Every year at Passover, Jews across the world gather with friends and family to retell the story of our ancestors' escape from slavery, and their journey to becoming the Children of Israel. In the familiar glow of bright Yom Tov candles, families come together around beautifully set tables laden with sparkling glasses, heavy bottles of flavorful wine, and stacks of matzot to share the story of our forefathers' meteoric rise from subordination and oppression in Egypt to the lofty status of God's Chosen People, and celebrate this new-found freedom.

Some families eat eggs floating in salty water and others hit each other with leeks or scallions; some nights only end when a reward for the 'afikoman' matzah has been bribed out of parents and grandparents. Every family has their own traditions that make their Seder night special, but every night has one thing in common: the Haggadah (plural - haggadot).

The Haggadah details the specific order of the Seder night rituals, and tells the ancient story of the Exodus. Browse a great range of beautiful Haggadah books:

A Word on... Translations:

The text of the Haggadah includes passages from Torah and mishna: even for those fluent in Hebrew, pages of difficult liturgy can seem like a daunting prospect. Many of our haggadot include a full English translation, helping make the age-old Passover story understandable and relevant.

Illustrated Haggadot

While the message of the Pesach story is undeniably powerful, some of the Haggadah's text is difficult to understand. Our range of beautiful illustrated haggadot includes stunning full-color pictures, bringing the Passover story to life in front of your eyes.
♥️ We love this hardback illustrated Haggadah from Koren - it includes full-color reproductions of artwork from the Erna Michael Haggadah.

Unique Haggadot

We are proud to carry some of the most beautiful Haggadot in the world, featuring exceptional artwork from different Jewish communities across the world. They're a fantastic way to add a new and unique perspective to the ancient Seder rituals, and make fantastic gifts for people ahead of the holiday.
♥️ We love this Ethiopian Haggadah, which blends the story of the Israelites' Exodus with the story of the Ethiopians' redemption from Africa and journey to Israel.

Israel Museum Haggadot

The Israel Museum creates replicas of Haggadot which were discovered from different Jewish communities around the world. The Israel Museum Haggadah selection contains beautiful replicas which will offer an even stronger connection to the Jewish nations' incredible history.
♥️ We love the Floersheim Haggadah, which is a signed copy of a 1502 German Haggadah and is an incredibly rare, limited edition piece - a print run of only 900 replicas was commissioned.

A Word on... Children's Haggadot

So many of the Seder's idiosyncrasies are geared towards the younger generation: the Pesach story plays such a pivotal part in Jewish education that much of the Seder is engineered to pique children's interest and encourage them to ask questions about the night. Children's Haggadot, complete with age-appropriate translations and illustrations, are a great way to snatch a kid's attention right from the start.

Passover is all about freedom, and with our great selection of Haggadot, you can relive the epic story of the Exodus and celebrate freedom with the perfect Haggada for you!