On Saturday night, right as there are three stars in the sky, the Jewish people traditionally end Shabbat and welcome the new week with a beautiful ritual called Havdalah, or "separation" in Hebrew.

Havdalah involves reciting blessings over a cup of wine, fragrant spices, and a multi-wick candle - which means, of course, needing to have these supplies on hand to use from week to week. Additionally, because Jewish tradition values adding beauty and special status to performing commandments, many people choose to use beautiful, dedicated Havdalah sets for holding the wine, spices, and candle. These Judaica items also make for particularly wonderful housewarming, wedding, or holiday gifts.

And naturally, Israeli artists do not disappoint with their gorgeous, artistic Havdalah items! Check out our top favorites below, and add some pizzazz to your own end-of-shabbat rituals:


Havdalah Sets


1. Armenian Ceramic Havdalah Set

This special set keeps all your havdalah essentials together while brimming with impeccable style, hand-painted in Israel using traditional techniques developed in Jerusalem. The cup has the blessing for wine written on it in Hebrew, and the rest have traditional floral designs, along with the iconic Armenian ceramics blue-boarder along the rim of each item. The set contains a candlestick holder, a cup, a lid-covered bowl for spices, and a plate with a Star of David at the center to hold them all.





2. Traditional Havdalah Set with Jerusalem Motif

This classy Havdalah set is nickel plated, each item containing a depiction of the Old City of Jerusalem. The plate features the phrase "hamavdil bein kodesh l'chol" ("who separates between holy and secular"), the central blessing for Havdalah. This wine cup, spice box, and candle holder are made to elevate the ritual experience with their gorgeous traditional design. And what's more, for a limited time we'll include a FREE multicolored, braided Havdalah candle made right in Israel!






3. Deluxe Handcrafted Glass and Sterling Silver Havdalah Set

This stunning Havdalah set made of colored glass and sterling silver is the perfect way to escort Shabbat out. The stylish set is handmade, so no two will ever come identical. Available in a variety of colors - blue, yellow multicolored, and red - with different styles of metalwork, these sets are an elegant, modern look for a timeless ritual. The candle holder fits round Havdalah candles, and you can load the spice bowl with your favorite fragrant spices.








4. Agayof Aluminum Havdalah Set

This ultramodern Havdalah set, made of anodized aluminum by Israeli designer Agayof, comes in 12 different colors - so you're sure to find something perfect to match your or a loved one's style! The cup, tray, and spice holder each feature the words for their respective blessings as used during the ritual. No matter your taste, you'll find a vibrant, sleek look in a huge choice of colors. The holes on the spice box together form a Star of David, adding a traditional touch to this modern design.








5. Sterling Silver Handcrafted Havdalah Set With Pearl Motif

This luxurious, elegant Havdalah set from Bier Judaica features a dotted pearl motif around the base of each of the items. Everything is slick with perfect polished finish. The spice box contains myrtle branch imagery, a traditional Havdalah spice in some communities. This stunning set would make for an excellent gift for a special occasion and will truly bring out Shabbat with grace!






6. Aluminum 4-Piece Havdalah Set with Hammered Effect Finish

This Havdalah set, designed in Jerusalem, is made of hammered aluminum for a stylish look and excellent feeling as you use each item. The candle holder is designed for standard braided Havdalah candles. These items will look good with a traditional or modern décor in your home, and will become an instant heirloom! They also make for a perfect "starter set" for a young adult or bat mitzvah teen embarking on engaging with the Havdalah ritual on their own.






7. Lily Art Pomegranate Havdalah Set

This colorful, glass Havdalah set is both fun and traditional. With the translucent glass, you'll have a great view of the spices and wine. The glass shows a metal plague with "borei pri hagafen" (creator of the fruit of the vine) in Hebrew, the bracha (blessing) for wine. The plate shows a floral design around the perimeter and the spice jar has a pomegranate motif. Available in blue or in rainbow colors, you can add some excitement to your Havdalah routine with this wonderful set!







Havdalah Candles


1. Safed Candles Beeswax Dripless Havdalah Candles

These Havdalah candles made in the holy city of Tzfat. The twisted, beeswax candles are made to not drip while the four wicks burn as a torch. Get a convenient set of four and choose from a natural beeswax hue or a twisted multicolored design, and you'll be all set for taking out Shabbat in style for weeks to come! These are perfect for round Havdalah candlestick holders.







2. Hatzafon Candles Paraffin Havdalah Candle in 6 Colors

Having 6 braided candles together in one Havdalah candle represents the 6 days of the week, adding extra meaning to the ritual of starting a new week after Shabbat's end. This multicolored Havdalah candle fits into rectangular candle holders or can be just held up by hand, and will add color and excitement into your Havdalah!






3. Safed Candles Beeswax Havdalah Candle

This traditional candle design is a simple, elegant braiding scheme offered in either blue-and-white or natural hues. Hold it by hand or in place in a rectangular Havdalah candle holder as you exit Shabbat, and you'll love reflecting by its warm glow as you prepare for the week ahead.








4. Decorative Multicolored Pyramid Havdalah Candle

This pyramid Havdalah candle can either stand up on its own or be held in hand, and will look gorgeous and stately as you close out Shabbat. In a style that's particularly popular in Sephardi communities, instead of external braiding the wicks are twisted together inside the solid, multicolored wax structure. This candle style is offered in a variety of options, each multi-colored for whatever your style is. Welcome the week with fun and color with these standing candles!








Havdalah Spices


1. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Havdalah Spice Satchel

Famous Jerusalem artist Yair Emanuel offers his own take on Havdalah spices with these adorable satchels filled with cloves. Choose from an Old Jerusalem embroidery along with the words "Fragrance of Israel" or your own personalized label, or a beautiful pomegranate design along with the Hebrew phrase "Shavua Tov" or "Good Week," the traditional Havdalah greeting.







2. Temple Incense Aromatic Blend

Inspired by the herbs and spices found in the ritual incense in the Holy Temple during Biblical times, this spice blend - while not replicating the Temple formula exactly - is a great way to connect to our ancient Jewish heritage and the Holy City of Jerusalem while performing the Havdalah ritual! Get it straight from Israel, and have a meaningful way of ending Shabbat for many weeks to come.






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