Shabbat CandlesticksLighting Shabbat candlesticks is a tradition as old as time, and a mitzvah- commandment- just for women. On Friday evenings, just as the sun is just about to start setting in the sky, the smell of Shabbat dinner fills the air- with fluffy challah, your grandmother's chicken soup, savory chicken, and other incredible smells.  Before we eat, women around the world gather together in front of their candlesticks to light the Shabbat candles and bring in the Day of Rest.  We also light these candles to begin certain holidays that have an elevated spirit to them such as Rosh Hashanah.

Many girls begin lighting their own Shabbat candles when they become Bat Mitzvah, and many only begin once they get married.  Shabbat candlesticks come in multiple variations that will be loved by every single Jewish woman and make for a elegant Bat Mitzvah or wedding gift. From classic styles that are reminiscent of those her grandmother used to light, or contemporary motifs with bright colors and designs for the outgoing woman, here is a list to help you pick out the perfect candlestick set for any special lady.

For the On-The-Go Girl

Travel CandlesticksLighting Shabbat candles when being a jet-setter isn't always easy but when you have travel-sized Shabbat candlesticks, you are able to keep the mitzvah special by having your own set.  Many of these fold up into each other or are a single tray so there are no worries about losing a piece while traveling the world.  Travel Shabbat candlesticks are also perfect for girls at sleep-away camp who wants her Shabbat candles to stand out. Keep Shabbat the special day it is with any of our colorful travel candlesticks.

❤︎ We love Adi Sidler's colorful pomegranate tea light holder and this Star of David travel set.

For the Traditional Woman

Traditional CandlesticksIt's not rare to hear a little girl say that she wants to be just like her mom when she grows up.  We see our mothers, grandmothers, even great-grandmothers as heroes in our lives and aspire to fill their shoes as we get older.  Give that woman a stunning set of classic candlesticks that she will want to pass down to her daughter or granddaughter one day.  The Israel Museum has produced many candlesticks with traditional themes originating from some of the largest historic Jewish communities around the world.  Other beautiful options come from Israel's leading artists and silversmiths that have been using the same techniques for generations.

❤︎ We love this nickel plated set and these deluxe candlesticks.

For the Jerusalem Lover

Jerusalem CandlesticksJerusalem, the capital city of Israel, a city full of spirit and history, that can easily be held close to one's heart. For the woman that loves Israel and Jerusalem, Jerusalem candlesticks inspire her every week she lights Shabbat candles. Featuring the iconic skyline, these beautiful candlesticks will be cherished in all her years to come.  With shining gold and silver, or delicate hand-painted designs, Jerusalem candlesticks bring the feeling and warmth of Jerusalem to your home.

❤︎ We love these hand-painted wooden candlesticks and these crystal candlesticks with metal cut-outs.

For the Eccentric Artist

Modern CandlesticksSome women were born to stand out, and for those women, we suggest a set of modern candlesticks. With bright colors and unique designs, these candlesticks make a statement, with many of them also being age appropriate Bat Mitzvah gifts.  Featuring Jewish motifs such as the Star of David, pomegranates, and the Jerusalem skyline, all of the modern style candlesticks are bursting with color.  To whomever you gift a pair of these delightful candlesticks will appreciate them even more as they seem to have been made for her and her bubbly personality.

❤︎ We love the Night and Day candlesticks and these rainbow Tova candlesticks.

For the Fashionista

Designer CandlesticksThis lady might love shopping for the newest styles, getting dressed up just cause she can, or following the biggest celebrities on Instagram for fashion ideas.  A designer Shabbat candlestick set is just what she needs. Striking features and bold shapes, are right up her alley. Designer candlesticks come in a variety of shapes and colors, all made by Israel's most beloved artists. There's no shame in standing out, and she'll be motivated to light Shabbat candles every week with candlesticks that are in-style, but timeless.

❤︎ We love these bold Agayof candlesticks and these chic candlesticks from Hadad Bros.