Yossi Azulay. Prayers (Tefillot) (2008)

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There has been a happy and meaningful trend in popular Israeli music over the past few years of reexamination of Jewish roots and modern musical interpretations including classic Jewish songs and texts.


On this fantastic album, Mizrahi star Yossi Azulay has recorded 15 classic and ancient pieces of Jewish music and liturgy all made to sound fresh and relevant for today.


1.   Shma Israel

2.   Shir La-Ma'alot

3.   Al Tashliheni Le'et Zikna

4.   Adon Ha-Selihot

5.   Tfilat Av

6.   Ana Be-Koah

7.   Nerot Shabat

8.   Zur Mishelo Ahalnu - Duet with Shlomi Shabat

9.   El Adon - Guest Singer Dudu Tassa

10. Avi Hatov She-Bashamaim

11. Leha Eli Teshukati

12. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

13. Avinu Malkenu

14. Shirat Ha-Navad

15. Os'e Shalom Bimromav

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