Outside, the sky is painted a thousand different shades of sunset; inside, smells of fresh food and fragrant challot mingle, scenting the air with the unmistakable perfume of Friday afternoon. The table is set beautifully in anticipation of the evening's special dinner, glasses gleaming and silverware sparkling. As the sun slips down the sky, Jewish women world-over light two tall candles, and just like that, the week is over. Shabbat has arrived.

The Jewish Sabbath is more than just another day of the week. It's a day to tune out work and traffic and deadlines, to shut off the rush of the week and focus instead on the reason you work so hard. It's time for family, and reflection, and rest from the week's labor. Regardless of your personal religiosity and how you choose to celebrate it, having time to focus on yourself and your family built into your week is one of Judaism's privileges! If you enjoy a traditional Friday night dinner, there are several items you'll need to make your evening as special as it should be...

Shabbat Candlesticks

The image of glowing candles standing tall and presiding over the shabbat table is one of the most iconic pictures in Judaism. Traditionally the woman of the house kindles these emblematic flames: she strikes a match, lights the candles, then covers her eyes to say the special blessing over the lights. We have a huge range of candlesticks, from the most traditional designs  reminiscent of the heavy candelabras of the Old World, to the most delicate, bold or contemporary creations available today!

Hadad Brothers have been creating extraordinary silver pieces since 1946

Shabbat Candles

The candles you choose to light to bring in Shabbat should be just as beautiful as the candlesticks. Shabbat is a special day where we can use things that are elegant than average every day items.  Choose gorgeous hand-dipped candles from Israel's world-famous Safed Candle Factory- they are sure to make your table shine!  When lighting the candles, it is tradition to say a small prayer to welcome in the Shabbat. They might look like pieces of art, but these beautiful wall hangings will make the perfect addition to where you light the Shabbat candles.

Candles to match the Friday sunset



Kiddush Cups

Kiddush literally means 'sanctification' - a blessing is made over a cup of wine, sanctifying and acknowledging the holiness of Shabbat. In Judaism, wine represents happiness, and blessings are made over wine at the most joyous events such as Brit Milahs, under the chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) and during sheva brachot (the celebratory dinners that follow a wedding) - so a beautiful Kiddish cup is almost indispensable! Browse our extensive selection of Kiddush cups and find exactly what you are looking for! We have plenty of traditional and modern cups to choose from to make your Shabbat even more beautiful.  Having a lot of people for Shabbat? Take a look at our selection of wine fountains, which offer a unique and innovative way to easily distribute your wine!

A colorful take on a traditional look

Netilat Yadaim

In Judaism, it is customary to ritually wash your hands before eating bread; this is called 'washing netilat yadaim'. We carry a range of washing cups made by some of Israel's most talented designers, available in a diverse range of metals and styles including lacquered hand-painted wood and stunningly calligraphed ceramics. We also offer a selection of hand towels embroidered or printed with various motifs and Hebrew phrases.

Armenian ceramic features bright cheerful motifs

Challah Products

The board holding two fragrant, fresh loaves of braided challah is always the focal point of the table - so browse our wide range of gorgeous challah products to choose how to turn your challah into the centerpiece of your festive table! We have a complete range of challah accessories available, including boards, knives and covers from many of Israel's most loved and celebrated designers. With such a huge range to choose from, you're sure to find something you absolutely love! Challah is traditionally dipped into salt during the year and in honey around Rosh Hashanah, so don't forget to check out our ranges of gorgeous salt dishes and shakers, and honey dishes!

Pomegranates represent the abundance of righteousness, prosperity and wisdom


Shabbat begins with blessings over fire and wine, and ends in the same way in the beautiful Havdalah ceremony. Havdalah requires a cup for wine, a spice box traditionally filled with sweet-smelling spices like cloves, and a multi-wicked candle, and many havdalah sets also include a tray to hold everything you need! Any set you choose will add a much-needed sheen and luster to the end of shabbat!  We also have Havdalah candles in many incredible shapes and colors that will brighten the end of your week!

Similar styles were used for centuries by European Jews

Any of these gorgeous pieces or sets are a great way to treat yourself and bring a new, fresh feeling to your shabbat celebrations, or to give as gifts to newlyweds or families setting up new homes!