Passover is a great occasion to give a thoughtful gift to the man who raised you - whether it's a beautiful piece of Judaica he'll need for the holiday itself, or another type of Jewish item that'll help him get in touch with his heritage year-round. We have a comprehensive collection of Jewish gifts made especially for Dad, so you can express your admiration and appreciation for the finest Jewish man you know, all while supporting talented Israeli artisans.

And to give you some shopping inspiration, we've put together our top 10 favorite gifts for dads below, just in time for Passover.

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1. Silver and Gold Jerusalem Kiddush Cup Set

The Passover Seder celebration begins with the kiddush prayer said over wine, a ritual that takes place on every shabbat and other major holiday as well. So give your father a stylish and meaningful piece of Judaica that he can use this Passover and the rest of the year with this gorgeous silver and gold kiddush cup set! The silver-plated cup and matching saucer are each adorned with gold-accented depictions of Jerusalem buildings, and the inside of the cup is plated with gold. There are additional motifs in your choice of either Hoshen (Priestly Breastplate) or Star of David themes. What better way to help your dad keep Jewish rituals than with a piece of Jerusalem sent straight from Israel?




2. Traditional Blue with Gold Stripes Pure Wool Tallit

If your dad is getting in touch with his religious side or is already a synagogue regular and could use a tallit upgrade, this authentic wool tallit is the perfect gift. Featuring a traditional stripe design and intricate depictions of Jerusalem at its four corners, this prayer shawl is certified kosher by religious authorities and is available in a variety of sizes. It's made by the famous Israeli masters at Talitnia who have making tallitot since the 19th century and even supply the IDF and the Israeli Chevra Kadisha (burial society), so you know you're getting the most reliable quality for your dad.









3. Armenian Ceramics Passover Seder Gift Set

Give your dad some gorgeous Passover Seder essentials with a uniquely Middle Eastern look, with this awesome Armenian Ceramics Passover gift set. Handmade in Israel by the skilled Armenian craftsmen of Jerusalem, this set includes a Seder plate, matzah plate, and cup of Elijah. Each piece is stunningly decorated in the classic Armenian floral design. A stylish and meaningful Judaica set with a special Jerusalem touch that'll become your family's holiday must-have for years to come!






4. Hebrew Letters Classic Golden Watch

Help your father connect with his heritage in a classy and subtle way with this elegant watch from Adi Watches, the famous Israeli watchmakers known for their high-quality craftsmanship that even the Israeli Army relies on. The gold-plated analog watch is set on a comfortable leather band and elegantly displays the time using Hebrew letters in a classic script, along with a mechanical date display. A stylish, functional, and classic gift for the man who raised you!






5. The Lublin Hebrew-English Passover Haggadah

This special historical haggadah from acclaimed Israeli publisher Matan Arts will enrich your dad's Passover Seder with its unique celebration of the history of Jews of Lublin, which was at one point called “The Jerusalem of Poland.” Whether your dad's family hails from Poland or he's simply a history buff, he'll love the rich collection of photographs, reproductions of historic Jewish art, and copies of publications previously only found in museums. The stunning illustrations, special historical connection, and helpful English translation along with the traditional haggadah text will make this a beloved Passover Seder item for your lucky recipient.









6. Martin Holt Jewish Humor Moses Wall Clock

If your dad has a sense of humor and enjoys fun and quirky Jewish décor, he'll love this fantastic wall clock featuring the colorful art of Israeli artist Martin Holt! Depicting the comical image of Moses parting the waters at a swimming pool so that Hasidic man can run, this captivating clock gives a light-hearted take on the Exodus from Egypt that is at the center of the Passover story. Joyful, practical, and on topic, this clock will make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves to show off their Jewish pride and original taste.






7. Hebrew/English Koren Jerusalem Bible with Thumb Tabs

Every Jewish home needs a Tanach or Hebrew Bible, and whether your dad takes part in regular Torah study or is simply connecting with his Jewish heritage, he will surely treasure this magnificent Bible from renowned Israeli religious publisher Koren Jerusalem. One of the most highly acclaimed Hebrew-English Bibles ever published, it features a modern translation by leading Biblical scholars, an easy-to-read Hebrew font, and an array of helpful annotations, maps, charts, and illustrations. It makes the perfect Jewish gift for your Jewish dad!





8. Ten Commandments Olive Wood Desk Ornament (Hebrew/English)

Your dad will love displaying his faith with this stunning Biblical standing desk ornament which has been crafted from the Holy Land's native olive wood by Israeli artisans, with the Ten Commandments engraved in both Hebrew and English. A wooden back allows it to stand with ease, so it can be prominently displayed anywhere in the home or office. Show your father how much you admire his values and wisdom with this meaningful piece!






9. David Gerstein "Peace Upon Israel" Hamsa Sculpture

Give a beautiful gift full of Jewish symbolism and the hope for peace with this magnificent, colorful cut-out sculpture from renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein. The piece is shaped like a Hamsa hand, a common Jewish good luck charm and symbol of Divine protection, and features the Hebrew words Shalom al Israel ("Peace upon Israel") along with an array of symbolic Jewish motifs: the Western Wall, Star of David, shabbat candlesticks, menorah, Ten Commandments tablets, dove, wine cup, a pomegranate, and more.





10. Castel Grand Vin Red Wine

Passover is a big wine-drinking holiday, so be sure to get your dad some delicious kosher wine from Israel - like this exquisite grand vin red wine from Domaine du Castel! Produced in the Judean hills by one of the highest-rated wineries in the world using only the finest grapes, this wine blends together cabernet sauvignon, merlot, petit Verdot, and cabernet franc to create a unique bouquet of flavors along with a velvety smooth texture. The finest man in your life deserves only the finest tastes of the Land of Israel!






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