The Jewish sabbath, or shabbat, is a special holiday that comes once a week and has been beloved by Jews all over the world for generations. No matter your personal practice or how strictly you follow the "no work" thing, make shabbat yours with beautiful Shabbat Judaica from the Land of Israel! We have everything you need for lighting candles and performing Kiddush and handwashing rituals, as well as all the necessary challah and Havdalah items. And, these beautiful items also make for wonderful housewarming, wedding, and holiday gifts!

Check out our explainer below for all the Judaica you'll need for a festive shabbat, along with our top favorite pieces from Israeli artists, and head over to our blog to learn more about some of these key traditions.

Shabbat Candlesticks

The image of glowing candles standing tall and presiding over the shabbat table is one of the most iconic pictures in Judaism. We have a huge range of shabbat candlesticks to beautify this important ritual, from traditional designs reminiscent of the heavy candelabras of the Old World, to fun modern creations and even super-convenient and cute travel-sized candlesticks! No matter your style, you're sure to find the perfect set of Israeli-made shabbat candlesticks at Judaica WebStore.

❤︎ We love these sleek dark blue glass and silver candlesticks, this Jerusalem Stone mosaic shabbat candlestick set with a matching tray, and this pomegranate-shaped travel set for shabbat candle lighting on the go.

Shabbat Candles

The candles you choose to light to bring in shabbat should be just as beautiful as the candlesticks. Choose gorgeous shabbat candles made right in Israel - they are sure to make your table shine! We have tall hand-dipped candles in an array of colors, in sets of two or twelve, that are perfect for traditional shabbat candlesticks, as well as cute tealights that work with smaller candleholders and even battery-operated LED shabbat candles. So don't forget to stock up on one of the most important shabbat items you'll need!

❤︎ We love these convenient twelve-packs of classic white shabbat candles or elegant white-and-blue candles, and these spectacular rainbow multicolored handcrafted shabbat candles.

Kiddush Cups

Kiddush is the blessing made over a special cup of wine that sanctifies and welcomes shabbat or a holiday. Naturally our store carries an extensive collection of Kiddush cups made by Israel's best artisans just for this important ritual! We have plenty of traditional and modern cups to make your shabbat special, and even cute children's Kiddush cups to help your little ones follow along on their own. And if your family has a tradition of everyone drinking from their own Kiddush cup, we have matching sets and Kiddush fountains that will adorn your shabbat table beautifully.

❤︎ We love this silver-plated Kiddush cup with a gold-accented Jerusalem scene, this handmade colorful ceramic cup inscribed with "Jerusalem" in ancient Hebrew, and this chic Kiddush cup and saucer set from Yair Emanuel.

Handwashing Cups & Towels

It's customary in traditional Judaism to ritually wash one's hands before eating bread, particularly when part of a formal shabbat or holiday meal. The ritual is called netilat yadayim, and we carry a range of netilat yadayim washing cups and towels made specifically for this purpose by some of Israel's most talented designers. Beautify your shabbat and make handwashing enjoyable for all your guests with a decorated cup or towel set, such as those featuring colorful art by Yair Emanuel, luxuriously elegant designs from Beir Judaica, or exquisite floral motifs by Dorit Judaica.

❤︎ We love this colorful washing cup with a pomegranate motif and this grape-adorned stainless steel washing up, both by Yair Emanuel, as well as this pomegranate-themed towel set from Dorit Judaica.

Challah Boards, Covers, & Knives

The focus of the shabbat table is always two loaves of bread, usually challah - so you'll need a challah board or tray, a beautiful challah cover to cover the loaves until they're eaten, and of course a challah knife to cut them for serving. And there's no better way to make your shabbat or holiday table festive than with beautifully adorned challah products from the Land of Israel! Check out colorful glass or traditional wood boards, or give that special someone a convenient challah gift set with matching essentials.

❤︎ We love this artistic glass challah tray with a vibrant shabbat table scene, this unique challah knife with a Jerusalem Stone handle, and this stunning challah cover with an elaborate pomegranate mandala design.

Havdalah Sets

While we have rituals to welcome shabbat, we similarly have a special ceremony at the end of shabbat on Saturday night, known as havdalah. Havdalah requires a cup for wine, a spice box traditionally filled with sweet-smelling spices like cloves, and a multi-wicked candle with an optional candleholder - and of course, you can get all your havdalah needs right here from Israel! We have stunning havdalah candles and beautiful matching havdalah sets, so you can refresh your soul at the end of shabbat and start your new week off right.

❤︎ We love this colorful glass and silver havdalah set and this lovely Armenian Ceramic set, as well as these natural, handmade havdalah candles.

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