With its colorful costumes, festive feasts, sensational storytelling, and glorious gifts, Purim is without doubt a holiday for kids! At Judaica WebStore we have a remarkable range of children's Purim gifts that will help make your little ones' holiday extra special this year. If you're not sure what to buy, or the dazzling choice is overwhelming, don't worry - we've put together this list of our 10 Best Purim Gifts for Kids to help you!



1. Koren Megillat Esther Graphic Novel

Make the story of Purim come alive for the whole family with this highly-anticipated, bestselling Megillat Esther graphic novel from acclaimed Jewish publisher Koren Jerusalem! Kids and teens of all ages will love following along with the Hebrew and English text, vivid illustrations, and captivating drama. A gift like no other that's sure to be meaningful and entertaining well beyond the Purim holiday season, and for years to come!







2. Yair Emanuel Colorful Purim Grogger (Noisemaker)

The story of Purim tells of how Queen Esther saved the Jews of ancient Persia from the wicked schemes of the King's advisor, Haman. The story is read aloud in synagogue and whenever Haman is mentioned, it is customary for the congregation to make as much noise as possible to drown out his name. Many people stomp their feet or wave a grogger that makes a raucous noise, and a wonderful option for children is this colorful Purim noisemaker! Designed by renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, the colorful hand-painted grogger will help bring the magical story of Queen Esther to life for kids of all ages.






3. Illustrated Megillat Esther With Clear Case

During the readings of the Book of Esther over Purim it is very important to hear every word of the story as it is read aloud in the synagogue. Many people bring their own copy of the story to help them follow along, and this beautiful scroll is the perfect way to do just that! The scroll features the full Book of Esther in Hebrew as well as the blessings associated with its reading. The captivating illustrations that decorate the text are ideal for capturing the attention of your young ones and make this scroll one of the best Purim gifts for kids this year!






4. Sterling Silver Classic Hebrew Name Necklace

Many people add a little something special to their child's Purim gift basket, and this stunning name necklace from Israel will make your loved one's holiday unforgettable while connecting them to their Jewish heritage. Made of sterling silver, this beautiful necklace displays your child's name in a classic Hebrew font. Custom-made right in Jerusalem, this classic design is a truly meaningful and stylish way to treat your kids this Purim.






5. Children's Kiddush Cup - Silver with Colored Rings (Choice of Colors)

Sharing the beauty of Judaism with your children is a terrific experience that creates memories and even helps form the type of person your little one will grow up to be. This delightful children's Kiddush cup is a great way to introduce your child to Kiddush and its central place in Jewish festivals and family life. Made by the celebrated Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, the cup sports a beautiful hammered finish, colorful rings in your choice of color, and can be customized for a boy or girl. A magnificently meaningful Purim gift for your child!






6. Teddy Bear with Israeli Flag Sweatshirt

For a soft and lovable Purim gift, this cute teddy bear is the one for you! Wearing a beautiful baby blue sweater adorned with an Israeli flag, this teddy is the perfect cuddly companion for your child and is a great way to build a connection with the Land of Israel this Purim.







7. Jerusalem Second Temple Laser Cut Do-it-Yourself Kit

Jerusalem is the beating heart of Judaism and the Jewish People, so what better way to develop your child's connection to the eternal capital of Israel than with this majestic do-it-yourself model kit! Made up of 267 laser-cut pieces that you assemble together to form a replica model of the Second Temple, this kit will provide hours of endless entertainment and fun. Accompanying the kit is an informative booklet outlining the historic and religious background of Jerusalem's Holy Temple. Educational, meaningful, and thoroughly enjoyable, this Jerusalem Second Temple do-it-yourself kit is a must-have gift this Purim!






8. Stylish 14K Yellow Gold Interlocking Star of David Pendant Necklace

If you're looking for a classic Jewish gift for a special child in your life this Purim, then check out this stylish Star of David pendant necklace! Made of 14K yellow gold, this unique Star of David pendant necklace has an imaginative interlocking design and contemporary appearance. Both stylish and meaningful, this is an outstanding piece of jewelry that makes a truly inspiring gift that'll help pass on your Jewish heritage to the next generation.






9. Jerusalem Tzedakah Box

The giving of tzedakah (charity) is a central value in Judaism, and since Purim is a holiday marked by giving, what better way to impart the importance of charity to your children or grandchildren than with this decorative Tzedakah box. Sturdily made of metal, the box displays the word "Tzedakah", while the background depicts a colorful illustration of ancient Jerusalem. Money can be placed into the box via the slit on the lid. Meaningful and practical, this Tzedakah box is the perfect way of teaching your kids the commandment to give to those less fortunate this Purim.






10. Self-Assembly Wooden Grogger (Ra'ashan) Puzzle

When you take your kids to a reading of Megillat Esther, the most fun for everyone is making noise over Haman's name! Add even more excitement and meaning to the occasion, by giving your kids a kit so they can build their very own grogger (Yiddish for noisemaker) to use during the holiday. The finished piece features a line from the story of Esther, "the Jews had light and happiness and joy and love," written in Hebrew. A great gift, and a fun family activity ahead of Purim.






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