If you have a Seder plate, bottles and bottles of wine, a Haggadah for every guest, handpicked gifts on their way to loved ones near and far, and a Cup for Elijah (just in case this is the year he shows up), you're well on your way to being prepared for Passover 2021. But just to double-check... Do you have a matzah tray for the Seder table? What about a cover to go over the matzahs until it's their time to shine (and crumble) during the Seder? An Afikoman bag? A matzah-themed gift for your friends and family?

Don't panic — we have you covered. We have compiled the essential matzah accessories and gifts you need for Passover 2021 so that you can have a smooth and crumbless Seder!


Afikoman Bags

The hunt for the Afikoman has become one of the most exciting Passover traditions for kids and adults alike. Make it a little easier on the young ones by choosing a bag that is bold and vibrant or looks like the piece of matzah they're searching for. If you're looking for an Afikoman bag that will match your matzah cover, renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel offers several designs inspired by the Land of Israel, including this gold seven species set.

❤︎ We love this satin Afikoman bag and this fun paisley print bag.

Matzah Covers

While you might be tempted to throw a challah cover over the matzah, many opt to buy a separate matzah cover because of concerns over chametz or remaining leavened bread crumbs. There are traditional satin covers and plenty of modern ones as well, and sets featuring classic Jewish symbols like Jerusalem, pomegranates, and more!

❤︎ We love this pomegranate cover set and this bold antique font set.

Matzah Trays

Matzah trays keep the inevitable crumbs off your table and make passing around the matzah so much easier. Some are made from fabric that fold-up for easy storage and the trays range from stunning contemporary designs to simple handmade ceramic. Plenty of options to choose from, all equally beautiful

❤︎ We love this painted wooden pomegranate tray and this Found the Matzah tin.

Matzah Themed Gifts

It might not be for matzah but there are so many adorable matzah themed gifts to decorate your home with or give as a gift if you travel for the holiday! People can't tell the difference between these coasters and trivets, and matzah, and will have a laugh when they realize this matzah won't crumble. There are also aprons and clocks to get you in the holiday mood, and a matzah-themed pot holder with an inspiring quote about how we can survive anything!

❤︎ We love this bib for a baby's first Passover and this Keep Calm and Seder On Mug.