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Pink Panther: Mission in Space. Embark on thinking missions around our solar system (Windows)

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Pink Panther: Mission in Space. Embark on thinking missions around our solar system (Windows)

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Brand: Amen Media

Availability: In stock

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Ages 6-10

Embark on thinking missions around our solar system!


The Pink Panther is on a mission to fix several research stations around the solar system. There are several malfunctions creating difficulties for completing the research program at each planet. The Pink Panther visits different planets in the solar system traveling in a special shuttle and, with the child’s help, repairs the malfunctions by playing fun-filled thinking games.


Key Features:


- Highly interactive!

- Colorful animation

- Logic skills

- Fun cool games

- Multiple levels of play

- Hours of fun


Children are encouraged to learn:


- Astronomy knowledge

- Mapping and orientation

- Visual memory

- Pattern and sequencing

- Problem solving

- Thinking skills


Language: English


System Requirements:


Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Pentium / AMD processor (at least 800Mhz), 256MB of RAM (512 MB on Vista), CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card


About Compedia Games:


A Global leader in the genre of online and offline edutainment games for children since 1988; Compedia Games are sold into 50 countries and available in 40 languages.


With an accumulated experience of over 100 years of edutainment gaming, the team of experts is able to successfully create a unique and challenging gaming experience for children all over the world. 


All games and activities are developed in cooperation with leading pedagogical advisors and child psychologists.

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