While our collection of Jewish jewelry is vast and covers every budget, the most magnificent and awe-inspiring items are the high-end luxury Jewish jewelry pieces made by Israel's top design studios. Every one of these items is unique and stunningly stylish, expertly combining traditional Jewish motifs with contemporary elegance and style.

If you're looking for a timeless gift to show your admiration to your beloved, a special item for a dear family member, or an upgrade to your own jewelry collection, any of these deluxe pieces is sure to be treasured for many years to come. Our elegant gift box is also available with any luxury jewelry purchase, and you can rest assured you're getting the best in expert craftsmanship straight from the Land of Israel.

So pamper yourself or a loved one with the best that Israel’s jewelers have to offer! To help you in your shopping, we've handpicked our top favorite luxury jewelry pieces for both men and women below.


1. Large Diamond Star of David Pendant Necklace

This exquisite 3D Star of David necklace is the perfect luxury piece to spoil the special woman in your life and help her show off her Jewish pride without compromising on splendor or style. Featuring a large Star of David and another smaller star inside, the pendant is beautifully crafted from your choice of 14K yellow or white gold, and decorated with dazzling diamonds and bold blue enamel. Expertly made by Israel’s renowned luxury jewelry studio Anbinder, this stunning pendant necklace is truly one of a kind.

2. Gold Diamond-Studded Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

For a piece that will add both style and meaning to your personal jewelry collection, check out this dazzling Tree of Life pendant necklace from Israeli luxury jewelers Anbinder. Masterfully crafted from your choice of 14K yellow or white gold, this round pendant is set in its center with a diamond-accented Biblical Tree of Life design and is bordered by a radiant array of 60 glistening white diamonds.

3. 14K Gold and Blue Enamel Ani LeDodi Ring

If you’re looking for a special way to show your devotion to your beloved, look no further than this exquisite Ani LeDodi ring crafted from 14K gold. It boasts a textured blue enamel band in the center that is inscribed with the traditional Biblical expression of love (from Song of Songs 6:3), "Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li" ("I Am My Beloved's And My Beloved Is Mine") in stylish Hebrew lettering. It makes the perfect Jewish wedding ring, anniversary gift, or a powerful expression of love for any occasion!

4. Gold Shema Yisrael Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

Carry the ultimate Jewish expression of faith close to your heart wherever you go, with this gorgeous circular pendant necklace from Anbinder Jewelry. It comes in your choice of 14K white or yellow gold, and features the words "Shema Yisrael" (Hear O Israel) written in a stylish Hebrew script and surrounded by a glistening halo of white diamonds. Light, comfortable, and elegant, this exquisite work of art will make a fabulous gift for yourself or someone special.

5. Hamsa Pendant Necklace with Diamond-Accented Evil Eye Design

This elegant pendant necklace is a sleek and modern take on the traditional Hamsa design, the ancient Jewish symbol of Divine protection, and will make a stunning addition to your wardrobe. Available in either white or yellow 14K gold, it boasts a polished finish and is decorated with a diamond-studded eye design, traditionally meant to ward off the "evil eye." Wear your Jewish tradition with pride and style, with this special piece sent straight from the Land of Israel!

6. Large Diamond-Accented Gold and Blue Enamel Chai Pendant

Crafted by famous Israeli designer Anbinder Jewelry, this stunning, luxurious 14K gold necklace features the iconic Hebrew symbol chai, which means "life," set with richly-colored blue enamel and an array of radiant white diamonds. This masterful combination of inspiring tradition and modern elegance will enhance any outfit while showing off your Jewish values, and makes for a beautiful gift for any special occasion.

7. 14K Gold Tree of Life Pendant Necklace with Diamonds

This intricate Tree of Life necklace will make a gorgeous and meaningful gift for someone you love, or a treasured part of your own jewelry collection. Crafted from your choice of 14K white or yellow gold, it features a detailed and stunning representation of the Biblical Tree of Life, surrounded by a glistening array of 60 radiant white diamonds. The reverse of the pendant is engraved with the word "Jerusalem" surrounded by stylish detailing, so you can always carry both Jewish tradition and the Holy City close to your heart!

8. Two-Toned Star of David Necklace with Diamonds

Expertly crafted from a luxurious blend of 14K yellow gold and 14K white gold, this uniquely gorgeous designer pendant necklace boasts an interlocking Star of David that is accented by vibrant blue enamel and sparkling white diamonds. A truly eye-catching addition to any wardrobe, it beautifully combines traditional Jewish symbolism with contemporary elegance, and will make a stunning gift that is sure to be loved for a lifetime.

9. 14K Gold Shema Yisrael Ring with Diamonds

For a luxurious piece of jewelry that expresses your faith as well as your keen sense of style, check out this amazing gold designer ring from Anbinder Jewelry! Beautifully made in your choice of yellow or white 14K gold, it's inscribed with the Hebrew words of the classic Jewish expression of faith from Deuteronomy 6:4, "Shema Yisrael" (Hear O Israel). It's additionally adorned with a brilliant white diamond in the middle and a surrounding halo of smaller, glittering white diamonds, for a true show of elegance and expert Israeli craftsmanship.

10. Two-Toned Star of David Necklace with Diamonds & Rubies

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a fashion-forward woman in your life who appreciates luxury and style and loves expressing her Jewishness, you can't go wrong with this fabulous two-toned Star of David pendant necklace! Handcrafted from 14K gold by Anbinder Jewelry, this pendant boasts a modern interlocking Star of David design that's decorated with a dazzling array of shimmering white diamonds and radiant ruby stones.

