Tablets of the Law Silver Amulet. Replica. Persia. Early 20th century

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925 Sterling silver

Size: 1.1" X 1.5" / 2.7 X 3.8 cm 

Amulets are intended to guard their owner, his family, and possessions from natural disasters, spells, and the evil eye. Some amulets serve to cure disease or infertility; others protect the wearer in his travels, ensure blessings and success, or secure good will and love. 

The magic powers of the amulet lie in the mystical "Ineffable Names" of G-d inscibed on it. The names are written in various combinations, abbreviations, and codes, such as acrostics of biblical verses. For extra protection, the name of the owner is sometimes added. 

In this amulet, there is a Star of David at the top of each tablet. The beginnings of the Ten Commandments are inscribed in Hebrew in two columns, in a peculiar script. On the obverse is an inscription in Arabic (a name?), and below it, a Star of David. The amulet has a loop for hanging. 

A sterling silver chain or black silicone cord in your choice of length are available for an additional fee. 

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Enclosed is a small description of its historical background in English and Hebrew.


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