Silver and Gold Necklace - Tikkun Chava (Eve's Tikkun)

Silver and Gold Necklace - Tikkun Chava (Eve's Tikkun)


Brand: Judean Hills Jewelry

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925 Sterling Silver,  9K Yellow Gold, 9K Red Gold

Diameter: 1.2" / 3 cm

This stunning necklace is a fantastic kabbalistic design.  It sybolizes the tikkun (repair) made by the first woman Chava (Eve) who, despite commiting the first sin, nevertheless became the mother of all life.

The three stars represent numerologically the three letters in Chava's name.  The eight-pointed star (in sterling silver) signifies the letter chet; the 6-pointed star (in 9K yellow gold) signifies the letter vav, and the five-pointed star (in 9K red gold) sigifies the letter heh.

The necklace is suitable for men or women.

Comes with sterling silver chain or black silicone cord in your choice of length.