Pomegranate jewelry portrays one of the Seven Species that have been found in Israel for thousands of years and a fruit that has so much meaning behind it. The pomegranate and its beautiful seeds have been inspiration for many Israeli artists and used on coins for hundreds of years, often as a sign of royalty, fruitfulness, or as a reminder of the 613 commandments, as some say pomegranates have 613 seeds. Charms, bracelets, rings, and necklaces feature this unique bright red fruit and make some of the most eye-catching pieces.

Pomegranate Charms

If you have a snake-chain charm bracelet, you are in luck! Pomegranates come as both the perfect bead and charm, adding a bold color into any outfit you wear. Styles range from a whole pomegranate to those with a slightly open look, with sparkling gems as the seeds or bright enamel beads and sterling silver hanging charms. Want to start your own charm bracelet? You can get one with a few charms already added.

❤︎ We love this swirl pomegranate charm.

Pomegranate Jewelry with Garnets & Rubies

Just as pomegranate seeds look like little gems, jewelry designers have used tiny gems to represent the seeds! Rings and earrings look great with garnets and rubies, as well as all the necklaces and pendents. There are simple designs studded with gems and more intricate ones with abstract designs and filigree.  Different necklaces have different designs, some with a large gem as the entire fruit but many use these precious stones to create beautiful designs. There are so many options to choose from and so many styles perfect for daily wear or to showcase on special occasions.

❤︎ We love this filigree necklace and this Kabbalistic pomegranate necklace for fertility.

Love Expressions Pomegranate Jewelry

When looking for a unique way to say those three special words of "I love you", go for the pomegranate. The color red is often associated with love, making this fruit the perfect design. From quotes like Ani Ledodi to Woman of Valor, and stunning diamond studded rings, these pieces will help express your feelings, and will always sparkle and shine. Love expressions pomegranate jewelry is incredibly meaningful and will always be appreciated as it sways away from the classic styles.

❤︎ We love this Woman of Valor ring and Song of Songs watch.

Luxury Pomegranate Jewelry

Diamonds and solid 14K and 18K gold make up this selection of luxurious pomegranate jewelry. Choose from a locket that opens up to the words "Shema Yisrael" and filigree as the most unique options, but of course there are plenty of pendents that are studded with shimmering diamonds. Pomegranates have in the past been a symbol of wealth and prosperity because of their hundreds of seeds, and have been used on coins for the same reason. These luxurious pomegranate are sure to be one of your favorites.

❤︎ We love this ancient Shekel coin necklace and this diamond and topaz ring.

Personalized Pomegranate Jewelry

If you love personalized jewelry, you're going to love these initial pendents! From one to three initials, these necklaces are great also as a piece of mom jewelry, with the initials of her children's names on it. Some are just a pomegranate shape while others include a floral decoration on the pendent. Many necklaces are available in silver or gold and have the option of having the initials in Hebrew or English. A beautiful alternative to the classic name necklace, these personalized pomegranates are a lot of fun.

❤︎ We love this pomegranate heart necklace.