As with all Jewish holidays, the Passover Seder begins with Kiddush - the sanctification over wine - so you'll need a Kiddush Cup, which you can learn more about with our Passover Kiddush Cup blog post here. Here at Judaica Webstore we have a brilliant selection of Kiddush Cups that aren't just perfect for Passover, they're also great for use on Shabbat and Holidays all year round.

In addition to the Kiddush cup, the Cup of Elijah is an essential part of the Passover Seder. According to Jewish tradition, the Prophet Elijah will announce the coming of the Messiah, ushering in the redemption of Israel, the gathering of the exiles, and peace between all peoples of the world. Throughout the Passover Seder, the festive meal which retells the Exodus from Egypt and celebrates the Jewish People's liberation from slavery, the Cup of Elijah stands as a powerful symbol of our anticipation and hope for this Messianic Age. To learn more about where Elijah's Cup comes from and what it represents, check out our What Does Elijah’s Cup Symbolize? blog post here.

And to help you choose the perfect ceremonial cups for your Passover Seder needs, we have put together this list of Top 10 Elijah's Cups and Kiddush Cups for you to browse!


1. Armenian Ceramic Elijah's Cup

For a Passover Seder item that is both meaningful and a true work of art, check out this beautiful Armenian Ceramic Elijah Cup. Skillfully crafted and hand-painted by the talented Armenian artisans of Jerusalem, this cup and matching saucer are decorated with classic floral designs and bold blue borders that are iconic to Armenian Ceramics. The words "Elijah Cup" are displayed on the cup in both English and Hebrew. Colorful, stylish, and brought to you from Israel's eternal capital, this Armenian Ceramic Elijah Cup is a must-have for Passover 2024.






2. Jumbo Deluxe Eliyahu's Cup With Saucer - Jerusalem

Since the vision of returning to Jerusalem is central to the Passover Seder, why not keep up the theme with this Nickel-Plated Cup of Elijah with Jerusalem Design? This sensational cup and matching saucer display a remarkable representation of the holy city of Jerusalem, complete with its elegant detailing. With the cup's base and stem detailed with floral designs, adding even more beauty to this breath-taking piece.






3. Gold Plated Jerusalem Elijah's Cup with Saucer

If gold is more your style, this Gold Plated Jerusalem Elijah's Cup is the one for you. This spectacular gold-plated cup and matching saucer are decorated with a breathtaking depiction of Israel's beating heart - Jerusalem. Unparalleled in its beauty and rich in significance, this special Elijah's Cup sent straight from the Land of Israel will make a truly dazzling centerpiece for your Passover Seder table this year.






4. Silver Jerusalem Kiddush Cup with Hoshen

For an all-around cup that works as either an Elijah cup or kiddush cup, have a look at this splendid silver goblet kiddush cup and saucer. Beautifully silver-plated, this delightful design displays the old city of Jerusalem, complete with its golden domes, and the Hoshen Priestly Breastplate design. Rich in Jewish symbolism and unequaled in style, this gorgeous cup won't just steal the show this Passover, it's also great for use as a Kiddush cup all year round!






5. Ceramic and Silver Kiddush Cup with Ancient Hebrew "Jerusalem" Inscription

If you're a lover of chic, contemporary art and designs then you'll totally love this Handmade Ceramic and Sterling Kiddush Cup with Ancient Hebrew Inscription. Beautifully handmade in Israel by Jerusalem Glass Studio, the lower part of this ceramic cup displays a silver-plated inscription of "Jerusalem" in an ancient Hebrew script. A fabulous fusion of the old and the new, this Kiddush cup will take pride of place at your Passover Seder table.






6. Yair Emanuel Shabbat Blessing Kiddush Cup with Saucer (Choice of Colors)

For a Kiddush cup with a meaningful design, check out this magnificent cup set by acclaimed Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Made of anodized aluminum, this stylish Kiddush cup and matching saucer display a metal cut-out pomegranate design, as well as the words "Shabbat Shalom" and "Borei Pri HaGefen" (the blessing recited over wine). It comes in several color choices to suit your table and personal style. Rich in Jewish symbolism and extraordinarily elegant, you will cherish this Kiddush cup this Passover and on every shabbat and holiday the rest of the year.






7. Silver-Plated Jerusalem Kiddush Cup Set with Gold Accents

Make Jerusalem the focal point of your Passover Seder with this graceful Kiddush cup from Israel! Superbly made of silver, this wonderful cup and matching saucer display a gorgeous Jerusalem design with the city's iconic domes and Montefiore Windmill accented in gold. An incredible piece of Judaica showcasing the best workmanship from the Land of Israel, it makes a wonderful gift for anyone who's missing Jerusalem!






8. Traditional Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup with Filigree Design

For a Kiddush cup with a vintage look, this Traditional Yemenite Art Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup is the one for you. Exquisitely fashioned from 925 sterling silver, this beautiful Kiddush cup by the Israeli silversmith, Shoham Simchi, has a classic shape, with the rim, body, and base of the cup decorated with fantastic Yemenite-inspired filigree patterns. The cup stands stylishly on a magnificent matching saucer, which can be added at an additional cost. An inspiring artistic addition to your Passover table, this Kiddush cup will be a cherished part of your Judaica collection that you can pass on for generations.






9. Bier Judaica Handcrafted Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

If a simple yet stylish design is more to your taste, check out this Elegant Handcrafted Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup with Polished Finish. An exclusive design by Bier Judaica - a renowned Jerusalem-based manufacturer of unique Judaica pieces - this classic silver Kiddush cup has a smooth, shiny surface, as well as a gold-plated interior to protect the integrity of the cup. A delightful matching saucer can be added at an additional cost. An exceptional piece of craftsmanship from the Land of Israel, this Kiddush cup would make a gorgeous gift for Passover!






10. Yair Emanuel Seven Species Kiddush Cup Set (Choice of Design)

For a truly unique Kiddush cup with a special connection to the Land of Israel, have a look at this Seven Species Kiddush Cup Set by the renowned Israeli designer Yair Emanuel. Made of sturdy stainless steel and displaying a beautiful hammered finish, this exceptional Kiddush cup comes with a Seven Species motif of your choice - either grapes or pomegranates. The Seven Species are the iconic foods mentioned in the Torah as being special to the Land of Israel. Whether for yourself or a gift for someone you love, this stunning Kiddush cup will make Passover more meaningful for years to come.






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