The skill of Yemenite silversmithing uses historic techniques in exciting, modern ways in order to produce some of the most breathtaking jewelry and Judaica one could dream of. All of this technique comes from generations of skilled craftsmen. Now handmade in Israel, these wonderous designs use imagery and styles from all of the many cultures Israel has come to fuse together, like klezmer figures in a Yemenite style.

Whatever the occasion and household décor, these exquisite pieces of art will feel right at home as decoration and as a practical way to get in touch with Jewish rituals. Nothing short of expert craftmanship, these items will be beloved from the moment they get into your hands, for years and years to come.




1.  Traditional Yemenite Art Handcrafted Sterling Silver Filigree Shabbat Candlesticks With Klezmer Musicians

Both charming and elegant, this set of silver filigree candlesticks, handmade in Israel. The set features each candlestick expertly shaped like musicians, one playing the accordion and one playing the violin, classic instruments in lots of Jewish folk music. Whether as a Bat Mitzvah gift, a wedding present, or for any other special occasion, these candlesticks will be eagerly welcomed in any Jewish home.






2. Klezmers Hand-Crafted Filigree 925 Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah

Hanukkah is the festival of lights, that should be celebrated with lively merriment. The Klezmer filigree sterling silver Hanukkah menorah is the perfect way to bring out joy, levity and beauty with flames above. Each of these klezmer musicians feature different details and instruments, like members of a real, ornate band. This handcrafted menorah will become an instant heirloom piece to be used for Hanukkah and put out on display for many decades to come!






3. Large Sterling Silver Dreidel With Klezmer Violinist

Although dreidels may be thought of as toys, this one is anything but a child's plaything. This large dreidel is finely wrought with stunning levels of detail from bottom to top. The figure on the stem is of a man playing the violin, adding a bit of, giving this dreidel a bit of a unique...spin. The letters at the base show Nes Gadol Haya Po – for the acronym meaning "A Great Miracle Happened Here".






4. Traditional Yemenite Art Luxurious Handcrafted Sterling Silver Mezuzah Case With Filigree Design

There's nothing that will instantly turn a house into a Jewish home quite like a mezuzah. This eye-catching display is elegant and ornate, to show guests and family the beauty of this mitzvah as they enter your home. With precise details and the Hebrew letter Shin, standing in for one of the names of G-d, there is nothing quite like it for making a first impression for guests who know the importance of beautifying the commandments.






5. Traditional Yemenite Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup With Refined Filigree Design

Simple yet elegant, this kiddush cup will be a cherished item brought out for every special Shabbat, holidays, weddings and each bris. This beautiful goblet is sure to impress guests and family, and stay in use for decades ahead. The rim, base and center each show a filigree band, with the rest being smooth, polished silver. Order with or without the matching tray.






6.  Stylish Handcrafted Sterling Silver Yad (Torah Pointer)

Whether you've got a bar mitzvah coming up, you're looking to make a donation to your synagogue, or you want a captivating mitzvah-item to display in your home, this one-of-a-kind sterling silver Yad (Torah pointer) is exactly what you're looking for. The handle is made with an intricate filigree design while the shaft is polished silver, with a delicately crafted hand pointed at the top.






7. Handcrafted Sterling Silver Challah Knife With Majestic

For cutting the challah on the Shabbat table, there is no way more elegant than with this silver filigree serrated knife. The knife is perfectly functional, with a decorative handle sure to turn heads. For Shabbat and Jewish holidays, this is an excellent way to make something that can feel ordinary, elevated. The pommel represents the handles of a Torah scroll.






8. Handcrafted Sterling Silver Havdalah Candle Holder

When it's time to make Havdalah after Shabbat, there could hardly be anything that lends more gravitas than this filigree Havdalah candle holder. Fit for any standard braided Havdalah candle, this holder will allow you to keep it upright for everyone to hold out there hands to the flame. Add honor and beauty each week to this ritual with an outstanding candle holder.






9. Sterling Silver Besamim Spice

This refined besamim spice box is the ideal way to wrap up Shabbat. Utilizing the nature of the filigree design, you'll be able to smell whatever your favorite spice is at Havdalah through the perforation. In the traditional design of a ball with a flag atop to keep the Havdalah spices. Complete with delicate filigree designs from bottom to top, pair this with the Havdalah candle holder for a unique Havdalah experience.






10. Elegant Sterling Silver Tallit Clips With Star of David Design

These Yemenite filigree silver tallit clips will keep your tallit on your shoulders all while adding beauty to the whole experience. These tallit clips are connected with a chain, and each feature a Magen David design at the center and filigree elements around the rest. Give honor to morning services by adding these clips, both practical and visually stunning.









1. Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Amethyst Hamsa Necklace With Rope Design

This breathtaking piece of jewelry, handmade in Israel, is a gorgeous Jewish symbol to take wherever you go. Whether you're looking for a bat mitzvah gift, birthday present or something for another special occasion, this Hamsa necklace with an amethyst stone reminiscent of the Ayin Hara, an iconic Jewish symbol as a reminder of living a life others would look at with favor and appreciation.






2. Sterling Silver Modern Star of David Necklace With Peridot Stone

The Star of David (Magen David) is perhaps the most notable Jewish symbol in the world. This is a modern take on that classic, with a filigree design in each of the edges of the star and a peridot stone at its center. For any formal occasion, this necklace would look incredible and carry a sense of Jewish pride that is instantly recognizable.






3. Art Handcrafted Sterling Silver Choshen Necklace

One of the most significant items of the days of the Temple, the choshen is a breastplate worn by the Kohen Gadol (High Priest), featuring 12 stones that each represent the 12 tribes, as well as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to spell message. This silver filigree necklace is designed after that iconic and important item, with a dozen colorful gems and an ornate filigree design that will look great on anyone.






4.  Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Eilat Stone Dreamcatcher Necklace

This creative design reminiscent of a dreamcatcher features expert silver filigree craftmanship, with fine details and 5 swaying bobbles at the base. At the center is a piece of Eilat stone, Israel's national stone known for its discovery near the Israeli Red Sea city. Wear this up for a formal occasion, or pair it with a more casual outfit and it will suit just as well. This necklace would make a stunning gift for the special woman in your life!






5. Handcrafted Sterling Silver Filigree Box Necklace With Purple Amethyst Stone

This box design is adorned with intricate filigree detailing, from the design on the front to the sashaying teardrop shapes, dangling. At its center is an amethyst stone in glistening purple. This would make for an excellent present to be worn at any formal occasion, be that personal or a Jewish holiday.







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