Eshet Chayil ("Woman of Valor") is a classic Jewish hymn that is traditionally sung on Friday nights to honor the strong Jewish women in our lives. Originally written by King Solomon and found in the Book of Proverbs (verses 31:10-31), the lyrics praise women who are strong, kind, wise, generous, and keep their families running. The Biblical verses are a beautiful and poetic ode, comparing the valiant matriarch to precious gems and extolling her talents and virtues. The phrase "Eshet Chayil" itself has also come to be synonymous with a righteous and admirable Jewish woman, and especially wives and mothers.

Our store has a beautiful selection of Woman of Valor gifts to show the special woman in your life how much you value and appreciate her. From intricately crafted jewelry to vibrant home décor featuring the Biblical verses of Eshet Chayil, they are all carefully crafted by artists from the Land of Israel and full of both style and meaning.

To help you pick the perfect piece for your loved one, we've compiled our top favorites below:

1. Silver and Gold Woman of Valor Hebrew Pearl Necklace

This gorgeous and delicate spiral necklace is handcrafted from sterling silver and 9K gold by the Israeli artisans at Ha'ari Jewelry, with an elegant pearl in the middle. Along the spiral design there is an engraving of an intricate floral motif along with the opening line of the Eshet Chayil hymn from the Book of Proverbs: Eshet chayil mi yimtza, verahok mipninim michra ("Who can find a woman of valor? Her value is far beyond pearls.") Stylish and meaningful, it makes a perfect gift for a woman you admire!

2. 18K Gold-Plated Eshet Chayil Adjustable Ring

Express your appreciation for that special woman in your life with this exquisite adjustable designer ring from Israeli studio Hallel Jewelry. 18K gold-plated, this ring is engraved on the inside with the Hebrew words of King Solomon's ode to the woman of valor (Proverbs 31:10-31), while the outside is embossed with the phrase Eshet Chayil and the verse "Rabot Banot Asu Chayil" ("many women have performed valiantly"). With its refined appearance and deep spiritual meaning, any "woman of valor" will certainly treasure this ring for many years to come.

3. Handmade Woman of Valor Ceramic Plaque Wall Hanging

Handcrafted by the Tel Aviv-based family-run studio Art in Clay, this ceramic plaque wall hanging features the phrase Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) in 24K gold detailing, inside a vibrant red pomegranate. Surrounding the pomegranate is a unique floral motif, with the opening line of the Woman of Valor song engraved at the bottom in Hebrew. This beautiful work of art also comes with a display stand so the lucky recipient can show off your thoughtful gift to anyone who comes through the door!

4. Woman of Valor Women's T-Shirt (Choice of Colors)

Show the special lady in your life just how much you cherish her with this beautiful "Woman of Valor" t-shirt! Available in range of vibrant colors, it features an eye-catching floral and pomegranate design with the words from King Solomon's wisdom, Eshet Chayil Mi Yimtza ("Who can find a woman of valor?") (Proverbs 31:10). Comfy and stylish and designed in the Land of Israel, it makes a great gift for a Jewish mom, wife, or daughter with a sense of style and Jewish pride.

5. Gold and Silver Woman of Valor Ring with Pomegranates

A beautiful piece of handmade jewelry from the Israeli masters at Ha'ari Jewelry, this gold and silver ring will be a treasured gift for a very special woman in your life. Set within a decorative silver frame is a stunning 9K gold emblem adorned with pomegranates made of red ruby gemstones, representing an abundance of righteousness and wisdom. The ring is also engraved on the sides with the Hebrew verse Eishet Chayil Mi Yimtza, to remind the lucky recipient of how much you value her strength and valor.

6. 9K Gold Eternity Twist Woman of Valor Necklace with Pearl

Made from 9K yellow gold, this gorgeous pendant necklace features a delicate pearl and the line from the Woman of Valor hymn, "many women have performed valiantly, but you have surpassed them all" in Hebrew. Expertly crafted by the artists at Ha'ari Jewelry, this lovely piece comes with a choice of chain lengths and will make a stunning and meaningful gift for your wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, grandmother or any other special woman in your life.

7. Woman of Valor Laser-Cut Paper Art (Choice of Colors)

This gorgeous papercut wall art from Jerusalemite graphic designer David Fisher features an ornate motif of pomegranate branches, a classic Jewish decorative theme, surrounding the words by King Solomon, Eishet Chayil Mi Yimtza. ("Who can find a woman of valor?") This special piece of Jewish art makes for a beautiful gift for the "woman of valor" in your life, and is available in blue, green, or bordeaux colors, with the option to add an elegant gold or silver frame.

8. Woman of Valor Leather Women's Bracelet (Choice of Colors)

Give a gift that your favorite lady can wear with any outfit to remember how much she means to you, with this stylish leather bracelet inscribed with a verse from Eishet Chayil. The expertly crafted, kabbalah-inspired braided leather band comes in a choice of pink or gray hues, and is adorned with a silver and gold piece engraved with the words Rabot Banot Asu Hayil, Veat Alit Al Kulana ("many women have performed valiantly, but you have surpassed them all").

9. Gold Micro-Inscribed Eshet Chayil Heart Pendant (Choice of Stone Color)

Let the wise words of King Solomon express how you feel for that special woman in your life when you give her this magnificent designer necklace from Nano Jewelry. Made from elegant yellow gold, this necklace boasts a polished heart-shaped outline set with a vibrant cubic zirconia stone - in your choice of white or purple color - that is micro-inscribed with the words "VeAt Alit Al Kulana" ("You have excelled above all others") set over a background of the rest of the Eshet Chayil verses from the Biblical hymn.

10. Yael Elkayam Woman of Valor Deluxe Large Wall Art

This exquisite floral wall art from Israeli artist Yael Elkayam features the text of "Eshet Chayil" in a traditional Hebrew script resembling the one in the Torah, surrounded by a multicolored array of pressed and painted flowers that are accented with radiant Swarovski stones. The piece comes in an elegant frame, which is Perspex-fronted for long-lasting shine and durability. Both meaningful and beautiful, it's sure to brighten any room and bring joy to the lucky recipient!

11. Art in Clay Handmade Woman of Valor Plaque Wall Hanging

Show that special woman in your life how much you care for her with this beautiful designer wall hanging from renowned Israeli Art in Clay studio. Containing  a classic pomegranate motif harkening back to the Bible's Seven Species, it features two Hebrew phrase Eshet Chayil, famously from the Book of Proverbs. This painted ceramic plaque is a simple, rustic look that will add a splash of color and spirituality to any room.

12. Woman of Valor Silver Wheel Necklace (Choice of Charm)

Made from sterling silver, this exquisite circular pendant is engraved with a verse from King Solomon's ode to the woman of valor - a fitting Biblical expression of love and admiration for your mom, wife, daughter, grandma, or friend - and is set in the center with a gemstone-adorned charm of your choice. It comes with a sterling silver chain or black silicone cord in your choice of length, so you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for your recipient's taste and style.

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