The Jewish holiday of Purim is one of the most joyous out there. Some call it a "Jewish Halloween" as everyone gets dressed up but thats only a small part of the holiday. Purim, like most Jewish holidays, is a day of celebrating our perseverance as a people. Since the Jewish day starts at sunset, so does the celebration! The holiday starts by going to hear Megillat Esther- the Scroll of Esther- where we hear the story of Queen Esther of Persia who married King Ahasuerus. Ahasuerus' right hand man was Haman, who had a plot to kill the Jews but Queen Esther foiled his plan and the Jewish people were saved. After listening to the Megillah, some people go to parties but the real fun is the next day, where we again listen to Megillat Esther in the morning and sit down to a feast with family and friends, hand out food gift baskets and enjoy being merry.

Gift Baskets

Kosher Gift BasketsJust like most Jewish holidays, food is a major part of it. One of the Purim traditions is giving food gift baskets to your family and friends. The baskets must hold at least two food items that have two different blessings and should be given to at least one person. The food traditionally becomes part of the meal but in today's day, it is eaten at any time because it often includes desserts and sweets. From the Judaica WebStore, you can order a gift baskets that already have two different blessings or you can order one with just spreads and honey and pair it with a bottle of wine of your choice.

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GroggerWhen going to synagogue to hear Megillat Esther, you bring with you your own megillah to follow along with and a grogger! "Grogger" is the Yiddish word for noisemaker, and not only does it make sitting through the reading a lot more fun, it is also somewhat required. Whenever Haman's name is read, it is tradition to drown out his name because he was so evil, by stomping your feet, booing, and waving your grogger around or shaking your tambourine. It makes sitting through the reading a lot more interactive and fun.

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Megillat Esther

Megillat EstherMegillat Esther is the book we read over Purim, once the night of and once the next morning. It is important to hear every word of the megillah, so following along is important, especially when you have to make noise when you hear the word Haman. Aside for scrolls specifically for Purim, there are also books that hold the five different megillot so that you are set for the entire year, for all the different holidays. There are also Hebrew-English options so that you can follow along in English or learn the story on your own.

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WineWine is obviously an important part of Purim, but unlike most Jewish holidays, not for Kiddush. One of the Purim traditions is to drink until you can't tell the difference between good and bad, but usually one drink would suffice for the sake of being festive. Israeli wine is an incredible option for your Purim drink, with red and whites like this Castel Grand Vin and this Sauvignon Blanc, even delicious fruit wines such as this semi-dry pomegranate wine. Bring a taste of Israel to the table and to your Purim celebration! No one can resist these world renowned wines.

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