to-read Hebrew font, and an array of helpful annotations, maps, charts, and illustrations. It makes the perfect Jewish gift for your Jewish mom!






15. "I Am A Jewish Mother" Fun Jewish T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

If your mom is a classic Jewish mother and has a quirky sense of humor, then this terrific t-shirt is the one for her! Available in a choice of colors, this trendy shirt playfully displays the words "Don't tell me to keep calm, I am a Jewish mother." Fun, practical, and brimming with Jewish pride, it makes an exceptional gift for a proud Jewish mom this Mother's Day.






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