At the moment, one of the biggest trends in accessories is pomegranate-inspired jewelry. While pomegranates have long been a popular symbol in Jewish jewelry and Judaica (as well as in Judaism itself), there is a huge demand from shoppers all over the world today for pomegranate jewelry.

Pomegranates are one of the Biblical Seven Species traditionally associated with the Land of Israel, and often feature in holiday celebrations for Rosh Hashanah and Tu BiShvat. They are used to represent love, fertility, beauty, abundance, prosperity, and blessing, with their many seeds also symbolizing the Jewish people's connection to God, as it is said in the Talmud that we are "full of mitzvot like a pomegranate." The pomegranate is also so deeply associated with both beauty and Judaism that it has often traditionally adorned Torah scrolls and other sacred Jewish objects - which makes pomegranate jewelry the perfect Jewish gift for a loved one whom you adore!

There are over a hundred pieces of pomegranate jewelry to choose from on our site, all beautifully crafted by Israel's finest designers. To help your shopping, we've compiled our top 10 favorite pieces, any one of which would make a stunning addition to your jewelry collection or a gorgeous gift for a loved one.


1. Gold and Silver Woman of Valor Ring with Pomegranates

A beautiful piece of handmade jewelry from the Israeli masters at Ha'ari Jewelry, this gold and silver ring will be a treasured gift for a very special woman in your life. Set within a decorative silver frame is a stunning 9K gold emblem adorned with pomegranates made of red ruby gemstones, representing an abundance of righteousness and wisdom. The ring is also engraved on the sides with the Hebrew verse Eishet Chayil Mi Yimtza ("Who can find a woman of valor?"), to remind the lucky recipient of how much you value her strength and valor.






2. Gold and Diamond Pomegranate Pendant with Jerusalem Motif

This stunning pomegranate-shaped pendant necklace, available in 14K white or yellow gold, combines the Biblical pomegranate motif with a depiction of the Old City of Jerusalem. It’s expertly crafted by the famous Israeli luxury jewelers Anbinder, using an array of brilliant diamonds to depict the abundance of seeds that the fruit is known for. This beautiful blend of Jewish tradition and modern style will make a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one!








3. 14K Gold Pomegranate Earrings with Ruby and Quartz Stones

An elegant blend of traditional Jewish symbolism and skilled craftsmanship, these gorgeous 14K gold pomegranate earrings are set with luminescent ruby and quartz stones surrounding a heart-shaped design inside each pomegranate. Since the pomegranate is a common symbol of love in Judaism, these exceptional earrings make for a perfect gift for a special loved one! They’re made by famous Israeli artisan designer Rafael, so you know you’re getting timeless style and long-lasting quality.







4. Sterling Silver and Garnet Pomegranate Necklace

Wear the Biblical pomegranate motif in style, with this exquisite sterling silver and garnet necklace! Crafted by renowned Israeli artisan studio Marina Jewelry, it features a pendant shaped like a pomegranate made out of a gleaming red garnet stone, overlaid with a swirling silver design and a depiction of the fruit's seeds. It's great for all ages, and will make a stylish addition to your wardrobe or a meaningful gift for your daughter, wife, or mom.







5. Silver and Gold Star of David & Pomegranate Biblical Quotes Ring

This incredible spinning ring from Emuna Studio is a multilayered combination of a variety of Jewish themes: it features three sterling silver spinners that are each engraved with a different Hebrew verse, while being adorned with overlays shaped like a pomegranate and two Stars of David. The ring is accented with two 9K yellow gold bands and an array of glistening white zirconia stones, adding an element of elegance and style.







6. Sterling Silver Pomegranate Pendant with Roman Glass

Connect with Jewish tradition and the Land of Israel in a unique way with this pomegranate pendant necklace from famous Israeli designer Rafael Jewelry. Made from sterling silver, the pendant is inlaid with a fragment of ancient glass from the Roman period that was discovered in archaeological excavation sites in the Land of Israel. The exquisite, multi-hued glass adds a special and distinctive luster to an already meaningful symbol, with a one-of-a-kind historical connection!







7. Silver Shema Yisrael Open Ring with Star of David & Pomegranate

Add a special touch of faith to your wardrobe with this elegant open ring from Marina Jewelry. Skillfully crafted from sterling silver, the inside of the ring is inscribed with the classic Hebrew expression of faith from the Torah (Deuteronomy 6:4), "Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad" (Hear O Israel, Our Lord is God, Our Lord is One). Meanwhile, the two ends are decorated with traditional Jewish symbols: a polished Star of David and a red enamel pomegranate. Sent straight from the Land of Israel, this piece is the perfect combination of religious motifs and contemporary style!






8. Sterling Silver Pomegranate Kabbalah Necklace

Made out of sterling silver, this beautiful, Bible-and kabbalah-inspired necklace is shaped liked a pomegranate with a stem and leaf, with seeds depicted to represent the Jewish people's connection to God, as it is said that we are "full of mitzvot like a pomegranate." The pendant is also inscribed along the periphery with "C'fiach Harimon Raketach" ("Your face is beautiful like a pomegranate"), a verse from the Song of Songs that can be taken to represent either romantic admiration for your beloved or the love between God and the Jewish people. The center of the necklace features the letters Shin-Alef-Heh, one of God's Divine names, which has strong kabbalistic meaning and represents love as well.





9. Gold Plated Personalized Pomegranate Heart Necklace

You won't find this exclusive design anywhere outside Judaica WebStore! The stylish heart-shaped pendant necklace features an intricate pomegranate motif, and can be engraved with up to 3 initials of your choosing in either English or Hebrew. It's crafted out of 925 sterling silver electroplated with 24K gold, and will make a one-of-a-kind and meaningful gift for a woman you love, sent straight from the Land of Israel.







10. Large Filigree Pomegranate Sterling Silver Necklace

Another stunning piece from Israeli master designer Rafael Jewelry is this gorgeous filigree pomegranate necklace, crafted from sterling silver and adorned with ruby and pink quartz. The pendant is shaped like a pomegranate and features engraved branches while the filigree and quartz pattern resembles pomegranate seeds. This masterful showcase of the best of Israeli artistic craftsmanship will make an exceptional addition to your jewelry collection, or a beautiful gift for a loved one!






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