Purim 2024 is fast approaching, starting at sundown on Saturday, March 23. While many people dress up in costume during the holiday, if you're at a loss as to what to wear or are looking for something simpler, check out our exclusive collection of fun Purim shirts designed right in Jerusalem by local Israeli artists!

See our top 10 list below for unforgettable designs to bring Purim cheer wherever you are. And what's more, all our shirts are made of high-quality materials and are available in a choice of colors and a wide range of sizes for the perfect fit. They also make for meaningful Jewish gifts for loved ones!

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1. "Fierce Like Queen Esther" Women's Purim T-Shirt

If you or a special woman in your life takes inspiration from the courageous Esther of the Purim story, this "Fierce Like Queen Esther" women's Purim t-shirt is a must-have! This meaningful design comes in several color options on high-quality materials in a fashionable, feminine silouhette. More than just a holiday tee, it's also a show of Jewish pride for any day of the year.

2. "Not Today Haman" Unisex Purim T-Shirt

Wear this festive Purim tee to your holiday get-togethers or surprise a friend or loved one with it as an unforgettable gift! This special shirt displays the words "Not Today Haman" surrounded by colorful hamantaschen in the shape of a Star of David. Suitable for any gender, it comes in a range of fun colors you're going to love.

3. "This is My Purim Costume" Unisex T-Shirt

Get a laugh at any Purim party you go to this year, with this cheeky shirt in leiu of a costume, showing a white mask along with the text "This is My Purim Costume." You'll love the comfortable fit and unique design, and it's the most low-effort, creative "costume" you're bound to come across!

4. "We Survived, Let's Eat" Unisex Jewish T-Shirt

Show off your sense of humor and appreciation for Jewish longevity with this holiday t-shirt with a funny yet powerful message. The text reads "Every Jewish Holiday: They Tried to Kill Us, We Survived, Let's Eat!" It's not just perfect for Purim, but you'll be able to wear it again on Passover, Hanukkah, and beyond.

This design is also available as a hoodie sweatshirt here.

5. Hamas is the New Haman Unisex Purim T-Shirt

Our next selection is an original Israeli design that'll help you connect Purim 2024 to current events and stand with Israel at the same time: a cotton t-shirt showing the word "Haman" with the last letter cracked and replaced by a letter S to spell out "Hamas" - the new Haman. With a unisex fit and many size options, anyone can get this meaningful shirt to show they stand against terrorism and against those who wish to wipe out the Jewish people.

6. "Rise Up Like Queen Esther" Women's Purim T-Shirt

Celebrate Queen Esther's inspirational bravery and intelligence with this meaningful shirt for women, featuring a crown and the words "Rise Up Like Queen Esther." Choose from four different elegant hues in a flattering, feminine fit, and you'll have one of the best Purim outfits around!

This design is also available on a festive Purim mug here.

7. Star of David "Tribe" Unisex Jewish T-Shirt

There's no better time than Purim 2024 to show off your Jewish pride and heritage, so wear it in style with this fashionable Star of David tee! One of our most popular designs and reminiscent of a superhero costume, it features a large Star of David with the word "tribe" inside, in a choice of classic colors.

This design is also available as a hoodie sweatshirt here.

8. "Am Yisrael Chai" Unisex Hebrew T-Shirt

Stand in solidarity with the Jewish people everywhere with this designer t-shirt featuring the phrase "Am Yisrael Chai" (The People of Israel Live) repeated 18 times in blue Hebrew lettering. The timeless, powerful message is fitting for Purim and every other day of the year!

9. "Oy Gevalt!" Funny Jewish Unisex T-Shirt

Show some Purim humor and your appreciation for Yiddish with this funny t-shirt showing an exasperated man and the phrase "Oy Gevalt!" While the expression literally translates to "oh violence" in Yiddish, it's usually used to express shock, amazement, exasperation, or a need for help. It's sure to bring a smile to everyone's face and will be an unforgettable addition to your Purim outfit.

10. "Oy Vey!" Jewish Unisex T-Shirt

If you love Yiddish expressions but a more classy look, you can't go wrong with this "Oy Vey!" tee with simple, bold lettering. It'll show off your Jewish pride, sense of style, and appreciation for Yiddish humor this Purim, in a comfortable fit that you'll love lounging around in the rest of the year too.

This design is also available as a hoodie sweatshirt here.

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