The Jewish holiday of Purim is one of the most joyous. Some call it a "Jewish Halloween" because it's a time when everyone dresses up in costume, but that's only a small part of the holiday fun. Purim, like many other Jewish holidays, is a day of celebrating our perseverance as a people.

The celebrations include reading the Purim story from Megillat Esther (the Scroll of Esther) as well as wearing costumes, giving gifts and food baskets, and lots of merrymaking among family and friends with festive meals and wine! And since Purim is a holiday of gift-giving, and we have a wonderful range of Purim gifts for everyone on your list - all lovingly made in the Land of Israel.

Learn about the different Purim gift categories below, with everything you need to make your holiday amazing! And for more on all the different Purim customs and where they come from, be sure to check out our Purim traditions blog post.


Mishloach Manot (Food Gift Baskets)

One of the Purim's main traditions is giving food gift baskets, known as mishloach manot, to family and friends. According to Jewish tradition, baskets must contain at least two food items that are associated with two different blessings. We carry gift baskets that already contain foods corresponding to two different blessings ready for you to order, or you can order a set of spreads and honey and pair it with a flavorsome bottle of wine. From young to old alike, Purim gift boxes full of Israeli treats will please anyone, whether you're looking for a simple dried fruit and nuts combo or something more sophisticated.

❤︎  We love this all-natural honey and spreads gift box and this Taste of Israel gift set, both from famous artisanal brand Lin's Farm.





One of the most fun synagogue traditions is bringing groggers for the reading of Megillat Ester! "Grogger" is the Yiddish word for noisemaker, and it certainly lives up to its name. Whenever the evil Haman's name is read from the Megillah, it is tradition to drown out his name by waving your grogger, stomping your feet, booing, or shaking a tambourine. A fun and quirky Purim tradition, drowning out Haman's name with groggers and tambourines makes the Megillah reading an interactive and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

❤︎  We love this classic and elegant wooden grogger and this colorful Jerusalem grogger, either of which will add joy and festive noisemaking to your holiday.




Megillat Esther

Megillat Esther is the book read on Purim, once in the evening and again in the morning. It is important to hear every word of the megillah, so many people bring their own copy of the text to the synagogue to follow along with the public reading. Aside from authentic scrolls made specifically for Purim by trained Israeli scribes, there are also printed books that hold the five different megillot or just the Book of Esther, including translated Hebrew-English options.

❤︎  We love this stunning Beit Yosef megillah, written by a professional scribe and richly illuminated, and this easy-to-follow printed Book of Esther with English translation.





Wine is an important part of Purim, and there is even a tradition to drink until you can't tell the difference between good and bad! Whether you're going all out or indulging in moderation, Israeli wine is an incredible option for your Purim drink. There are many traditional wines and even delicious fruit wines. We even have wines as part of beautiful gift baskets perfect for mishloach manot, like this Exclusive Purim Gift Set containing an exquisite pomegranate wine. No matter which Israeli wine you choose to kick off your Purim festivities, you're sure to find it right here at Judaica WebStore!

❤︎  We love this pinot noir from Golan Heights Winery and this all-natural sweet pomegranate wine from the Gallilee.




Purim Gifts for Kids

With the costumes, the noisy waving of groggers, and the tasty treats received in mishloach manot, it's fair to say that Purim is a holiday kids love! Since the giving of gifts is one of the central themes of Purim, many families use the holiday as an opportunity to treat the little ones. Our store has a stunning collection of Purim gifts for kids straight from the Land of Israel, made by some of the best local companies. From this 14K Gold Star of David necklace to this Deluxe Mini Torah Scroll Replica or this plush teddy bear, you're sure to find the perfect gift to add to the festive magic!

❤︎  We love this colorful tzedakah (charity) box from famous Israeli artist Yair Emanuel, this playful grogger, and this cute teddy bear with an Israeli flag.




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