While some may consider jewelry an accessory for women, Israeli men love expressing their Jewish heritage and pride through jewelry. This trend has led many of Israel's best designers to create jewelry especially for men, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more.

Like Jewish jewelry for women, men's jewelry features many of the motifs and symbols that are commonly associated with Judaism and the State of Israel, such as the Star of David, the word Chaiand the Lion of Judah. However, the materials and designs used to create men's jewelry are unmistakably masculine. With classic looks and unique options -- both bold or subtle -- the man in your life will love to boast his new jewelry wherever he goes, and he will always think of you and appreciate the thoughtful gift!

Our store carries hundreds of pieces of stunning Jewish jewelry created with men in mind, all made by master craftsmen in the Land of Israel. To take your shopping to the next level, read on to learn about the top men's jewelry categories as well as some of our top favorite pieces!


Men's Rings

Men in Israel love big, bold rings embellished with the Star of David or a Jewish quote or prayerMen's rings are a unique piece of jewelry, and everyone you meet will see it stand out your finger. There are also a wide variety of rings that could work as particularly poignant Jewish wedding rings, with Jewish quotes about love such as "I am My Beloved's and My Beloved is Mine." If the man you're shopping for is looking for a real statement piece, a Jewish ring is a brilliant option!

❤︎ We love this stunning Eilat Stone ring with a Jerusalem motif and this silver and gold Shema Yisrael spinning ring with deep Biblical meaning.




Star of David Jewelry

For the guy who loves a classic look, any Star of David Jewelry is just perfect. Gold or silver, simple or adorned with Hebrew blessings, you can never go wrong with Star of David jewelry. The Star of David represents Judaism and Israel, and is a poignant symbol of one's Jewish pride and identity. You can also start a family tradition of wearing this popular symbol yourself and then pass it down to your children and future generations.

❤︎ We love this 14K gold Star of David necklace by Jerusalem Design Studio adorned with a traditional Chai, and this "I Have No Other Land" necklace with a Star of David and map of Israel.




Lion of Judah Jewelry

Lion of Judah jewelry is especially fitting for the strongest and proudest men around us. Judah, one of the sons of Jacob, was a natural born leader and compared to the mighty lion, the king of the beasts. Judah's lion is also the modern-day symbol for Jerusalem, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Judah. Whether through a ring, a necklace, or cufflinks, your favorite man will stand out with his Lion of Judah symbol wherever he goes, while remembering our Biblical tradition and the Holy City of Jerusalem.

❤︎ We love this Lion of Judah Star of David pendant necklace crafted from sterling silver and 9K gold, and this silver and Eilat Stone Lion of Judah ring with gold accents.




Mezuzah Necklaces

Just like a mezuzah protects a family's home, Mezuzah jewelry is believed to protect its wearer. In ancient times, Jews wore the mezuzah as an amulet for Divine protection and guidance. Today, most people wear mezuzah necklaces as a reminder of God and their faith or as a symbol of their Jewishness. These beautiful gold and silver necklaces are sure to become a beloved part of any man's daily wear.

❤︎ We love this gold and silver Shema Yisrael mezuzah necklace by Israeli master jeweler Rafael and this stunning Jerusalem Stone mezuzah-shaped necklace adorned with a Star of David.




Menorah Jewelry

Before the Star of David appeared in archeological finds, menorahs were found time and time again, and were the original symbol of the Jewish people. Menorah jewelry is increasingly popular, as it represents our long Jewish history and heritage, and is now also a national emblem of the State of Israel and a common symbol of Jewish identity. For the man who is proud to be Jewish and loves Israel, menorah jewelry will be very appreciated, from rings to necklaces and more.

❤︎ We love this elegant gold and silver menorah ring with a Jerusalem design and this gold menorah and Star of David necklace, both from Israel's most renowned jeweler, Rafael Jewelry.




Biblical Verses Jewelry

Some of the most popular Israeli jewelry designs are those featuring verses from Tanakh or the Hebrew Bible, providing a powerful way for the wearer to connect with their faith or express a hope for Divine protection. Biblical verses jewelry for men includes stunning pieces featuring the Shema Yisrael declaration of faith, the Priestly Blessing, prayers for healing or safe travels, and more. Any one of these pieces will make an unforgettable gift for a special man in your life!

❤︎ We love this silver mobius strip necklace with a verse from Psalms invoking God's protection, and this exceptional healing prayer ring made with blackened sterling silver.




Chai Jewelry

The word "Chai", which represents Judaism's lucky number 18 and means life, is a powerful word. Chai jewelry is made for the man who loves living life to the fullest, however that may be for him. The Chai symbol is one of the oldest Jewish motifs, dating back to at least Medieval Spain, while the concept of "Chai" also has powerful Kabbalistic meaning. It's also had a modern resurgence in popularity, both as a personal emblem and a symbol of the resilience and strength of the Jewish people, particularly as part of the slogan "Am Yisrael Chai" (The People of Israel Lives).

❤︎ We love this classic gold Chai necklace available in 14K yellow or white gold, and this eye-catching Eilat Stone Chai necklace in your choice of sterling silver or gold.




For the working man who wears a suit, or just always enjoys looking his best, Jewish cufflinks will surely make a well-appreciated gift. With precious and semi-precious stones and materials unique to the Land of Israel like Eilat Stone, as well as various Jewish symbols and motifs, he will wear his Jewish pride literarily on his sleeves.  These Jewish-themed cufflinks from the Land of Israel will make all the difference to an outfit by completing a look or adding a small burst of color.

❤︎ We love these Eilat Stone Lion of Judah cufflinks made with elegant sterling silver and these Jerusalem Stone Shema Yisrael cufflinks.





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