Havdalah SetsHavdalah Sets are an important piece of Judaica. On Saturday night, right as there are three stars in the sky, the Jewish people begin to prepare for a new week. Havdalah, translating to "separate", is the prayer said when separating the holy (Shabbat) from the regular (the week).  Havdalah is said over wine just as Kiddush is, but also involves a Havdalah candle- a multi-wicked candle, and besamim- spices. During the prayer, everyone lifts their hands up to the flame of the Havdalah candle and looks at their fingernails. Looking at our nails, we are seeing something that never stops growing, just like even in the new week, we should continue to grow in our ways.   Besamim, generally cloves or cinnamon, that is then passed around for everyone to smell.  The sweet smell is used as a soothing agent to our souls, as they become sad that the spirit of Shabbat has come to an end.  Once we finish saying Havdalah, Shabbat is over, and a new week begins.

A concept we have with Shabbat is that everything should be special and different from regular week items. This includes Havdalah. Rather than just using a regular candle and pulling your cinnamon out of your spice drawer, we should elevate the experience and use a beautiful and colorful candle, and a special spice holder. Most certainly we should not just use any regular cup for the wine, just like you wouldn’t during Shabbat Kiddush.  Havdalah sets also make for great Jewish wedding gifts. Israeli designers have created some of the most gorgeous Havdalah sets that make the end of Shabbat a little more and start your week on the right foot.

Havdalah Candles

Havdalah CandlesHavdalah candles are unique because they have more than one wick. The blessing said over the fire during Havdalah says, "He who created the illuminations of fire", implying there is more than one fire, equaling more than one wick.  Traditional Havdalah candles are braided with three wicks, but today there are plenty of colors and styles that are used, even Havdalah candles for special occasions, such as one in the shape of an Etrog for Succot!  Our selection of Havdalah candles come from the world-renowned Safed Candles, a candle store in city of Tzfat.  They create some of the most incredible candles that really bring a glow to the end of Shabbat.

❤︎ We love this rainbow paraffin candle and this braided blue and white candle from Safed Candle Factory.

Traditional Havdalah Sets

Traditional Havdalah SetsTraditional Havdalah Sets are reminiscent to those used in some of oldest European Jewish communities. With rectangle candleholders for braided Havdalah candles and tower-like besamim holders decorated with a flag, these Havdalah sets will bring back memories of childhood, of saying Havdalah with parents and grandparents.  These Havdalah sets are made from different precious metals or even ceramic, as one of the most beloved sets is made from Armenian Ceramic, if you want something a little more colorful, while keeping with tradition.

❤︎ We love this nickel and wood Havdalah set and this pewter Havdalah set.

Modern Havdalah Sets

Modern Havdalah SetsIsraeli artists have proved that modern Judaica can be just as beautiful and beloved as traditional Judaica. We have a large variety of Modern Havdalah Sets that will impress you and your family every week you use them.  Made from metal or wood, hand-painted or embossed with gems, these Havdalah sets are the perfect way to bring in the new week.  There are endless options, any of which you are sure to fall in love with.

❤︎ We love this nickel and wood dove and pomegranate set and this textured multicolored set.

Pomegranate Havdalah Set

Pomegranate SetsOne of the most popular and iconic symbols in Judaism is the pomegranate. Pomegranate Havdalah Sets make for a fun and creative way to end Shabbat. Coming in multiple colors and styles, from magnificent metal work to delicately painted ceramic, these Havdalah sets are a great way to end Shabbat. As the pomegranate represents the 613 commandments, these pomegranate sets are a reminder to continue doing good deeds throughout the new week.

❤︎ We love this handmade ceramic Havdalah set and this stainless steel pomegranate Havdalah set.

Besamim Spices Holder

Besamim HoldersIf you are a mix and match type of person, we suggest getting a besamim spices holder to be the star of your Havdalah set. Besamim spices holders help complete an already made set or just add a little something extra if you have a fairly simple Havdalah set. With different sizes and shapes, you can choose which ever one is perfect for situation, whether you need something bigger and more sturdy for little hands or prefer something more elegant to show off, we have plenty to choose from that won’t disappoint.

❤︎ We love Nadav Art's Shifra spice holder and Danon's pomegranate spice holder with shiny red beads.