Mini Ball Candlesticks - Variety of Colors. Agayof Design

Hand Made in Israel
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For a stunning blend of traditional ritual and modern design, check out this amazing pair of designer Shabbat candlesticks from Agayof Design:

  • Made from anodized aluminum, each candlestick boasts a polished ball set between two cone designs.
  • An original design from the Land of Israel.
  • To best suit your home decor, this set of candlesticks is available in a variety of vibrant colors for you to choose from.

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Anodized aluminum

Size: 3.75" X 1.6" / 9.5 X 4.6 cm

The ultra-modern sleek design will give your traditional Sabbath or other special event a whole new feel!  These are not your bubbe's candlesticks!

But cleaning this piece is like nothing you've ever experienced!  Because the anodized aluminum color is permanent and the metal is robust and tough, all you have to do in order to remove any wax or oil residue is to pour boiling water over it!  If you prefer, you can also use the freezer to remove wax, or even the dishwasher at any setting.  No rules!  It's never been easier!

Avner Agayof has been well known for the outstanding high class Judaica artifacts produced in his workshop. Agayof makes use of the right materials and colors, matching them to get a magnificent look for his designs. Every piece of the Agayof's fine Judaica collection was made under his personal control down to the last detail.

Purchasing a product of the Agayof's fine Judaica collection means enriching your own Judaica collection with a significant and impressive piece of art.

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