Danny Robas. Mashehu Hadash Mat'hil (Something New Is Starting) (2008)

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This is Danny Robas' seventh studio album, coming a full 12 yars after his last one.  Needless to say, it has been eagerly anticipated!  It contains 12 songs, 11 of them new, and most written by Robas himself.

Danny Robas has been one of Israel's premier pop/rock songwriters and performers for a number of decades.  Never shy about displaying his strong Beatles influence, the result is never anything less than a pleasure.

The set comes with a lovely booklet featuring the Hebrew lyrics to all the songs.

1.   Mashehu Hadash Mat'hil

2.   Kama

3.   Gili

4.   Briha

5.   At Lo Kam Iti

6.   Lomed Lehipared

7.   At Techashfi Oti

8.   Anachnu Zman Avar

9.   Mishehu Almoni

10. Adon Tokateli

11. Yom Gashum

12. Ani Ro'eh Otach

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