Hanukkah EssentialsThe week long holiday of Hanukkah is coming up and there are a few essentials you will need to properly celebrate. For eight nights, family and friends gather around to light the Hanukkah menorah, adding a new candle each night until eight candles are reached on the eighth night. The game of dreidel is also played over Hanukkah to remember those who studied Judaism during a difficult time and of course for dreidel, you are going to need some gelt- coins- to throw into the game. Many have the custom to give gifts to their loved ones over Hanukkah and it is not always easy to choose something for everyone. For all your Hanukkah needs, the Judaica Web Store has it all!

Hanukkah Menorah

Hanukkah MenorahsA Hanukkah Menorah is vital part of the Hanukkah celebration- in fact, you need one to celebrate properly. For eight nights we light the candles in an ascending order to remember the eight nights the Menorah in the Temple was kept lit by a tiny jug of oil. The Hanukkah menorah we use today is reminiscent of the one from the Temple, in fact, in Hebrew the Hanukkah menorah is actually called a hanukkiah so that there is a clear differentiation between the two.  Aside for the name, the other major difference is that the Menorah from the Temple had seven branches while what we use today has nine. The ninth candle is known as the Shamesh or the helper candle, used to light the eight prominent candles. The Judaica Web Store is proud to carry such an amazing selection of the modern nine branched Hanukkah menorah that will make your holiday just a bit brighter.

❤︎ We love this mosaic menorah from Orit Grader and this traditional antique-style menorah.

Candles and Olive Oil Cups

Hanukkah CandlesThe timeless debate of whether to use Hanukkah candles or traditional olive oil cups for lighting the Hanukkah menorah will probably come up again this year. Truth is, it doesn't matter what you use! Some prefer colorful wax candles from the famous Safed Candle Factory while others would rather use olive oil cups, to really get into the holiday spirit as the miracle involved olive oil. Either option is a great option with relatively easy clean up and are available in an assortment of colors. Each box of candles or pre-filled olive oil cups is enough for one person to last the entire Hanukkah holiday.

❤︎ We love these red, pink, and orange candles and these pre-filled oil filled cups.


GeltHanukkah gelt is a tradition that goes back in time with many different origins. Some say that Hanukkah gelt comes from when the Jewish community in Europe would give a little money as a thank you to community workers, which then over time turned into people giving gifts to children. Another story is that children were given a little gelt to inspire them to learn Torah during the time of Antiochus, who forbad the practice of Judaism, but even after the Jews were free to be Jews, they continued this practice with gifts. In modern times, chocolate coins were created to give to children instead of money! This chocolate gelt is often used during dreidel, the great gambling game of Hanukkah, or just as a special sweet treat.

❤︎ We love Elite's chocolate gelt!


DriedelsThe game of dreidel is a favorite for all ages on all nights of Hanukkah! The game is simple and fun, and all you need is the iconic spinning top with the Hebrew letters "nun", "gimmel", "hey", "shin" or "pey" depending on where you are in the world. The letters are an acronym for the sentence, "a great miracle happened there", unless you are in Israel where the letter "pey" changes it to, "a great miracle happened here. The origin of the game comes from the time of Antiochus' reign over Israel, when the Jewish people were not able to learn Torah. Children would learn in secrecy and whenever they heard the soldiers of Antiochus, they would hide their books and take out a dreidel. Today, the ancient game is played with stunning decorative dreidels made from a variety of metals and bursting with color. Our selection of dreidels cannot be beat and make a great Hanukkah present!

❤︎ We love this brass dreidel replica and this Star of David dreidel from Adi Sidler.


Hanukkah GiftsGifts are one of the best parts of Hanukkah! It is not always easy to choose a gift for everyone which is why the Judaica Web Store want to inspire you with our great collection of Menorah Jewelry and Hanukkah themed gifts. Our Menorah jewelry selection has options for both men, women and children with stunning gold and silver pendants that stand alone or incorporate other Jewish symbols as well as precious and semi-precious gems.  The Hanukkah themed gifts we have to offer are great for anyone as they cover a variety of hobbies and include charms, puzzles, aprons, art and more, any of which would be a delight to receive!

❤︎ We love this potato latke apron and this doughnut bead for a charm bracelet.

Happy Hanukkah and enjoy the Festival of Lights!