Let's face it, we'd be lost without our moms! Whether it's working hard, getting the house and delicious food ready for Shabbat and holidays, or simply being there when times are tough, moms are what make the world go round. As we sit down with our families for this year's Passover Seder, many of us will have moms to thank for the hard work that goes into making it all happen, so why not show your appreciation for all that your mom does by giving her a wonderful gift for Passover?!

At Judaica Webstore, we have a stunning range of Passover Gifts that are perfect for that extra special lady in your life. To help you narrow the field we have put together this list of the top 10 Best Passover Gifts for Mom this year!


1. Pomegranate Design Seder Plate - Dorit Judaica

The centerpiece of every Passover Seder is the Seder plate, so what better gift than a delightful Designer Seder Plate from Israel?! Designed by the renowned Israeli designer, Dorit Judaica, this terrific contemporary seder plate is decorated with a magnificent mandala design, incorporating pomegranates leafy branches at the center. Pomegranates are one of the special seven species of the Land of Israel and are a symbol of abundance in Jewish tradition, making this decorative seder plate a wonderful gift for your mom this Passover.






2. Must-Have Passover Seder Gift Set By Lily Art - Pomegranates (Red)

If your mom likes a more traditional look, then this Must-Have Passover Seder Set by Lily Art is the one for her. Each piece of this marvelous three-piece set consisting of a seder plate, kiddush cup, and matzah plate displays a phenomenal pomegranate design. Brought to you by the celebrated Israeli designer, Lily Art, this Passover Seder Gift Set will be a treasured part of your mom's Judaica collection for many years to come!







3. The Book of Blessings - Hebrew/English - Deluxe Gold Edition (Includes Passover Haggadah)

If you're looking for a Passover Hagaddah that your mom can use all year round, check out this bilingual Hebrew-English Book of Blessings! In addition to the entire Passover Haggadah, this gorgeous Gold Edition book contains an inspiring array of blessings, dedications, prayers, and hymns for Shabbat and the other holidays. Each page is decorated with a painted gold edge and an imaginative illustrative border, making this book a practical and refined companion that your mom will cherish for always.






4. Yair Emanuel Embroidered Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag - Pomegranate Tangle

Matzah and the Afikoman are key parts of the Passover Seder, so what better gift for the holiday than an exceptionally Embroidered Matzah Cover and Afikoman Bag?! Beautifully designed by Israel's most famous designer of stunning Judaica pieces, Yair Emanuel, this afikoman bag and matzah cover are stunningly decorated with pomegranate patterns, symbols of abundance in Jewish tradition. Stylish and practical for Passover, this matzah cover and afikoman bag set is a fabulous gift for your mom.






5. The Liberty Hebrew-English Passover Haggadah - Gold Edition

The Passover story is all about liberty, so what better gift than a Haggadah that's all about liberty. This magnificent Gold Edition Hebrew-English Liberty Haggadah is infused with the Jewish yearning to return to Israel and the rebirth of the nation, lending the traditional Passover message a modern and contemporary meaning. With captivating photographs and images associated with Passover, Jewish life in the diaspora, and the Zionist dream of a return to the Land, this unique Haggadah is both stylish and meaningful and makes a fabulous gift for your mom this Passover!





6. Yair Emanuel Luxury Passover Gift Set

Like every Jewish holiday, Passover begins with candle lighting and the sanctification of the holiday over wine - so why not start the holiday in style with these beautiful matching candlesticks and a Kiddush cup set! This Luxury Passover Gift Set from Yair Emanuel contains just that - with a chic hammered finish and stylish blue rings - along with 3 hand towels made specifically for Passover, colorfully embroidered with the Hebrew names of different parts of the Seder. Both practical and stylish, this luxury set is the perfect gift to make Passover special for your mom this year.





7. Glass Seder Plate By Jordana Klein– Flowers in the Judean Hills


The seder is a story that details how and why the Jewish people needed to be saved out of Egypt and eventually brought to the Land of Israel. Capturing a scene from the lush Judean hills is a beautiful and subtle reminder of the start of the journey to the promised land. Made by Jerusalem's renowned design Jordana Klein is a must-have this Passover! The plate is made of glass with a painted design of green with purple flowers as seen in the Judean hills that stands on aluminum legs. It has the Hebrew words for the six foods of a seder plate printed in a traditional Hebrew font. It comes in different size options, and with a choice for glass cups for each dish.






8. Shabbat and Holiday Tablecloth (Choice of Sizes)

The focal point of Passover is the Passover Seder, when all the family and guests gather around the festive dining table to retell the story of the Exodus. It goes without saying that decorating the table for the holiday is a must, making this beautiful Shabbat and Holiday Tablecloth a truly marvelous gift. Machine washable and stain-resistant, this terrific tablecloth is decorated with various Jewish designs including Star of David, kiddush cup, and candlesticks. The words "Moadim Lesimcha" ("Happy Festivals") and "Shabbat Kodesh" ("Holy Sabbath") make this tablecloth a perfect gift for Passover and all year round!






9. Dorit Judaica Colored 11 Blessings Wall Hanging (Hebrew)

If your mom is a home bird who is proud of her nest, why not gift her with a wonderful wall hanging that will spruce up her home décor. This fabulous piece of colorful wall art by renowned Israeli designer, Dorit Judaica, displays 11 words of blessing for the home in Hebrew. The blessings include happiness, abundance, peace, prosperity, and health. Meaningful and stylish this home blessings wall hanging is a Passover gift your mom will never forget!






10. Silver and Gold Eshet Chayil (Woman of Valor) Hebrew Pearl Necklace

Go all out this Passover and treat the special lady in your life to a fabulous piece of jewelry that she will cherish forever. This Gold and Silver Pearl Necklace displays the words from the popular Shabbat song "Eshet Chayil" (Woman of Valor), traditionally sung before the Friday night Shabbat dinner in honor of the lady of the house. The words of depicted around a silver swirl, while a beautiful pearl cased in gold sits at the center. A sensational piece of Jewish jewelry, your mom will love wearing this remarkable necklace this Passover!





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