If you want your Seder table to look elegant, colorful, and most importantly, crumbless, you need a matzah tray. While matzah trays are a simple piece of Judaica, Israeli artists manage to make them an impressive Passover essential that will wow your guests while keeping that flaky matzah contained. Whether you want something simple and traditional to bring you back to the Seders of your childhood or a matzah tray that doubles as a piece of modern art, we have something for everyone!

Glass Matzah Trays

Glass matzah trays are a sophisticated and timeless choice for your table. Renowned Israeli artist Jordana Klein is your go-to for glass matzah trays. Her inspired, one-of-a-kind designs incorporate flowers, the splitting of the sea, springtime, and pomegranates and can be displayed as a gorgeous piece of home décor year-round.

❤︎ We love this traditional beige tray and this sunrise-inspired tray.

Fabric Matzah Trays

Textile matzah trays are more casual, but not any less bold! In addition to being kid-proof, the corners untie or unsnap to make it easy to shake out any crumbs and store flat, taking up no space at all. Israeli artists Yair Emanuel and Barbara Shaw dominate this space, offering designs that will add a splash of color or a piece of Jerusalem to your table. These trays can also be used for fruit, candy, and macaroons.

❤︎ We love this Pharaoh print tray in teal.

Ceramic Matzah Trays

Ceramic matzah trays are a beautiful handmade creation that will stand out on any table. Created in Jerusalem by Armenian Ceramics, these matzah trays are a perfect way to bring a piece of the Land of Israel into your home, no matter where you are. The trays are durable and will retain their bright and bold color year after year, ensuring you and your loved ones will enjoy this work of art for many Passovers to come!

❤︎ We love this blue floral motif and this Jerusalem tray.

Metal Matzah Trays

Whether you're seeking something sleek and contemporary or delicate and traditional, metal matzah trays make an excellent addition to any Judaica collection. Israeli designer Laura Cowan creates modern trays, such as this modular option, and this polished, classy two-tier tray. For spring-inspired designs, check out Dorit Judaica's pomegranate and flower motifs.

❤︎ We love this seven species tray.

Bonus: Matzah Tins

Prepare for the entire eight days ahead with a matzah tin that will keep your matzah fresh and in tact throughout the weeklong holiday. This illustrated Barbara Shaw tin brings a burst of color and character, while others are more minimalist. Most metal tins have a stylish design in a square shape, meant for machine-made matzah, but if you love handmade round matzah, there is also a tray just for you!

❤︎ We love this standing up tin and this "Found the Matzah" tin.