Passover 2024 is soon approaching, starting at sundown on April 22nd! Now's your last chance to get your Passover gifts and essentials - and don't forget afikoman gifts and prizes!

Hiding and searching for the afikoman is one of the most fun parts of the Passover Seder and can be done by both kids and adults, and there is a tradition to give a gift or prize to either the person who finds it, or to all who partake in the search. Some give cute gifts that are directly Passover-related, while others take this opportunity to gift something beautiful and meaningful but not necessarily related to the holiday.

Whatever your preferences or budget, we have something for everyone! Check out our top 10 favorite afikoman prizes and gifts below:


1. "Afikoman Search Team" Unisex Passover T-Shirt

Your lucky afikoman finder - and everyone else who participates in the search - will love this cute "Afikoman Search Team" t-shirt! Designed right in Jerusalem, it's made of high-quality cotton in a range of sizes and a variety of fun colors. So reward the afikoman searchers at your Passover Seder with this fun memento, which they can wear all year to remember the fun holiday celebration.






2. Moses Splitting the Red Sea Puzzle

One of the most famous parts of the story of the Exodus from Egypt is Moses splitting the Red Sea so that the Israelites can cross to safety. And now you can make the story come alive for your children, grandchildren, or whoever finds the afikoman in your family with this beautiful Moses puzzle! With stunning artwork of the iconic Biblical scene, it comes in two different sizes, and will help both the young and old connect with the Passover story like never before.






3. "Let My People Go" Black Glossy Mug

This fabulous "Let My People Go" mug is a functional, fun, and meaningful gift that'll help your lucky recipient show off one of the most famous lines from the Exodus story during the Passover holiday and beyond. It comes in a chic black color with an original Israeli design, made of high-quality ceramic in a choice of two different sizes. Fun for family and friends of all ages, it will make the Passover story come alive and soon become a holiday favorite!






4. Armenian Ceramics Shabbat & Holiday Gift Set

If you're looking for a great afikoman gift for a teen, young adult, or a friend who's new to observing Jewish traditions on their own and in need of some basic Judaica, this Armenian Ceramics shabbat set is sure to please! It features the most important shabbat and holiday essentials in an adorable design: a kiddush cup for wine with the words "Borei P'ri HaGefen" ("Who Creates The Fruit of the Vine"), along with two vibrantly colored shabbat candlesticks with a matching tray with a traditional floral design and the word "Shabbat" in Hebrew and English.






5. "I Found the Afikoman" Unisex Passover T-Shirt

Give a laugh to your afikoman finder and everyone else at the Passover table with this humorous t-shirt featuring the words, "I found the Afikoman and all I got was this T-Shirt"! The work of Jerusalem-based studio Modern Shtetl, it's made of long-lasting cotton in a choice of sizes and colors, and will be a fun and funny gift for anyone who loves Passover and Jewish humor.






6. "This Guy Found the Afikoman" Unisex Passover T-Shirt

For a different twist on a fun t-shirt for whoever finds the afikoman at your Passover Seder, we've got this cute Passover shirt evoking a regal theme: it features a crown, olive branches, a Star of David, and the words "This Guy Found the Afikoman." Your lucky afikoman finder will love showing off his feat and his Jewish pride, and will have a lovely keepsake to remember Passover 2024 by.






7. 14K Gold Blue Enamel Star of David Diamond Necklace

If cheesy t-shirts are not your style, or you know your gift recipient to have refined tastes, you can't go wrong with this gorgeous Star of David diamond necklace from Israeli luxury studio Anbinder. The classic Star of David shape is made of 14K gold in your choice of white or yellow color, and is adorned with vibrant blue enamel and small diamonds at each point. What's more, it's handmade right in the Land of Israel, and will be a treasured holiday gift for years to come!






8. Yair Emanuel Cotton Black Jerusalem Tallit Set with Kippah & Bag

Another stunning holiday gift that works as a beautiful Passover afikoman prize is this Jerusalem tallit gift set from renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Whether your gift recipient is already a synagogue regular or just starting to explore their Judaism, they'll love this beautiful nod to Jewish tradition and the city of Jerusalem through this tallit (prayer shawl), matching tallit bag, and kippah - all intricately embroidered with elegant depictions of the Holy City. Nothing says "Next Year in Jerusalem" quite like this special gift!






9. Schlep Eco Tote Bag in Black

The Israelites' journey from Egypt to the Land of Israel was the ultimate schlep - today's Yiddish word for a difficult or tedious journey. So give your gift recipient a fun themed gift and a nod to Jewish tradition with this stylish and practical black cotton tote bag! They'll be able to schlep around (carry) whatever they need on their own journeys, whether to work or school or on errands and travels, with this comfortable and eco-friendly bag emblazoned with the word "schlep" in Yiddish and English.






10. "Am Yisrael Chai" Unisex Israel T-Shirt

We're rounding out our afikoman prize list with a Jewish pride gift that's perfect for Passover as well as the upcoming Israeli Independence Day and beyond: this "Am Yisrael Chai" patriotic t-shirt. It features an Israeli flag with its iconic Star of David, along with the words Am Yisrael Chai (The People of Israel Lives) in a striking Hebrew script. The poignant slogan references the longevity of the Jewish nation and everything we've been through, along with our return to our homeland in the Land of Israel. A beautifully meaningful, stylish, and at the same time affordable holiday gift!






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