11. Diamond-Accented 14K Gold & Blue Enamel Ani LeDodi Ring

This magnificently stunning, romantic women's ring from the master jewelers at Israeli studio Anbinder is truly like no other! The luxurious 14K yellow gold band is topped with a blue enamel finish and decorated with the Hebrew verse "Ani LeDodi" ("I am my beloved's) and Stars of David, and accented with a slender, diamond-studded 14K white gold band on top. It makes for an exceptional wedding or engagement ring, or a gift for an anniversary, birthday, or special occasion that is sure to be treasured for a lifetime!


12. 14K Gold Star of David Pendant with Lion of Judah & Western Wall

As the modern emblem of Jerusalem and the Biblical symbol of the tribe of Judah, the Lion of Judah is the perfect Jewish motif for the strongest and most special man in your life. And the perfect way to wear this magnificent symbol is with a beautifully crafted gold necklace from the Land of Israel! This expertly detailed piece comes in your choice of 14K white or yellow gold, featuring a Lion of Judah inside a Star of David and against a Western Wall-inspired design. A fantastic gift for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or just to show your favorite man how much you appreciate him!

13. Gold & Blue Enamel Star of David Diamond Ring

Big, chunky rings with traditional Jewish imagery are the ultimate statement piece in Israeli men's jewelry, and this gold Star of David ring is one particularly stunning example. The ring's 14K yellow gold band is accented with an ornate and stylish design, and topped by a 14K white gold Star of David set inside a sea of vibrant blue enamel and adorned with shimmering white diamonds. An original design by luxury studio Anbinder Jewelry, it makes an incredible gift for yourself or a loved one!

14. 14K Yellow Gold Hoshen Pendant Necklace

This elegant 14K yellow gold necklace is shaped like the Hoshen, the breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Masterfully crafted and full of meaning, it's set with an array of colorful, genuine gemstones to represent the 12 Tribes of Israel, along with the Hebrew word "Hoshen" on top. A gorgeous blend of Biblical tradition and modern style, it will make a beautiful gift for a kohen or anyone who takes inspiration from the Priestly tradition.

15. Deluxe 14K Gold Star of David Pendant Necklace

Wear your Jewish pride and identity close to your heart with this deluxe Star of David necklace from Jerusalem Designer Studio, in options in either white or yellow 14K gold to suit your personal style. It boasts a fashionable thick-cut design and polished finish, as a beautiful way of showcasing the most iconic and traditional Jewish symbol. You or your lucky gift recipient will love knowing it was made right in the Land of Israel, and will enjoy wearing it for many years to come!

16. Gold & Black Enamel Hoshen Ring with Gemstones

Another elegant way of connecting with the Biblical Priestly tradition is this incredible Hoshen men's ring from Israeli luxury studio Anbinder Jewelry, beautiful and bursting with meaning and style. Made from 14K yellow gold and set with classic black enamel, the top of the ring is adorned with 12 radiant gemstones representing the Hoshen or High Priest's breastplate, while the sides are engraved with elaborate depictions of Jerusalem for a truly special connection to the Land of Israel.

17. Gold and Blue Enamel Diamond Mezuzah Necklace with Shin

Just like a mezuzah protects a family's home, a mezuzah necklace is believed to protect its wearer, a combination of amulet for Divine protection and symbol of faith and Jewishness and connection to God. And this stunning and luxurious 14K gold mezuzah necklace from Anbinder Jewelry is the most beautiful way to wear this special symbol! Handcrafted by the best Israeli artisans, it's set in the center with a white gold Hebrew letter Shin, representing one of God's names, and is adorned on the top and bottom with a diamond-studded, eye-catching blue enamel design.

18. Lion of Judah Diamond Signet Ring

Your personal jewelry collection will never be the same once you add this deluxe designer signet ring from Anbinder Jewelry! It's elegantly crafted from 14K yellow gold, with a magnificent Lion of Judah design set against a blue enamel background and surrounded by a shimmering array of radiant white diamonds. A stunning blend of faith, Biblical symbolism, and fashion, you will love wearing this ring every chance you get - or gifting it to the most special and stylish man in your life!

19. Lion of Judah 14K Gold Men's Ring with Diamonds

Help that special loved one connect with the Holy City of Jerusalem in the most splendid way, with this grand Lion of Judah gold ring from one of Israel's most talented jewelers, Anbinder. Available in a deluxe yellow or white 14K gold color of your choosing, this statement ring features a magnificently sculpted lion's head accented with diamonds and surrounded by a diamond halo. The sides of the ring, meanwhile, are engraved with a Western Wall design, so the lucky wearer will always think of Jerusalem and the Jewish tradition wherever he goes.

20.  14K White Gold Star of David Ring with Black & White Diamonds

The most special man in your life will love this classic black and white gold Star of David ring adorned with diamonds - a perfect addition to any look or style! Crafted from luxurious 14K white gold, it's set with an array of magnificent black diamonds and black enamel, along with a stunning white gold Star of David on top that is adorned with large white diamonds. A magnificent showcase of the best in Israeli jewelry design, it expertly blends timeless, chic style with a traditional Jewish motif that your lucky recipient will be proud to show off.

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