If you don't already have a matzah tray, there is still time to get one before Passover! This tray is an essential piece of Passover tableware that you never knew you needed, but is so incredibly useful once you have one. Keeping the crumbs centralized, these decorative trays are great for meals as they make it easy to pass the matzah around the table, and look better than the bulky cardboard box the matzah comes in. These are also a fantastic gift for when you are going out of town to celebrate Passover with family or friends. Matzah trays add a bit more color to your Passover table and are just the right size for keeping your matzah in place.

Matzah Tins

Many metal matzah trays come with a lid so that you can really throw away the box the matzah comes in and keep it fresh and stylish on your table and there are some without the lid and are equally amazing. Each metal tin has a stylish design in a generally square shape, meant for machine made matzah, but if you love handmade round matzah, there is also a tray for you. These matzah tins can also be used for other Passover needs if you already have a tray, but don't miss out on the fun designs like this orange and purple one!

❤︎ We love this standing up tin and this "Found the Matzah" tin.

Glass Matzah Trays

Glass matzah trays are the more elegant option when you're searching for a matzah tray. These shallow glass trays have a square cut that are the right size for machine made matzah, and have beautiful patterns and embellishments. This section includes beautiful designs from the magnificent Lily Art that have hand-painted flowers and shimmering beads resulting in a dazzling piece of tableware. Glass matzah trays offer a delicate and sophisticated look to your Seder table, like this gold square tray .

❤︎ We love this rainbow pomegranate matzah tray and this blue and white one.

Fabric Matzah Trays

Textile matzah trays are the more casual type of matzah tray but they have bold designs and the corners untie or unsnap to make it easy to shake out any crumbs. Yair Emanuel and Barbara Shaw have dominated this section, giving you excellent choices for these matzah trays. Emanuels feature embroidered flowers, while Shaw's have fun Passover themed prints, either way you choose is a great choice. These trays can also be used for other things, like fruit or candies, plus they store flat so they take up no space at all.

❤︎ We love this Pharoah print tray in teal.

Ceramic Matzah Trays

Ceramic matzah trays are a beautiful handmade creation that would look lovely at any table. Featuring Armenian Ceramic designs as well as those by famous Israeli artist, Michal Ben Yosef, these matzah trays are truely one of a kind. Each design is not only handmade, but also hand-painted, so every tray has its own unique look to it that you won't find anywhere else, and there are also options by Jerusalem's own Armenian Ceramics. Ceramic is sustainable and easy to wash so it looks new and is kept clean year after year.

❤︎ We love this Mah Nishtana tray and this Jerusalem Armenian Ceramic tray.