Whether you're shopping for your wife, significant other, mom, sister, daughter, or friend, a great way to honor the special women in your life is with a beautiful and meaningful gift from Israel! These stunning pieces from Israeli artists make for perfect gifts for Women's Day, Rosh Chodesh, the International Day of Love, Tu B'Av, or for a birthday, anniversary, special occasion, or just to say "I love you."

You can view our entire selection of gifts for women here, as well as our Top 10 suggestions for gorgeous gifts for her below:

1. 14K Gold Hebrew Name Necklace

Designed and custom-made in the Holy City of Jerusalem, this stylish name pendant necklace will make a one-of-a-kind treasured addition to any woman's jewelry collection. It's available in either white or yellow 14K gold, with a choice of thickness and chain length. Choose any name or nickname to be written in a chic, classic Hebrew script - we can even translate any English name to Hebrew for you.

2. Handmade Variegated Glass and Sterling Silver-Plated Shabbat Candlesticks

One of the most beloved women's Jewish traditions is lighting shabbat candles, which makes candlesticks a meaningful and fitting gift for any Jewish woman. These elegant, glass and silver shabbat candlesticks come from the renowned Jerusalem Glass Studio, that blend a variety of colors in their unique design. These are handmade, so your exact set will be genuinely one-of-a-kind to make an absolutely fantastic gift for any woman to cherish for years to come!

Don't forget to include beautifully crafted shabbat candles from the Land of Israel!

3. Silver and Gold Woman of Valor Hebrew Pearl Necklace

Handcrafted from sterling silver and 9K gold, this gorgeous and delicate spiral necklace features a blooming pearl and an engraved line from King Solomon's famous tribute to strong Jewish women from Proverbs 31:10, known as Eshet Chayil (The Woman of Valor). The inscription reads Eshet hayil mi yimtza, verahok mipninim michra ("Who can find a woman of valor? Her value is far beyond pearls.") Express your admiration for your mother, daughter, or wife with this meaningful piece!

Learn more about this special hymn praising righteous Jewish women here!

4. Jordana Klein Large Glass Challah Tray

This beautiful glass challah tray from Jerusalemite artist Jordana Klein will bring joy and warmth to every shabbat in the lucky recipient's home, and doubles as a stunning, contemporary work of art. It features a candlestick and challah design set against an array of beautiful, vibrant colors. You can even add a special stand at an extra cost, so it can be easily displayed when not being used to cut and serve challah.

5. Dorit Judaica Colored 11 Blessings Wall Hanging

This colorful, eye-catching wall hanging from religious Israeli designer Dorit Judaica is made up of 11 different expressions of blessing in Hebrew. They are: bracha, simcha, shefa, mazal, nachat, shalom, parnassah, briyut, osher, hatzlacha and ahava - blessing, happiness, abundance, luck, pride, peace, livelihood, health, wealth, success and love. Sleek and modern yet meaningful, it's sure to brighten any room and bring joy to the lucky recipient.

Read more about traditional Jewish house blessings here!

6. Bamboo Wood Hamotzi Challah Board and Knife Set

Give the woman you love a chic set for serving challah at her shabbat and holiday meals, with this bamboo hamotzi set from Israel. It includes a bamboo wood board with a grated removable insert and a stainless steel knife with a matching, wooden protective slat, perfect for cutting and passing around challah or any other bread. What's more, the board is engraved with the Hebrew words of the traditional blessing for bread, making this a stylish as well as meaningful gift.

7. Pomegranates Home Blessing Wall Art

Another gorgeous, must-have piece designed right in Jerusalem is this pomegranate-themed canvas home blessing. It features a traditional Hebrew blessing for the home, along with an English translation and beautiful artwork of pomegranates on branches. Surprise the special woman in your life with some beautiful Jewish art with meaning!

8. Mosaic Jerusalem Stone Shabbat Candlesticks Set

If your wife, mother, or sister lights candles every shabbat and loves the Land of Israel, she'll appreciate this stunning candlestick set made out of beautiful Jerusalem Stone. Masterfully crafted from local stone quarried in the Judean hills, this elegant set features two candlesticks with a matching tray, adorned with a mosaic design from different natural shades of Jerusalem Stone and an engraving of the Hebrew words "Shabbat Kodesh" (Holy Sabbath).

Read more about the special history and significance of Jerusalem Stone here!

9. "My Soul Loves" Wall Hanging (Choice of Colors, in English or Hebrew)

This romantic papercut art from Jerusalemite graphic designer David Fisher features two deer in the middle of a beautiful pomegranate tree design. At the bottom, in your choice of either Hebrew or English, are the words Matsati Et Sheahava Nafshi - "I have found the one whom my soul loves"- from the Song of Songs. This intricate piece of Jewish art makes for a beautiful gift for the woman whom your soul loves, and is available in blue, green, or bordeaux colors, with the option to add a gold or silver frame.

10. Dorit Judaica "Ata Shalom" Wall Hanging

Rounding out our list is another stunning stainless steel wall hanging from Israeli favorite Dorit Judaica - this one featuring a pomegranate design and the Hebrew words of a Biblical blessing of peace from the Book of Samuel: "Ata Shalom UVeitcha Shalom VeKol Asher Lecha Shalom." ("May you have peace, may your house have peace, and may all that is yours have peace"). The lucky recipient will love connecting to Biblical tradition and displaying this meaningful piece of wall art for years to come.

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