Purim is one of the most popular holidays in the Jewish calendar – and with good reason. The one-day extravaganza features an amazing meal, great snacks, creative costumes, and a heroic, triumphant story with so many twists and turns your heart will be racing by the end!

Whether you’re attending a festive meal with family friends or looking for child-friendly holiday gifts for your kids, grandchildren, and their friends, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Purim Gift Guide for amazing ways to celebrate the holiday!


Megillat Esther

Named for the Purim story’s fabulous heroine, we read the megillah – Book of Esther – twice on the holiday, once at night when Purim begins and once the following morning. The Book of Esther is part of Ketuvim – Writings – so you’ll find it any full Bible, but many like to have a separate book for the different megillot – scrolls – read throughout the Jewish year (such as Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs). There is also a tradition to read Esther aloud in synagogue from a handwritten scroll, in a similar style to a Torah scroll. Find your perfect megillah in book or scroll form!

Koren's Five Megillot has script from a beautiful ancient scroll located in London's British Library

Grogger (Noisemakers)

It’s traditional to drown out the name of the Purim story’s villain, Haman, when hearing the Megillah being read aloud. The unique noisemaker devised specifically for this custom is called a ra’ashan in Hebrew or a grogger in Yiddish. It is made of wooden or plastic cogs set on an axis with wooden planks, so when spun, it creates a lot of noise.  There are a range of decorative groggers available, as well as less-aggressive alternatives such as tambourines to help make some noise.

Make some noise with this classic grogger

Purim Songs

It’s customary to greet any Jewish holiday with seasonal songs and dance, and Purim is no exception! It's a commandment to be happy on Purim so keep the smiles flowing with these great Purim CDs with options for kids and adults!

Bring some Hasidut into your home with traditional Purim songs

Purim Food

The motto of any good Jewish holiday holds true for Purim as well: they tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat! One of the day’s unique commandments includes enjoying a festive meal and sending gifts of food to friends. Keep it classic with hamentaschen – triangular Purim pastries filled with chocolate, jam, dates, or poppy seeds – or  send mishloach manot- a gift bag stuffed with yummy treats- to a friend. We have a variety of options with Israeli snacks, or go gourmet with delectable, all-natural Israeli treats from some of the country’s most renowned farms and organic producers.

Your sweet tooth can't resist delicious Israeli chocolates

Israeli Wine

Believe it or not, Passover’s four cups of wine are not the only occasion where there is a bona-fide commandment to drink: Purim’s mitzvot include an issue to drink until you can no longer tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman, the respective hero and villain of the story. This Purim, indulge in delicious Israeli wines from celebrated vineyards across the country. Your guests will be delighted!

A bottle for you and a friend!