The Koren Five Megillot - Hebrew / English (Hardcover)

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Wonderfully enrich your personal library with this magnificent collection of the five Megillahs from Koren Publishers:

  • This hardcover book features the traditional Hebrew text of all five of the Megillahs - Song of Songs, the Book of Ruth, Book of Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Book of Esther - along with a modern English translation, an introduction by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, as well as stunning illustrations by the Israeli artist Leela Ganin.
  • A remarkable work by one of the top Jewish publishing houses in Israel.
  • Whether at home or in the synagogue, you will love using this book every time a Megillah is read for many years to come.

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Language: English / Hebrew

Size: 13cm x 19.5cm / 5.1" x 7.7", Hardcover

This hardcover edition of the Five Megillot by Koren publishing house features a brand new English translation created for ultimate user comfort. It has an astute introduction written by acclaimed scholar Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, and is decorated with more than 30 beautiful and vibrant watercolor illustrations by renowned Israeli artist Leela Ganin. This book will make a stunning accompaniment to your festivals!

Koren Publishers, originally founded by Eliyahu Koren over 50 years ago, has transformed the way Jews pray worldwide. His effort to create a font that executes maximum clarity to the reader, makes ancient Hebrew accessible during a modern era. The first Koren Siddur was published in 1981, to "encourage(d) the worshiper to engross the mind and heart in prayer,” according to Mr. Koren. All IDF soldiers receive a Koren Siddur upon entering the Israeli army, which is a ritual that prevails today. Koren continues to expand to Jews all over the world to transform the prayer experience. 

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