Lin's Farm Tiny Taste-Box

Lin's Farm Tiny Taste-Box


Brand: Lin's Farm

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Lin's Farm Tiny Taste-Box
Lin's Farm Tiny Taste-Box



Gift Basket Includes: 1 x 100g jar Honey-Halva Spread, 1 x 125g Pure Honey

This special gift box contains two jars of Lin's Farm produce: honey-halva spread with silan (date honey) and pure, organic, wildflower honey. Offering two different tastes of Israel, these gorgeous products are sure to delight! This box would make the perfect little gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

Located in Southern-Central Israel, Lin’s Farm is a family-owned business that has been producing all-natural, authentically-Israeli and Mediterranean spreads and dips since 1972. Using only the finest natural and raw ingredients grown in Israel, Lin’s Farm produce has the rich flavors and evocative tastes of home cooking and is guaranteed to delight even the fussiest foodie!