Grown across the Middle East since biblical times, pomegranates have a special place in Jewish tradition. Pomegranates are one of the Seven Species mentioned in the Torah, meaning the first fruits of the season were used as offerings in the Temple.  The High Priest's robes were decorated with tiny embroidered pomegranates and miniature gold bells, while the familiar shape was engraved into the pillars of Solomon's great Temple. It is not rare to find the fruit engraved on Ancient Judean coins, which has carried over to today, as the two-shekel coin in Israel proudly bears a pomegranate.  We indulge in the fruit's juicy seeds on Rosh Hashanah because they represent an abundance of mitzvot (good deeds).

Pomegranates are believed to symbolize happiness, prosperity, and fertility. This triad of blessings has ensured the red fruit's continued place in Jewish and Israeli art, Judaica, jewelry, and decor.

Whether you're looking for a unique Rosh Hashanah gift, a meaningful piece of jewelry or simply want to reinvigorate your living room with a little Israeli style, our extensive range of pomegranate gifts is sure to include something spectacular for the people you love.

Pomegranate Jewelry

If you're looking for a gift that perfectly blends iconic Jewish symbolism with stunning contemporary design, you'll love our selection of pomegranate jewelry. This fabulous range includes gold and silver earrings, bracelets, and necklaces embellished with meaningful Hebrew verses and a staggering choice of glittering gem stones.

A silver replica of an ivory pomegranate found from the First Temple Period

Pomegranate Decor

Where should we start? We carry an amazing range of pomegranate home decor pieces which includes everything from hanging decorations to ceramic pomegranates and even gorgeous glassware decorated with the iconic motif. Lots of our hanging pieces include meaningful words of blessing, making them charming wedding or housewarming gifts. Created by some of Israel's most well-loved artists, these fantastic pieces offer an amazing way to add unmistakable Israeli style to your home while enjoying both traditional Jewish symbolism and the very best in luxurious homeware.

The prayer for the home makes the perfect gift for anyone

Pomegranate Judaica

Spanning everything from Shabbat candlesticks and Hanukkah menorahs to challah knives and matzah trays, Judaica pieces accompany every aspect of our Jewish lives - so it makes sense that we use beautiful objects and decorate them with eloquent and iconic symbols. Discover pomegranate mezuzah cases made from ceramic, Jerusalem stone, and different metals, or browse a range of pomegranate netilat yadayim pieces including soft hand towels and a choice of washing cups. With so many amazing Judaica pieces, you'll be spoiled for choice!

Not everything pomegranate related needs to be red! Get colorful with Michal Ben Yosef's ceramic mezuzahs

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