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Ilai Butner (2010)

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Look what an amazing star-studded album this is!


Few artists working today blend the classic Eretz Yisrael music with contemporary musical sense like Ilai Butner.


Ilai Butner's newest album features just one song partnered with his long time collaborator, Ran Danker.  The album contians eleven songs and guitar solos written and arranged by Butner himself, in addition to a few covers.


1. Naima (Kol Ma Sheyesh Li Achshav)

2. Yamim Shel Kaitz (with Kfir Ben Lish)

3. Kol Zikaron Hozer (with Rita)

4. Kol Ma Sheyesh Li Achshav (with Kobi Aflalo) 

5. Lemargelotecha (with Anat Ben Hamo)

6. Kol Memedronot (with Haparvarim)

7. Naima (Michtav Leachi)

8. Lo Tipol (with Gali Atari)

9. Ma She Yacholnu Lihyot (with Ran Danker)

10. Bo Elai Halaila 9with Nurit Galron)

11. Naima (Lemargelotecha)

12. Boker Hadash (with Mosh Ben Ari and Anat Ben Hamo)

13. Hayam Osef Dmaot (with Erez Halevi)

14. Naima (Kol Mimadernot)

15. Michtav LeAchi (with Kobi Aflalo)

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