What is a mezuzah?

A mezuzah is a Jewish door marker made of two parts - a mezuzah case and mezuzah parchment.The plural of mezuzah is mezuzot. The parchment is inscribed with Hebrew verses (the first two sections of the Shema) from the Torah (Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21) and placed inside the mezuzah case. The mezuzah case is affixed to the top third of a doorway on the right, right side up, with the top of the mezuzah tilting towards the inside of the room. Observant Jews keep mezuzot affixed to every doorway except for bathrooms and small closets.

What is a kosher mezuzah?

A kosher mezuzah is one that contains a kosher scroll. In order for a scroll to be kosher, an expert scribe writes mezuzah scrolls under special laws for example, that it be written in order and that it be written with intention. A kosher mezuzah scroll has no cracks and has every single letter formed perfectly. In order to be kosher, it must be handwritten, there is no such thing as a printed mezuzah scroll. On the opposite side of the scroll is one of G-d's names "Sha-dai," which also means in a Hebrew acronym "guardian of the doorways of Israel." This is also why mezuzah cases have the letter shin, which is the first letter of "Sha-dai."

What do you do with a mezuzah?

A mezuzah goes on doorways and religious Jews touch them and kiss their hand as they enter and exit rooms with mezuzot.

Why do Jewish people put mezuzot on their doors?

In the Torah it says, "You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates."

Is a mezuzah a good gift?

Well, actually, no. Usually the home owner prefers to select their own mezuzah. In the case of a parent to a child who is moving to a new apartment it could be appropriate. It's a very personal gift and a shame to give a mezuzah as a gift when a menorah, serving dish, or Judaica could be a bit more pleasing.

What size mezuzah suits me?

This mezuzah features the Priestly Blessing in Hebrew and is our bestselling mezuzah.

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What style mezuzah suits me?

We sell all kinds of mezuzahs, but some of the most popular motifs are Tree of Life, Hoshen, Jerusalem, Star of David, Hamsa, Pomegranate, and Scripture. You can choose from simple wood mezuzahs around $8 to modern artworks around $200 or more or economical sets of plastic mezuzot (perfect for schools, synagogues, etc.) for just $7/6 mezuzot. Mezuzahs come in 925 sterling silver, gold plated, silver plated, anodized aluminum, ceramic, stone, brass and more.

Do you sell wholesale mezuzot?

If you have a large project needing more than 25 mezuzot, contact the JudaicaWebStore directly and see how we can meet your mezuzot needs.