Men's White Cotton Undershirt Tzitzit Jerusalem - Mehadrin

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Wear your tzitzit in the ultimate religiously certified, and comfortable way with this cotton undershirt!

  • Breathable and lightweight garment in easy pull-over style features four corners with tzitzit strings
  • Tzitzit strings are certified Mehadrin, under the supervision of Rav Vosner, and handmade with love in the land of Israel!
  • Available in whatever size you are looking for!

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100% Cotton

Machine washable - delicate setting, 30 degrees Celcius

Minimize layers on a hot day by putting on this garment for a fit that gives you an undershirt and tallit katan in one. Made and certified with the strictest adherence to religious law, you will feel comfortable, both in the material and the spiritual aspects of this Tzitzit undershirt. It features pre-tied strings that were handmade with religious devotion on each of the four corners to fulfill the commandment in Numbers 15:38-39: "Make for [your]selves fringes on the corners of [your] garments, ... when you see it, you will remember all the commandments of the L-rd." Lightweight and comfortable, and with top-quality religious adherence, this Tzitzit undergarment is the perfect choice for the special man in your life!

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