Israel JewelryIsrael, the Jewish homeland, is a place that sits deep in our hearts. We can't ever imagine a time without it and we do all we can to ensure its existence. Israel jewelry is one way to show your support for the Holy Land on a daily basis, we have both women's and men's jewelry available! Israeli flags, the IDF emblem, outlines of Israel and Jerusalem jewelry are just a few things you'll find as jewelry pieces that show your love for Israel. As they say in Hebrew, "Ein li eretz acheret"- "I have no other land"

Israeli Flag

Israeli Flag JewelryThe blue and white flag of Israel will always make people think of the Holy Land, and wearing the flag on a piece of jewelry is a constant reminder. Marina Jewelry has made a beautiful necklace featuring the waving flag in addition to a bead and charms. If you're from the United States of America and feel strongly for both places, this charm set is then just for you. At the Judaica WebStore, the Israeli flag doesn't only come in blue and white but also silver and gold for a more sophisticated look.

❤︎ We love this Israeli flag charm.

IDF Jewelry

IDF JewelryThe IDF, or Israel Defense Forces, are the toughest of the tough, the ones who work around the clock protecting Israel. If you know of someone serving or just really support the Israeli Army, IDF jewelry is just for you. These necklaces include some of the best units around like Givati, Paratroopers, and Golani as well as the classic IDF emblem in silver and in gold. Some of the pendants here also mention quotes about Israel's strength and one's love for the place.

❤︎ We love this IDF insignia necklace.

Ancient Coin

Ancient Coin JewelryAncient coins are one of the fascinating finds in Israeli archeology. These coins tell a story that is a part of Jewish history, and most of these come from when the Roman Empire was in Israel. Some tell the story of the Bar Kochva Revolt like with this Marina Jewelry necklace and others feature coins from modern day Israel, like with this cut-out half lira. Some ancient coin jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity, meaning these coins are something truely special. Ancient Roman rulers like Constantine and Hadrian appear on some of the pendent while others have Jewish coins like Freedom of Zion and this one from the Hasmonean Era.

❤︎ We love this David's Harp and ancient coin pendent.

Israel Jewelry and Charms

Israel JewelryIsrael jewelry and charms are the most fun when it comes to jewelry. Many of these feature some outline of Israel alone or with another symbol like with this heart pendent and this Star of David necklace. There are so many Israel necklaces to choose from, like this simple but elegant outline, this necklace with a Genesis quote, and this one with a Priestly Blessing disk. This jewelry is the perfect way to show off your love and appreciation for Israel and all it has to offer.

❤︎ We love this Masada bead.

Jerusalem Jewelry

Jerusalem JewelryOf course Jerusalem jewelry fits into this buying guide! Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, just like it was in biblical times and deserves to be a beloved piece of Israel jewelry. Stunning gold and silver pieces are available with the Jerusalem skyline, the verse of "Im Eshkachech", the mighty Lion of Judah which is on Jerusalem's emblem and more. Here you can find a wide selection of men and women's jewelry that could never disappoint. Some pieces incorporate Roman Glass which is commonly found throughout Israel and Jerusalem Stone, the building material the Old City is made from!

❤︎ We love this Jerusalem of Gold necklace.