Adore it or dread it, matzah is an integral part of Passover, and between the 3-layered matzah stack and the afikoman on the table, or just having a plate for guests, many people choose to embellish their Passover Seders with a variety of beautiful matzah accessories.

So prepare for Passover 2024: Be sure you have a matzah plate or holder for the Seder table. When it's time for the matzahs to shine (and crumble) during the Seder, get out the matzah cover to go over them, and an afikoman bag to hide afikoman piece.

We have all your matzah needs covered, with beautiful items by Israeli designers. We have compiled the essential matzah accessories and gifts you need for Passover 2024 so that you can have a smooth and crumb-less Seder to fit any aesthetic!

Want to learn more about matzah and why we eat it on Passover? Check out our matzah blog post here!






1. Armenian Ceramic Classic Matzah Plate

Matzah itself may not be the most-eye catching, but this matzah plate is a colorful, traditional design that will make for a perfect table decoration all at once. In a variety of classic Armenian ceramic designs, with floral patterns and a blue painted perimeter, you’ll love this iconic Jerusalem-made style. Featuring the word ‘matzah’ in Hebrew and English, this matzah plate will make a great addition to your Pesach Seder.






2.Yair Emanuel Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag - Pomegranates

There are two traditional matzah covers at a Passover seder, one is for the stack of 3 matzos and the other is to store the afikoman, to be retrieved later. This gorgeous set from Yair Emanuel is made of silk, each with an embroidered border of deep red pomegranates and silver highlights, and the words Pesach (Passover) and Afikoman in each center respectively. The matzah bag is sectioned to keep the 3 layers of matzah separate, and large enough even for most hand made matzahs.






3.Pyramid Matzah Holder: Do-It-Yourself 3-D Puzzle Kit

Adding to the message of how matzah is the bread of redemption, characterizing the exodus from Egypt, this entertaining and educational puzzle can be a fun activity for the kids before the Seder, and then used later that night. It looks like a pyramid that would have been built with Israelite slave labor only to be uncovered to show the matzahs within. At the base, it contains the Torah verse in Hebrew translating to "the Feast of Matzos you will observe. Seven days you will eat Matzos, as I commanded you, at the appointed time in the spring month, for in it you came out of Egypt". Creative and decorative, this will make a great feature on any Passover table!






4. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Matzah Holder - Jerusalem Blue

This embroidered matzah tray is a stunning piece that feels like a modern take on traditional styles from Yair Emanuel. The outside features a motif of the Old City of Jerusalem in blue, giving a little more zeal to the excited “Next Year in Jerusalem” statement at the Passover Seder, with the plain white silk in the middle. The corners flare out for an added style, and the sides can quickly snapped together, stored flat. Perfect for anyone hosting during Passover 2024 and beyond!






5. Dorit Judaica Matzah Tray – Pomegranates

This sleek, modern matzah plate design shows there's nothing that has to feel dated about Passover. The whol piece uses a beautiful and simple pomegranate motif. Dorit Judaica's use of laser-cut aluminum gives an exciting look and sense of lightness. This would make an excellent housewarming present!






6. Embroidered Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag - Jerusalem Blue

This matzah cover and afikoman bag set from acclaimed Jerusalemite artist Yair Emanuel, with the words Pesach (Passover) and Afikoman in center of each in traditional Hebrew lettering, is made of raw silk and is expertly embroidered. The perimeter features a stylized motif of the Old City of Jerusalem in shades of blue, with silver accents. This elegant, classic style will fit just about any aesthetic for your table, or make for a beautiful Pesach gift for a loved one.






7. Matzah Plate - Jerusalem. Armenian Ceramic

Fit for just about every type of square matzah, this striking floral matzah plate will be a great addition to your Pesach meal. Handmade in the Old City of Jerusalem using traditional techniques, this colorful Armenian ceramic plate is a great way to showcase your matzah to be discussed and enjoyed at your Passover Seder, or used as a serving dish throughout the rest of the year!






8.Deluxe Matzah Cover & Afikoman Bag Set - Grapes

ThisPassover gift set featues matzah and afikoman pouches in a traditional design, filled with symbolism and verses. In polyester, the circular Matzah cover is decorated with a colorful grape design, tassels around the edge, and the Hebrew words "Pesach, Matzah, u'Maror". The Afikoman bag has the word 'Afikoman' and both items have the line in Aramaic from the Haggadah, translating to "this is the bread of affliction that our ancestors ate in Egypt. All those who are hungry, let them enter and eat. All who are in need, let them come celebrate Passover. Now we are here, next year in the Land of Israel. This year we are enslaved, next year we will be free".






9.Afikoman Bag With Arabesque Mandala Design By Dorit Judaica

Get the afikoman ready to be hidden in this brilliant, mesmerizing satin afikoman bag! On the front is a colorful Arabesque mandala surrounded by the Hebrew line from the haggadah, "ma nishtana halayla hazeh mikhol haleilot? Shebechol haleilot anu ochlin chametz u'matzah; halayla hazeh kulo matzah" (Why is this night different from all other nights? On all other nights we eat leaven and matzah, tonight we eat only matzah). So add some fun, style, a beautiful Middle Eastern design to your afikoman with this great drawstring bag!






10. Yair Emanuel Wooden Matzah Tray - Oriental

Fun for young and old alike, this colorful, wooden matzah tray is eye-catching and would decorate any Passover table beautifully. With a light blue base and intricate floral and Seven Species designs throughout, it's both light hearted and gives a natural flavor to the table. At the base is the word 'Matzah' in large Hebrew letters, surrounded by a motif of the Old City of Jerusalem. This will be fun and exciting for kids, but is also designed to last years beyond this Passover 2024.






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